The Corruption of the Conservative Wife   added 7 years ago    

  By: bogli_ako

My fantasy involved again my wife.


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The Naughty Meter

I have arranged with an escort to seduce my wife and then to take some compelling photos to be used for blackmailing her later.

The man agreed ofcourse and as a man who could afford such luxury, he did not refuse. I and my wife went into a product launching in town.

I excused myself and then went to chat with friends. Tom, the guy I paid wasted no time to chat with my wife.

Gazing from not so far away I saw her smiling already.

I pretended that I am not seeing them at all and just continue.

He offered some champagne and my wife gladly accepted. I saw her looking for me but I decided to pretend that I am busy chatting with friends so this guy will be able to do his job.

You got a gorgeous body. Your husband must be lucky. Oh thank you. Your a handsome man yourself.

Can we go have some coffee sometime? asked the man.

"Oh, I am busy with lot's of things and I am already married you see."

What's wrong with having coffee. Just one. I liked this conversation to go on but I have to go and take care my grandma.

"Grandma my ass." I murmured myself.

I can barely hear from where I am what their are talking about.

Then I saw him going. By this time I approached my wife and said that I am tired already.

Honey, it's time to go. Did you enjoy tonight's party?

Oh dear, where have you been? I am chatting with this guy earlier who said he is marketing manager on this ad agency. He just left. I wanted to introduce you to him.

Honey, I was just gone for a few minutes and now you have this guy?

She blushed and said "No, you know me very well. I will not do such a thing."

Ok, I know. That's why I love you so much.

The next day I pretended to sleep a little bit early.

The phone rung and my wife answered.

"Who is this? the manager from ad agency?" Who??? Ah it's you. How did you get our phone number?

It's late now. Please call me tomorrow.

I can hear all that she is saying. She went to sleep and I went to sleep too.

Days passed by and it seemed that the guy managed to grab my wife for a coffee.

Only coffee. But then, he took him out for lunch. and then dinner.

While I pretend to go out of town, he invited my wife on a dinner. It was a romantic restaurant and they were sitting outside.

My photographer is ready for whatever action is going to take place.

And alas! he leaned to kiss my wife and he got slapped as fast as she can.

Click! Click! Click!

They showed me the pictures and it was good. As if they were really kissing.

When my wife came home she was so shocked to see me.

"I thought you're gonna be coming home tomorrow?"

Oh! dear did my secretary told you that the business trip was cut short?

No! I never get called. You never informed me.

Honey! What's the problem. It seemed that you are so upset.

Oh maybe I was tired. I did some shopping and I did not buy anything.

Lies. Now she is lying. This is a good start.

I am tired so I will sleep now. Goodnight honey.

She went on to change and I pretend to go to sleep.

Phone rung. ring... ring...

She picked up the phone on the extension.

I can hear the conversation...

I'm sorry. I don't mean to do that. You know. You are irresistable. I thought we could really go out and have fun.

You bastard!!! Don't ever call me again. I don't want to see you.

The guy put down the phone and my wife upset.

She went to bed and I can see that she can't sleep.

Hey, there. I am trying to sleep here. Why are you like this?

We made love and when we get really tired we fell asleep.

The next day a mail arrived with the pictures. I was at work ofcourse.

I bugged the house so I can hear everything and see everything.

"That fucking bastard. What does he wants now?" yelled my wife.

I sent the photos telling her to do what we want. Otherwise, the husband will know everything.

She was crying and crying until the phone rung again.

You have to go to my place. Otherwise, you know what will happen.

I only wanted to chat with you.

My wife was so afraid that I would think that she is cheating me. She went to the house.

There were food and some guests.

What's the occasion? my wife asks. It's my birthday. And because it is my birthday. We have to celebrate.

Everyone left after the party and only my wife and the guy were left in the room. Atleast, that's what my wife thought.

You can't go you know. Your husband will know.

Tom, common what do you want? Money? I will give you.

No! I don't want your money. I want you.

Please stop making jokes. I don't accept jokes.

Ok, your husband will know tomorrow.

No!! I will do everything. Just don't tell him dont show him the pictures.

Ok, everything you said?

Yes everything.

The guy blind-folded my wife. Turned-off the lights and put on the candles so I can go to the scene without being noticed.

He ordered my wife to suck his dick.


We have an agreement!!

She never sucked my dick. Hell, this time she's going to.

I put my cock instead of the guys dick on her mouth. She starts sucking. He ordered "Faster! I want you to make me cum fast!!"

I pulled out my cock and he said to my wife. Be still. We changed. I filmed them while my wife is sucking now this man's dick.

My wife learned to suck in pressure.

She throwed out every sperm that was on her mouth.

She began crying. Ok, this is it Don't worry the guy said.

I arrived home with my wife already there. She was already asleep.

Next day, I was again at "worked" she received the taped. This time, it's really for real. She is sucking this man's dick.

She put it in the DVD player and saw what is in there.

Phone rung again and. ....

You are really bad guy!!! How can you do this to me.

No! Stop! Please I can't go there tonight. Not anymore.

No! Not now. I can't go.

The guy ofcourse under my order told her to come now (morning) to the same place.

If she wants all the picture and the tapes, she has to do one thing.

She has to do anal.

Anal. Another taboo for my wife.

Again, he blind-folded her. Lubricated her tight virgin ass. And this guys dick with lots of effort finally made it.

He cummed inside. It was a hell of an experience. I thought I'd see her reach orgasm in the ass but no.

He asked her to suck his dick and clean it with her tounge. She obeyed with much hesitation.

They rested alittle bit.

And then he gave her all the raw tapes and promised that no more copies were left.

One year passed, as if nothing happened. She did not tell me anything.

Phone rung again and this time the guy called her again. Madam I need you to see this. Your husband will be very upset if he see's this!

Ofcourse, she was so shocked to learned that her anal experience was on tape again.

This time she told me everything.

She said sorry and I told her that I am going to go there just tell me where it happened.

I brought my gun with me and we went together.

I was knocking on the door when suddenly a guy "punched" me and I was knock down the floor.

They took my wife inside and I was hog-tied on the chair.

Hahahaha the anal queen with her husband is here. Look what we have.

Twelve guys came in the room, all carefully selected by me ofcourse. The guy holding my wife said, "Are you ready guys! we will have a party here."

She was screaming and crying.

They threatened her to broadcast the video in internet unless she obeys them.

First they asked her to give me the best blow job.

She unzipped my pants and pull out my very soft cock. Then she started licking. Then they tied her hands to use only her tounge. Oh honey, this is great!!

I will cum. I will cum.

The guys were all laughing. Suck it ! Suck it babe!

I cummed and she throw everything on the floor.

No!! you bitch. You have to clean our floor. Lick it and eat it!

As if my wife is resigned with the situation. She obeyed. She ate all my cum from the floor and my fully erect pennis still needs to fight.

Then they asked her to sit on my cock to do anal. She obeyed again.

They gave her some break. They forced her to drink some whisky while resting.

She got tipsy and started removing her clothes.

She is with her bras and panties now and the guys started pulling out their cocks! Let the party begins.

She sucked them one by one until they were all hard. The twelve of them.

Only allowed to pee as her rest. Then they caress all her body. One guy with mustache brushed her pussy until she cums. She cums many times but the guys did not stop fucking her until their dick is desert dry.

She got very tired and passed out.

They still fuck and continue to fuck even when she passed out.

They deep throated her. They double penetrated her pussy. They double penetrated her ass. Every imagineable positions.

Ofcourse, I was not tied anymore and was really enjoying the scene.

When she woke up, she was in hospital. And my police friend is next to us.

I told her that neighbors heared some noices and called the police.

And police responded and took as to the hospital but the guys "escaped".

Now whatever I asked of her, she lovingly obeyed. Her reason - "What's the use of not doing it. She have done everyhing already".

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bogli_ako    (2012-06-30 08:30:28)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks for liking my story.
nicenaughtyslut    (2011-07-03 03:21:15)    Flag as inappropiate
i loved it
hotbody2    (2009-06-10 22:50:16)    Flag as inappropiate
I did like this one. I don't know if you can top it, but I will watch for a try

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