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Even as I write this story I still cannot believe it happened. I am 31 and have for the last year or two had this thing for older women. Not just any older women, but mainly between 45 – 55 that have been well kept and don’t mind showing off the qualities they possess. While I will admit to looking a lot, I have never played around even though the opportunity had knocked.

About a year ago my mother in law, Rita, got divorced. She was 55 at the time and used always wear old fashioned clothes, always seemed to be complaining and carrying a few too many kilos. This all changed when Rita separated and eventually divorced. Within a couple of months she lost a lot of weight and started to dress like she was back on the market and became a lot of fun. She seemed to cut 10 years off her age.


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I tried denying it, but I started looking at her the way I had never done in the past. She has a great bust due to implants 20 years ago, olive skin and the smoothest skin I had every felt. I kept imaging her being very dominant in the bedroom due to her overbearing personality and this was a great turn on.

When her house sold she came to stay with us for a couple of months before she found a place of her own. As the weeks past I found myself becoming more and more attracted to her and noticed that she was being flirtatious with me when my wife was not around and even a little when she was! I told myself it was my ego clouding my perceptions, but it kept happening. This aside I would catch her checking me out and a few times I got caught doing the same. I was upset that she was staying with us in winter and I wouldn’t get the chance to see her in more revealing attire.

Eventually she moved into her own place (within walking distance from us), and my fantasies of seeing her naked by “accident” or fooling around with her when my wife was out one night disappeared. Summer rolled along and I would get my wife to invite her over to swim with us because I enjoyed the view and the occasional flirt.

In Feb my wife went away for a girl’s weekend from Friday to Sunday. That weekend we had some typical Aussie summer weather – hot and humid. The kids and I spent all day Sat in the pool and around 5pm we heard Rita come around the side of house.

“Do you mind if I join you guys” she asked. “This heat is killing me and I miss not having a pool.”

“Sure” I said, and she got in.

She shed her clothes and I noticed she had a new bikini that was very shear and made her tits look amazing. Over the next hour or so Rita and I bumped/rubbed into each other in the course of playing pool games. It felt exciting and a couple of times I had to stay at the deep end until my erection went down. As the afternoon progressed the frequency of our accidental “bumps” increased. I would look at Rita and see this coy little grin, and as we got closer her ass would push into me for a few seconds as she went to get a ball or a pool toy. I would try and let my hand brush the flat of her tummy or my arm brush over her tits. Just as the games were getting fun and the bumps more lustful than playful, it was time for dinner.

I threw some meat on the BBQ and tossed a salad. As I was making the salad R came up along side me.

“This is just like us playing house again isn’t it? I miss staying here, my house is so lonely these days.” She said seeking a reply.

“I had a great time when you stayed here but you will find someone soon. You’re a good looking woman for your age and you’re a lot more fun now than you used to be.” I said dropping some flattery as Rita rested her had on my shoulder affectionately as if to say “Thank you.”

When she was staying with us it became apparent that a couple of glasses of wine made her drop her guard, so feeling that I needed to do something to keep the momentum of the pool fun going, so I went and got her a large glass of wine and we all sat down for dinner.

We made small talk while putting the kids to bed at about 7.30 and then sat down to another couple of drinks. The sun was setting but it was still hot and sticky. My mother in law was finishing her 2nd large glass of wine and it was going to her head fast. Then she shocked me by jumping up and saying “Let’s go for another swim.”

I needed no encouragement – I was hot and was dying to get another look at that bikini. As we made our way to the pool she ran playfully past me and hit me on the ass and giggled as she jumped into the pool ahead of me. I jumped in and this is when the real fun began.

After about 10 mins of chit chat I said “I bet you cannot swim a length of the pool underwater”.

“What is the bet?” she replied.

“What do you want it be” I laughed.

“If I can do it, you have to do a lap under the water without you shorts on. If not I will do the same topless” She dared.

“Done!” I shot back. . I had had a couple of beers in me and was up for anything. Also, I had never seen her even get her hair wet in the pool and felt it was a pretty safe bet.

Rita took a deep breath and off she went and to my surprise she made it! I pretended to be shocked. “Double or nothing” I offered back to her.

“No way – a deal is a deal” and she came over and started tugging at the string on my shorts. I stepped back and took them off, and even with the fading light and being underwater my erection was still obvious. I then popped under the water and did my lap. When I popped up at the other end of the pool I saw Rita throwing my shorts over onto the grass.

“Hey-not fair!” I said pretending to be upset and swam over to her. “That wasn’t part of the deal”

“Let me make it up to you” she said as she took a soft but firm grip on my cock and leaned over and kissed my bottom lip slowly. I felt like I had been hit with 1000 volts as the surprise of her forwardness hit me. I wanted to jump back but her hand felt so good I dared not losing the moment. Her hand started to move up and down my shaft slowly as we just starred at each other, our mouths only inches apart. She then took her other hand and started to cup my balls and press her finger up at the back of my sack. She knew exactly what she was doing and I was enjoying the experience she had gained. It sounded like such a cliché but I was being taught a lesson in hand jobs.

I realised then that simple “games” were over. If my wife found out about or pool games and now this nude dare it would be over regardless. I thought ‘what the hell’ so I looked at her and said,

“You have to pay to use the water toys.” I blurted out. This sounded so stupid even as I said it that we both started laughing.

“OK then, what is the price?” she laughed, playing along.

I had been waiting for this moment for over as year as I gestured for her to turn around. As I began undoing her bikini top she started to push her ass up against me and moving it up and down. My exposed cock was trying to find a hole but it was being blocked by her bikini pants. Her ass was not a perfect shape or the firmest it had ever been, but I did not care. I could not wait to see her in all her glory. As her top fell away she tried to turn back around but I held her firm and grabbed her hips and pushed her bikini panties down. My cock was now skin to skin and I was so hard I thought I was going to burst.

“Forceful I see. I always figured you for the type.” She said as she turned around.

I could not respond as I caught a full frontal look at her nude. The tits were better than I expected. Gravity had taken a hold a little but her nipples were on the high side and small and dark. They were erect and pointing straight at me so I just lowered my head down started to swirl my tongue around her nipples. She let out a small moan and expelled a breath of air as I started sucking them and nibbling at them gently. I felt her move her legs apart and then she grabbed my hand and pushed it between her legs. She was so wet and hot it was notable even though we were in the pool. It was not until I entered a finger into her that I noticed that I did not feel any hair around the area. I looked up at her and she said,

“Everyone talks about Brazilians these days so I figured they are popular for a reason. You like??” It was clear now that she had planned our little adventures in advance.

I continued alternating between sucking her nipples and licking and kissing her neck as I began playing with her large clit. Rita was grinding her pussy into my hand to put more and more pressure on her clit. I kept following her lead and rubbed her clit with my thumb firm and fast. I could feel her breathing getting faster and faster and I knew she was going to cum. She grabbed my head and kissed me deeply as I felt the wave of the orgasm hit her hard and she pulled off my finger.

She moved over to the large pool step and sat down on the edge and made it clear she was going to return the favour. I stepped between her legs and buried myself into her in one long motion. Her tits were lapping at the top of the water and her head was arched back in pleasure. She was so into the whole experience it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. She let the whole experience take her over like a trance. I began moving in and out of her. She was tighter than I expected and hotter than any other pussy I had been in since I was 18. I was dying to get a better look at her pussy, but the water was blocking my view.

“I want all of you” she panted “I want to lick your balls and watch you cum in my mouth”. I have never been into dirty talk during sex but loved this as I increased the tempo.

Taking advantage of the dynamics of water, I lifted her off the step and now was holding her in the pool with her legs wrapped around me. I held her ass tight as I continued moving in and out of her while letting one of my fingers brush against her asshole. She jumped as I did it and I thought I had gone too far, but she settled right back into the motion. I took this as a green light and started to rub my middle finger over her asshole and push gently as if I wanted in. She was kissing and licking my neck when she whispered in my ear

“I have never had anything in my ass before so please go slow.”

Now I was in heaven, I had this woman on my cock and the green light give her her first anal play session. My wife used to enjoy anal play but that all stopped when we had kids. I had not experienced the amazing sensation of being up a woman’s ass for 5 years and was going to take full advantage of this.

I continued rubbing her ass and fucking her at and increasing pace when I felt I was getting close to coming. Rita could sense I was ready to cum and got off me and moved back to the step. She made me stand on the step over her and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me while again massaging and gently squeezing my balls. I looked down at my wife’s mother sucking me off and it all was to much as I unloaded into her mouth for what felt like the longest orgasm of my life. Rita took it all in her stride and didn’t miss a beat as she swallowed it all with a look of pleasure of her face.

I expected her to stop sucking me but she kept going after I had came. I was sensitive but Rita looked up at me and said “Let me keep going”. She continued to suck me and before long my erection was as hard as it had been before I had came.

I took her by the hand and lead her out of the pool to the big chairs under the pergola. I wanted to see the whole picture. It was pretty much dark now and the house and moon provided just enough light to see everything. Her pussy lips were full and dark and I wanted to taste her and feel her hairless pussy against my lips. I put our towels down to make the ground softer and lay on my back and pulled her into a 69 position. I began licking her with long strokes from her clit to her perineum and she went straight back to where she left off sucking me with an intensity I had never experienced before. I took my middle finger and wet it well with her juices and began rubbing her asshole again. This time she moaned in pleasure and pushed back a little keeping the pressure up to her asshole. After a few minutes I could feel her asshole relax and I slipped my finger inside up to my knuckle. It was great to see her first anal experience happen inches from my eyes. Rita responded by licking my balls and kissing inside my thighs while pushing her pussy into my face.

I began licking her clit while pumping her ass with my finger. I felt the familiar pace of her breath quickening and took another finger and eased it into her ass. She could no longer concentrate on sucking me, she just kept breathing heavy with her back arched and now had two fingers all the way into her ass. Rita began fucking my fingers in her ass and I struggled to keep licking her clit, but the orgasm hit her finally and her ass contracted so tight that it cut the circulation off to my fingers. She started moaning loudly as she came, and I was worried that the neighbours would hear us.

“That was unbelievable” she gasped as she stood up and turned around and straddled me. “I haven’t cum like that since I was in my 30’s even though it felt so dirty.”

“Great, now its my turn” I said as I started to pump up and down. She leaned forward and I started massaging her tits, one in each hand while licking her nipples. I looked up and she had her eyes closed again and seemed like she was in another world.

I pulled her off me and got her on all fours and entered her pussy and began pounding her as hard as I could. Her ass was a little bit wobbly and it rippled with every thrust. She then moved forward so I popped out of her and reached around and grabbed my cock and moved it up to her asshole.

I began rubbing the head of my cock against her asshole but could not get in, her ass was just to tense. I dripped some spit down on her rosebud and began working my thumb into her ass to get her relaxed. I wasn’t long before she was ready and I put my cock back into position and she pushed back and eased my cock into her ass.

“Wait, wait!” she whispered as she froze. The sight of my cock just into her ass was sensational and it took all my effort not to thrust into her. She slowly backed up until I was completely inside her and then stoped again to get used to it.

“Do it slowly and I want to feel you to cum inside my ass” she said as she looked back at me. I began to move in and out of her ass very slowly. She was so tight I thanked god it was my second go of the night otherwise I would have came already. Rita began to pick up the pace and before long I was pumping her ass at a reasonable rate.

I thought I would see how far she could go so I reached around and grabbed her tits and pulled her up towards me so I was kneeling and she was now sitting on my lap with her back against my chest and my cock still in her ass.

I began kissing her neck and sucking her earlobes as I wet my finger and reached around and started playing with her clit again.

“No I can’t, not again. Just you now.” She groaned.

Ignoring her request, I just kept making circular motions around her clit and dipping my finger in her pussy every now and then to keep my finger wet and avoid her getting sensitive. She slowly got into it and was increasing the pace and now my cock was pumping in her ass faster and faster and she was taking it like a pro.

“Oh god! Keep going! Keep going!!” she almost screamed as she moved up and down on my cock at a frantic pace.

I was getting ready to come so I whispered in her ear “Tell me when you’re going to cum. I want us to cum together.”

Feeling I was going to cum too quickly, so I slowed down the pace to a more rhythmical motion, making sure the full length of my cock was going in and out of her with every stroke. A couple of times I popped out of her ass and it gave me a chance to lube up with some spit and then enjoy the sensation of pushing past her tight sphincter again as I re entered her.

Worried I was going to miss the perfect double orgasm, I took my other hand and reached around and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy. She now had my cock pumping in her ass, my right middle finger circling her clit and my left fore and middle finger in her pussy and I was holding her tight. She started lightly moaning and I could tell this pleasure was going to send her off nicely.

“I’m getting close, are you ready?” she asked.

“Yes” I answered, hardly able to think. If I could have kept this feeling going on for hours I would have, it was so great.

“Fuck me as had as you like and fill my ass with your cum” she said like a whore as she increased the pace again. We fucked for about 5 mins like this and I was giving it to her a hard as I could. Her tits were bouncing wildly up and down and I was leaning over her shoulder to enjoy the view.

“Oh god, I going to cum” I said as I could feel my balls tighten and that magical feeling coming on like a freight-train.

I buried myself into her as deep as I could and began to unload for the second time that night. As my cock was pulsing in her ass, she let out a long groan and I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and her ass tighten up. The orgasm made her ass move in such a way that it was like my cock was being milked for every last bit of cum.

She urgently pushed my fingers away from her and then just sat there on my lap with my cock now going limp in her ass for about 2 minutes just controlling her breathing. R then got off me and I saw the beautiful sight of my cum dribble out of her ass as her sphincter started to close back to normal.

We laid down together not saying a word. I don’t know if it was the moment or we were just too spent to say anything. After a while she said that the last orgasm seemed to last for ever and she just rode the wave as long as she could while keeping me in her ass for pressure.

We washed off in the pool and embraced in a long deep kiss that saw our tongues gently swirling around each other that seemed to say a lot more about that night than words could have.


Rosa eventually climbed out of the pool, got dressed and said she would see me later.

“If this can be our little secret, I am sure we can do it all again some time” she said as she pecked me on the cheek, and with that that she was gone for the evening.

I slept like a baby that night and in the morning had the dull ache in my cock that told me the night before was a dream come true.

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I sure hope this is true...
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EroticSammy Oh Hell ya. This was awesome. I loved every thing about it. Incredible.
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