Meeting Master Chapt 1 The First Time   added 7 years ago    

  By: ketsueki_itami

One night late at night I am alone in my house getting dressed up just how I like to in black bra and thong panties with matching garter belt and stockings. After securing the stockings on my shaved legs I put on a short plaid skirt and a pretty white blouse. When I am done I go over and look in the mirror at myself and decide I look very feminine. I start to walk over to the bed when suddenly a hand clasps over my mouth and a deep voice tells me to be quiet and I won’t get hurt.


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The Naughty Meter

The man cuffs my hands behind my back and gags me, then walks me over to the bed and forces me down and caresses my legs. "I have been watching you for some time I know all about your panties and dresses, you're mine now I own you and you will do as you are told." At this point he starts to raise my skirt my cock is hard despite my terror at what is happening to me he roles me over onto my belly and starts pulling my panties down as I kick my legs in protest. My kicks are rewarded with a leather belt across my ass several times so hard it raises welts. I stop kicking my legs collapsing sobbing with the pain I just went through.

"Be a good little girl and you won’t have to get that again do you understand slut?" I nod my head yes as my panties have been removed totally from my legs. He starts to stick his finger up my tight asshole it hurts like hell because he is not using any lubricant but he manages to get it all the way inside stretching me out slowly I hear the drawer beside my bed open and look over to see him take my 6 inch dildo out of the drawer he waved it in front of my face and says “You won’t be needing this anymore you have 10 hard inches you need to please now.” He unzips his pants and pulls the biggest blackest cock I have ever seen and lubes it up as my eyes go wide with horror.

He crawls on top on top of me and starts to push himself as he grabs my naturally long hair and pulls it forcing my head back and making me impale myself on his monstrous cock. I can’t believe he fit his whole cock in me once I feel his heavy balls bounce against my ass, he then saws his cock in and out of me at blazing speed, my cries of pain only serving to usher him on. He stops and pulls out of me, it makes me feel empty not having him in me I try to buck my hips toward him trying to invite him and was rewarded with three more lashes from the belt. He laughs as he starts to uncuff my hands and I start to relax as I think my ordeal is over but he just rolls me over and handcuffs my hands to the headboard of the bed and he says “Now I am going to take the gag off but if you even think about making a noise you will feel a lot of pain.”

He takes the gag off and I resist my urge to scream partially because I don’t want anyone else to see me dress as I am and hard from my recent ass-rape he then positions himself straddling my chest stroking his massive cock. I find myself fascinated by the dark ebony of his cock as he finally explodes on my face. All of a sudden a flash goes off in my eyes followed by another he has taken a picture of me with hot cum all over my face. “This little girl is just insurance, for me that you will do as you are told. If you don’t do as you're told I will make sure everybody you know gets the pictures.” He laughs as he gets off of me and leaves with me laying in shock of what happened and wondering what will happen next.

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Mouthslave    (2009-03-22 14:07:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Can I meet the master ??

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