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  By: moonhowler

Always had a fantasy of a costumed orgy, Venetian style. So, i decided to write a story about it.



Venetian Masquerade

Venice, 1702

Fireworks lit up the sky, giving chase to the Venetian night. The darkness temporarily replaced by bright green and red, Anthony checked his mask to see if it was still in place. It was the time of the famous Venetian carnival, where no man or woman walked the streets without their painted porcelain masks, out of fear of being recognized. It was a night of mystery, drunkenness, love and lust. Those who roamed the streets during the carnival knew all too well what their fellow citizens were up to, hence the masks.

Almost as famous as the Venetian carnival were its orgies that took place during it. For seven days the city was one giant party, proper and traditional during the daytime, sensuous and sexual during the night.


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The Naughty Meter

He walked past a young couple, arm in arm, and wondered if they were married or merely lovers for the night. He heard the woman laugh softly as the man whispered something in her ear and had his answer. He passed another four or five couple just like them before he turned a corner. He grinned and wondered if there was someone left in the city who did not go out looking for love tonight.

As he walked through the dark city, he noticed more and more couples moving around than usual. Some were drunk with champagne and lust, kissing each other in public and a few even so bold as to French kiss. A few onlookers hooted and made dirty jokes.
Others, however, were more quiet and took to the alleys and dark niches in the old mansions.He took a left into an ascending street and walked alongside one of the many canals for a little while. Whenever a flare lit up the sky he could see couples sitting in the darkness, frantically kissing and caressing. Here and there he noticed a hand placed on an improper place and he grinned. The night was still young and already the town was going mad with lust.As he walked through the narrow winding streets he could occasionally hear the rustling sounds of cotton and silken underskirts being raised. He licked his lips as he pushed on, intent on not letting himself be distracted. No, the paltry few over-eager tramps in the streets did not interest him at all.Not when he was about to enter Vittorio’s mansion…He looked up at the street he’d turned into and noticed how high Vittorio’s house was compared to the others around it. Venice was a rich city, always had been. But none – other than the doge – owed more money than Vittorio’s family. Wealth had flowed through the family’s hands in various ways. Slaves, spices and mercenaries had filled the family’s coffers until one day came they gathered so much none of them would ever have to work anymore, ever.

And so the debauchery had set in. Especially Vittorio had been skilled at it. With nothing to do all day but count his money, he had decided to start a quest. A sexual quest. Vittorio vowed to himself he’d fuck the most beautiful women of Venice before his death and he was well on his way to achieving it. Using his vast financial resources, shrewd business mind and substantial social network, he’d managed to lure just about every woman worth knowing in his bed.

And of course there were the orgies…

Vittorio was famous for throwing the best orgies in the city, especially during the carnival season. He’d get the best looking girls from wherever he could, and although most of them came from Venice itself, a substantial number of them came from abroad. Spain, Greece, they were just a few of the countries Vittorio visited himself to find new flowers of lust for his famous parties. Officially, no one in the city knew about them. Unofficially, every man in town tried to score an invite to them. Even women, if rumours were correct.

But Vittorio was a weird sort of man. He never chose lightly about whom was allowed to attend. He had certain standards he never let go of, much to the distress of those who failed to meet the requirements.
First of all, the male guests had to pay the hefty sum of ten golden florins to enter, which meant only the rich could attend these exclusive parties.Secondly, they had to have a stunning presence. This eliminated a lot of the candidates who could meet the first rule, but not the second.And thirdly, they had to be married.

The third reason was something Anthony had never understood, but it was not his to question, he realized. Vittorio held the parties, so he held all the strings.

Over the course of the years, Anthony had become friends with Vittorio, but had never gotten an invite since he wasn’t married. But last August, Anthony had wed the beautiful Anna of the Antario family, the daughter of a rich ship builder.
Having money, good looks and a spouse suddenly made him eligible for Vittorio’s debauchery. And it hadn’t taken long before he’d gotten the invite to attend the first carnival – or carnal, as he grinningly realized – orgy.
As he arrived at the vast mansion, he looked around and noticed how quiet Vittorio’s street was. Nothing seemed to stir in the wide road for a while, so Anthony decided to make his move. Pacing quickly from the shadows he crossed the street until he reached the heavy wooden doors of the mansion and knocked on them quietly.
A viewing hatch opened, a masked man peering at him in the darkness.‘Yes?’ the masked man asked.

Anthony said a few words he’d been told were the code to gain access to the exclusive party. The masked man nodded and quietly opened a door in the heavy wooden gates.

Anthony snuck inside, quietly looking around to see if something moved in the darkness behind him.

Nothing did. And yet…

He had the sudden feeling he was being watched. He shrugged it off as paranoia and walked on, the door slamming shut behind him.

Anthony felt a bit awkward at first as he entered the mansion’s inner sanctum. A masked servant took him to a large dressing room where he was asked to undress completely, except for his mask. When ready, they’d quietly left for the next room, uncertain of what to find. Anthony had fantasized and imagined what the party would be like and especially the women.

But as he soon found out, the reality was even better than the fantasy…

The first room of the inner sanctum they’d entered was the welcoming room. Glasses of wine stood ready on a large table in the middle and a girl dressed – or undressed, whichever suited her current state best – like no servant he’d ever seen, offered him a glass, which he was glad to accept. He gulped it down in order to calm his nerves, the alcohol a welcome burning sensation in the back of his throat.

The room had been painted red and sufficient candles lit it so that guests could see its peculiar contents. There were red couches against every wall, on each several gorgeous naked or barely clad women, all smiling and eager to please, but all masked nonetheless. The servant explained to him they were the hostesses and that he was free to pick one to escort him around the mansion and to provide needed information.

He looked around until his gaze locked with that of a blonde girl quietly sipping from a glass of wine of her own. She looked as nervous as he did and he instinctively knew this was her first time as well. He offered her his arm and together they walked into the next room.

The room itself was painted a deep yellow-ochre, warm to the senses and inviting.

In the middle stood a long oak table that could allow for at least two dozen people to be seated around it. Three naked women lay on it, each covered in some sort of edible substance. Anthony halted and looked intensely until he noticed the first woman was covered in honey, the other in marmalade and the third in chocolate sauce.

Anthony’s eyes focused on the one covered in honey, a gorgeous raven beauty with the nicest breasts he’d ever seen, short of those of his own wife.

A dozen women and men stood around the women on the table, licking them clean. Their tongues went up and down every square inch of their bodies, making the victims of their oral festival squirm with pleasure. One woman licked the honey-covered girl slowly and deliberately careful, gradually moving up her legs until she reached between them, halting there for a few minutes. Two of the men licked the chocolate covered girl’s breasts intensely and at great speed, focusing on her nipples, which stood erect and Bordeaux, forming a nice contrast with the darkness of the chocolate.
Anthony and the girl looked at the scene for a few minutes until the honey-covered raven beauty had an orgasm, screaming intensely, sharing her nirvana with the rest of the room. Quietly she slipped off the table while another girl was already being covered in a new sweet sauce. With a grin Anthony realized the licking fest would continue all night.

They walked into the next room, which was painted completely black and used two sequential doors to be able to get into. Upon entering, Anthony noticed it wasn’t really a room at all, more like a crawling space between two bedrooms. One of the walls was a great darkened glass window, with several men and their female companions peaking through it. Anthony came closer and the girl on his arm put her finger to her lips to indicate he had to be quiet.

As he looked through the window he realized why. The darkness in the hidden room ensured the glass reflected everything on the other side. Anthony saw a bed with the raven beauty of the previous room and a muscular young man with red hair sitting on it.

The man fondled the woman’s breasts and stroked through her long dark hair while she let her crafty fingers slip down his muscular torso. She pushed him on his back, licking his chest and stomach, gradually working her way down. When she took his manhood in her mouth he let out a hiss of pleasure and tensed. She giggled and crawled on top of him.

Anthony felt his blood pumping at the sigh of the gorgeous woman sitting on top of the man, riding him ferociously. They both screamed out in excitement and for a moment Anthony wondered if they knew they were being watched.

They stood there for a quarter of an hour, simply enjoying the show the two were giving. The woman looked simply incredible, pearly beads of sweat rolling off her back and breasts. Every time she turned her firm breasts to the mirror glass the men in the hidden room groaned with pleasure.

One of the men in the room guided the hand of his female companion to his erect phallus, his excitement having grown too intense to restrain himself anymore.

She slowly started caressing his growing penis, raising it with every stroke. His hands moved towards the girl’s breasts and Anthony could see them move closer to one another.
She turned around, pressing her buttocks against his penis, moving up and down slowly.He groined and let his hands slip across her back. She grabbed him from between her legs and a deep sigh told him the man had slipped into the girl. She lifted her arms and grabbed him by the back of his head while he slowly started pushing in and out of her.The rest of the room now had two spectacles to enjoy and enjoy they did. Several of the other couples started doing the same, caressing each other or performing oral sex.Soon enough the couples were screaming just as loud as the couple on the other side of the mirror and Anthony wondered if they could be heard. He looked through the glass and noticed the gorgeous young woman was looking at the mirror and grinning intensely.

He smirked.

Quietly Anthony and his guide left the voyeur room, leaving the couples to their own debauchery.The girl guided him to a new room, one filled with steam and water. Disoriented, Anthony suddenly realized he’d entered an elaborate bathing house. He could hear running water somewhere nearby, splashes and laughing voices.The girl at his arm guided him deeper into the steam until they were suddenly through it, revealing the rest of their surroundings.

A large bath was on their left side, containing several couples. It was an odd sight, seeing them with their masks on in the water. Several of them were intimate, their wet bodies moving frantically around in the water.

To the right were several massaging tables, but only one of them was being used. A woman lay on it, being oiled and massaged by two naked women. Gently they spread the oil across her entire body, lingering at the more sensual areas. One of the masseuses crawled on top of the woman and oiled her breasts, gently rubbing them all over her body.

As he took in the scene, it struck him how good looking everyone was at the party. He realized he wouldn’t be able to say no to if any of the women made advances towards him.

For a moment Anthony thought he noticed the dark haired woman again, but the steam was too thick for him to be sure.

He followed his escort, leading him through a room where a single woman was attending to the needs of a dozen men. Her screams carried on into the next room, where the opposite was happening. A man was surrounded by ten gorgeous women, all trying to claim a part of him.
A new room revealed a man hanging in irons, being whipped by a woman. Anthony quickly walked on, finding such a display a tad too quaint for his eyes.The girl giggled as she led him into yet another room and Anthony noticed why.He laughed out loud as he noticed the entire room had been decorated like the throne room of some eastern sultan. Several men were seated in satin golden pillows at the edges of the room, leaving the centre open. A few musicians playing authentic eastern instruments and dressed up like Turks were playing a sweet melody, silent at first, but louder and faster as time crept on. From a door hidden by scarlet drapes came seven dancers, all dressed in colourful veils, their faces hidden behind masks.The band started playing a sensuous tune, gradually increasing the rhythm. The veiled girls started dancing, showing off their bellies and hips. Some or the more adventurous ones nearly shoved their breasts into the spectators’ faces before quickly withdrawing.But again, Anthony’s attention was drawn by one woman in particular.There she was again, the raven lady. Her perfect body shimmering through the light fabric, her every move perfection. She stared deep into his eyes as their gazes met, devouring his soul. He was staring so intensely into those deep pools of the girl’s soul that he failed to notice the first veil fall down onto the ground. Within minutes nearly all of the girls were naked, one veil after another falling off their perfect bodies.

It was, in a word, perfection.

Anthony and the other attendants clapped in their hands until they were red and watched the girls pick up their garments and retreat into the hidden room, undoubtedly preparing themselves for another showing at a later time.After the dance of veils, the girl escorted him to one final room. A small stage had been set up in the middle with ample lighting and a great throng of men and women filled the room.His escort explained to him there was going to be a slave auction. The buyer could do anything he wanted to the girl he or she purchased.Anthony’s interest was piqued. He quietly waited until none other than Vittorio entered the room – it was obviously him, despite his mask – and listened carefully when Vittorio explained the rules. They were simple: you could bid on one girl or more, as long as you had the money to pay. And that was where their entry fee came along. Each man was given back their ten golden florins for the bidding. It seemed preposterous to Anthony that each man had the same amount, but his hostess quickly explained that a lot of the men made more than one bid, so in the end there was equality in the sense that not everyone had the same goal.He grinned. Vittorio started the bidding and presented one girl after another. On a few occasions fierce bidding arose over a certain girl, but as the evening dragged on a lot of the men disappeared with their prizes to one of the many bedrooms of the mansion.Some of the men had been so bold to unite their money to bid on a certain woman and departed together for an orgy of their own.Anthony was about to give up on the auction when Vittorio said:’ And now, last but certainly not least, the greatest prize of this evening.’There she was again. The raven girl. Naked for her mask. Vittorio raised his hand to declare the bidding for opened but Anthony simply said:’ Ten golden florins.’Vittorio grinned as the rest of the men in the room realized they did not have enough money left and said:’ Sold to the man with excellent taste.’He walked away with her on his arm, leaving his charming hostess behind after thanking her for her services.They went to one of the more private bedrooms upstairs of the mansion and Anthony locked the door.The girl lay down on the bed on her side and waited for him to join her.‘Did I arouse you tonight, master?’ she asked in a cool sensuous voice.Anthony chuckled at her words, but something sounded familiar about that voice, he suddenly realized.‘Yes, you aroused me. Seeing you with all those men…’‘You were watching me then?’ she asked.‘I was,’ admitted Anthony.‘The room where you lay on the table, covered in honey. The mirror room. The bathhouse. The eastern room where you performed your dance of seven veils. And finally, to my great joy, the slave auction.’‘And did you like what you see?’ she asked.He nodded. ‘I loved what I saw. I wanted you from the start. And now I do.’‘You always had.’ She said and slowly removed her mask.Anthony’s heart skipped a beat and then he removed his own.Man and wife looked each other straight in the eyes.‘I hope you enjoyed yourself this night, husband?’ Anna asked.‘No,’ Anthony said,’ the night has just begun.’ He replied and lay with her.The end.
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