My new favorite Niece   added 7 years ago    

  By: bogli_ako

I arrived one day at the house with one very young girl around 18 or 19 years old
just came out of the bathroom with towel covered on her body.
Wife introduced this girl as her niece.


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"Ah that's your lesbian niece you were talking about earlier."

"Shhh, don't be too loud. She might hear you."

"O common, as if nobody knows. You knew already. So what is she doing here?"

"She came just to practice swimming. She will be going to try-out for varsity player."

"Ah thats good."

Kristy ah. Too sexy and beautiful for a lesbian.

After learning this, I trained my wife in watching movies with this kind of theme.

I told her to invite Kristy more often. Ofcourse I have everything planned.

When Kristy came one day, I told my wife that we have to celebrate because I got promoted.

Immediately they were overjoyed and this calls for celebration.

We started drinking and drinking. Even her niece finished maybe four glasses already.

I went on to grab more wine while I told my wife to put something to watch.

I switched earlier the dvd content to my favorite porn movie so they were shocked and surprise to see that
it was another movie.

Honey!!! This is not the movie were supposed to be watching!!

"Ah, it's ok. Your niece is old enough. OFcourse we can find another movie but first let's see if this is ok."

I can see from her niece's eyes that this is first time for her.

Some minutes more and I can see that she started to caress my wife's legs.

Both of them were already drunk and I think the spirit of alcohol were already affecting them.

Then I saw my wife grab her hand and rub it with her cunt.

Hmmm, I click my remote control and started secretly video taping the action.

Then I saw my wife totally getting out of control. I pulled down the shirt of Kristy and started caressing her boobies.
They kiss each other while massaging each other's pussies.

And then that's the time I went in the scene.

Hey girls, don't forget that I am still here!!

OH honey! join us!! Let's have some fun!

I told Kristy to start licking my wife's pussy.

"But uncle! This don't look good. You're telling me to lick her pussy?"

"Hell why not? If it feels good then it should be good!"

She obeyed with so much hesitation but my wife grab her head and pushed her closer and she started licking.

I pulled my cock and positioned myself so my wife can suck my dick!

Wow this is amazing! I can't believe this is happening!

My wife told her to switch position. Kristy pussy is now being lick by my wife. I am now pounding my wife's pussy.

Both of them were moaning. Louder and lourder. Until both of them came at the same time.

I shoot my load to my wife's mouth. All of them. Then my wife told Kristy to open her mouth. She transferred all the cum to her mouth and ask her not to swallow it.

"Pass it to me again!!"

My wife took it back and then swallowed everything.

We were so drunk that night and I can't remember everything that happened afterwards.

I did not touch her niece that night because I know, I have a tape that will convince her to do everything
... she wouldnt want something to block her varsity tryout.

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