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  By: Cand86

A fantasy I've had for a long, long time. It always keeps growing and getting added onto.


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For some reason, my fantasies always seem to go sort of noirish and old-timey on me; I think I must want to live in the 30's or something. But anyways, that's beside the point- my fantasy is simply vaguely set somewhere like that, and I'm absolutely dolled up in a bright red, short, low-cut dress (and of course, since this is fantasy, I weigh thirty pounds less, my hair is much redder, and my breasts form cleavage all on their own!), just strolling along, and I decide to go into this small hole-in-the-wall bar. It's a lesbian bar, and inside it's smoky and dim and smells like pipe tobacco (a favorite scent of mine) and warmth. There's sexy jazz music coming from somewhere and all of the women there are butch and amazingly, deliciously sexy and handsome- some in suits, some James Dean look-alikes with cigarettes rolled into their sleeves, with ducktails and pompadours and shaved and buzz heads. And most importantly- they're all looking at me, abandoning their drinks and cards and conversation.

I sort of self-consciously make my way to the bar under all that scrutiny and order something, but all around me, I can feel the energy of the room, focused on me, the air tense, and that's when somebody sidles up behind me, puts their hands on my hips and breasts pressing into my back and whispers in my ear, something unimportant like "Hey, baby." Everyone's watching with baited breath, but I demurely slide her hands off my body, tip back my glass, and step off my stool and over to the pool table. I grab a stick and bend over prominently to take a shot- such a tease- and glance behind me to smile seductively at them. My shot misses; another butch comes up behind me, a powerful and stoic Daniela Sea look-alike in a black suit with her hair pulled back. She grabs my arms, showing me where to put them, but her hands move lower and she puts pressure on my back until I lean all the way forward, hands pressed to the green felt, and she whispers "Do you want it?"

I turn my head enough to look her in the eye, and she very slowly, very deliberately, takes off her jacket, folds it and sets it on the bar, unbuttons her shirt at the wrists and carefully rolls up her sleeves while I wait and make fleeting eye contact with the other two women across the rest of the table who had been playing pool there, who regard me with a mixture of lust and amazement and just a little fear of my butch, who then without warning pulls the skirt of my dress up and gives me a light little smack that makes me jump. Everybody in the bar gasps a little bit at it and my exposed ass, and that's when everyone starts to draw in closer. I feel someone hand my butch a cue, and she uses it to pull my underwear down to my ankles, slides it up my calves and along the inside of my thighs, and then its touch is gone, but not for long- she hits me with it, very, very lightly, but enough to make me squeal.
A quick check to make sure I'm okay- I am- and she starts to methodically cane me, soft, razor-quick hits across the cheeks, and another butch, naive, cute, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, watches me curiously and touches my face and slides two fingers inside my mouth, and I suck on them and make noises around them. After a moment, she grabs a ball from the table- the 8 ball, of course- and offers it to my mouth, and I slowly open for it, and she helps to spread my lips around it, until I have it like a gag, muffling me, stretching my mouth. My butch stops caning long enough to look and gives the blonde an appreciative look and then grabs her grey tie, pulls her close by it, and kisses her hotly. I make a little moan- nothing turns me on more than butch-on-butch- and they both turn to me.

"Get on the table." My butch says softly but with authority, and I crawl up onto it and lay flat, pushed down by the gentle guidance of her pool cue. My hands settle naturally into the pockets, gripping them; my legs are pulled apart by so many strange hands, and I lie there, spread-eagled and face down on the soft green felt, my mouth stretched around the saliva-covered glistening black of the 8-ball. I focus on the dim shadows around me and the shapes become more defined; I can suddenly see the couples holding one another, kissing, palms clutching at tits, forearms disappearing down pants, the little groupings of butches watching and doing to one another. The sounds surround me-gasps, moans, heavy, panting breaths, even the soft thwack of hands and pool cues on bare flesh as others take after my butch's example. All around us, an orgy has broken out, and my butch and her blonde helper waste no time in using their hands to smear my wetness up to swim around my clit, and back, to wet my crack and someone even teases their finger shallowly into my asshole.
The blonde butch is getting excited, topless and hard nipples, she rubs her hands on me, slapping, biting her way down my spine, while my butch stretches the limits of my cunt, first one finger, then two, then three, in slow, deep thrusts that scoot my body along the table. A shaved-headed butch gets bent over the edge of the table, her perfect tits jiggling above me when I arch my head back to look at her; when I rest my head back at level, I can see her hand working furiously on her clit while some unknown butch fucks her with a strap-on from behind. I watch her cum, hear the sloppy kisses, and they drift away while the four fingers inside of me thrust relentlessly. And then, all of the sudden, they pull out with a sucking noise and I feel surprisingly empty.

I hear footsteps, and then my butch is standing in front of me, my eyes level with her crotch. Again, with that slow deliberateness, her eyes staring down her nose at me when I dare to look up, she takes off her shirt, gives her nipples the barest tweak, and then unzips her pants and lets them drop. She climbs up onto the table then, spreads her legs wide in almost a full split, and balances precariously on the raised edge of the table, her beautiful pussy- covered with soft, short dark hairs- centimeters away from my face. She works her finger inside my lip, against the ball, loosening and wettening it where it's dried and stuck, and then I spit it out, biting at air to get my jaw back into place. She examines it and then lets it drop and bounce next to me and in that instant, my face is buried into her, and her hands are wrapped around my head.
I feel foreign fingers touch me, sparking there, itching, and slowly two fingers dip inside me. They're smaller, softer hands than my butch's, and I realize they belong to blondie, who is wasting no time trying to get more fingers inside me- she knows exactly what she's doing, two fingers stroking and scratching at that special place inside me, one hand slid up under my pelvis and rocking the whole handful of my pussy, including my clit between the knuckles of two fingers. Heat starts to build, my butt starts bucking, and I'm drowning in the feel and smell of my butch's pussy, pressed hard to it. She's stopped trying to balance herself- the only thing keeping her from falling away is her hands on my head, and the only thing holding me to my place on the table are my hands digging into the netting of the pockets. It feels good to work my sore jaw and stiff mouth loose and liquid by eating out my butch, who is grunting now, not moaning, but grunting. On the other end of my body, my blonde butch is alternating now, working and jiggling me inside, smacking each cheek in a fast, rapid rhythym- thrust in, out, in, smack, smack, in, out, in, smack, smack . . .

My butch is smothering me to her, cutting off my air supply and overpowering me with pussy just faintly enough to make me feel dreamy and hot, and in my ears, the sound of the orgy around us intensifies to a roar. It's like I have super-senses- I can hear every moan, every grunt and wet sucking sound, I can smell sex everywhere. I'm drowning, I'm fucking blondie's hand unabashedly and she's stopped smacking me to focus all her energy where I can feel it building, feel myself tensing, until I let out with a long moaning yell muffled into pussy, and my butch's hard clit starts pounding and jerking and twanging against my tongue as she grunts out her orgasm, never a yell, never a groan or cry, just those sharp, stuttering grunts over and over again as her back hunches up and she doubles in on herself and I immediately let go of the table and grip her at the hips so she won't fall back.
The world comes back into sharp focus as I lie there panting, blondie lazily smearing my juices across my thighs and onto my butt, where she blows lightly for an odd, cool sensation, and occasionally tweaks my clit and makes me buck again in a post-orgasmic aftershock. In front of me, my butch is slowly and deliberately putting on her clothes, and gives me just the barest hint of a smile before walking away and pulling blondie- sticky hands and all- after her.

People are picking themselves up all around the bar, some are relaxing as they've been for some time, some are still finishing, their voices sounding louder and less sexy in a room that suddenly seems cooler, brighter, though it must just be my perception. A thin sprite of an androgyne comes by, looks at me with her big, liquid eyes, and licks her tongue lazily up my face like a cat, taking off every bit of the sticky juices left there by my butch, and then kisses me, probing and tasting my mouth before finally pulling away, patting my leg, and walking off.

I slowly get up and collect myself and leave, but not before making sure to get a good look at the name of the bar and the name of the street; I'll be coming back tomorrow.

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anonimusrick    (2011-04-24 08:22:42)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick I believe this is the best you've written so far.
talek    (2008-08-05 18:18:41)    Flag as inappropiate
Very well written. Excellent fantesy. Enjoyed it alot

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