Stuck in an Elevator   added 7 years ago    

  By: slowhand40

My date and I have just finished a wonderful meal at a hotel overlooking the city and are anxious to return to our hotel room....we enter the elevator with 2 other couples..once couple obviously newlyweds and another in their mid 40's along with us who are a few years older.....


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As the elevator gets started we notice a jerking motion....after only going 2 floors it stops completely....we wait but nothing happens...after about 2 minutes I pick up the emergency phone and report our problem...It being a holiday weekend the repairman says it will be at least an hour before he can contact someone to help us we await his return call I can barely see the other couples as the power has gone out but hear the newlyweds giggling and material rustling....

Within a few minutes we hear moans coming from both of them and a joint statement that they are newlyweds and since we are all adults to please don't judge them on their honeymoon....we mumble in unison, "do what u have to do"...which prompts them to remove clothing....we can hear kissing sounds coming from them followed by moans from this is going on I'm kissing and fondling my date and getting more aggressive as time goes by...when I slip my hand undeer her dress she grabs it and says in a hushed tone "no"...i say to her we are all adults here and no one can see us....she releases my hand and I feverishly begin stroking her pussy...

30 minutes have gone by when the phone rings and the repairman says someone will be with us in about 90 minutes....the third couple by now are kissing and doing whatever as we hear clothing fall to the floor...

I tell my date I'm getting naked and to take her panties off....she complies and I have her turn around and lean against the elevator with her bottom sticking out...I slowly spread her cheeks and slip my throbbing cock into her moist sllippery pussy to each our delites...many moans come from my partner and I tell her how wonderful she is to share this fantasy with me....after some ver slow and long strokes followed by a rapid pounding we explode together followed by some expllicit words reflecting our enjoyment....shortly thereafter our elevator is fixed....we all nod in agreement and silently go our separate ways....

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