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  By: bogli_ako

Me and my wife went on a trip to europe. While on this trip we met a couple and invited us on a party.


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I and my wife already have several glasses of wine and was really enjoying it. She excused with me and told me that she needed to find the comfort room to pee. While she's away, a very nice blonde on her fourties came to chat with me. Her name is Laura. She started a very nice conversation and I never knew already what is going on around. She told me that she is a bestfriend of Larry and she knew that house very well and she can show me the house. I told her that I have to wait for my wife and we can go together. She told me that my wife is old enough and James and Megan will be there to entertain her and we will not be gone for long.

Sure enough I was convinced that there are too many people there and surely enough, I saw my wife coming chatting and laughing with Megan already. Laura pulled my hands and said come I will show you something. We came into a nice room. It was like one of those big rooms in the old times. The bed is very big and the room is full of mirrors. Only one wall is surrounded with curtain. She closed the door and grab me. At first I was scared but then later, I gave in. Her smell is irresistable. She has a perfect body. But then suddenly I fell so sleepy. I woke up tied on a chair with my dick out in the zipper very hard and Laura was licking it. I feel so horny and was feeling I would come that time. I said please don't stop. So, you are finally awake. Laura muttered. I was sucking your dick for almost an hour and you haven't awaken. It's a pitty that you don't know how much nice blow job you are getting.

Where am I? Where's my wife? Oh don't you worry my friend. She is probably sleeping very tight right now.
She got up and pulled the curtain on the room. There I saw my wife on the other room lying on the bed sleeping. She is still wearing her party dresss and still on her high heeels. Why am I tied? What is going on? Oh don't you know? You are now an illegal in this country. We owned both of you. If your wife is nice to us we will let you free. Otherwise, we will send you to the police.

The door on the other room opened slowly. Two black and one white guy slowly came inside the room. The started caressing my wife's body.

No! Stop this! this is not right!

My wife is still sleeping. Hahahahahahaha, you believe you can have a nice party in this house for free? No you have to pay for your drinks.

Laura went on one corner and turned on a switch. "Now you can hear whatever is going on the other room.

The guys slowly pulled down the black panty of wife exposing her cunt. The other guy pulled her dresss. I tried to move and escaped but I was tied hard on the chair and I can't even move.

What did you do to my wife? We let drink something so she won't make a problem. Don't worry, it will not take too much time. We added some ketamine to her drink so she won't remember anything from what happened tonight.

They continue to caress my wife's body and the white guy started licking ber cunt while the two black guys are busy kissing her boobies.

Then they pulled their large cocks. One of them inserted forcefully his cock to my wife's mouth. The other one scratches his cock on the cunt. They were all laughing and I can't do anything.

They have done everything they would like with my wife. Even the unimaginable. They have double-penetrated my wife. Poor her, I could not do anything to help. They switched positions alternating each other on mouth on the ass on her cunt. Then I saw each one yelling that they are cumming. One guy openned my wife's mouth while and one by one shot their load to her mouth.

They left the room with her lying on the bed without clothes.

Did you enjoy the show? asked Laura. I'm sure you would like to fuck her now that my friends are finished with her.

No! you fucking bitch. You'll pay for this.

Hhahahaha not in my nearest dreams she said.

Your passports, ids and your return ticket is with us. Feel free to escape and see what is in store for your wife.

I was shocked what I was hearing this. You have no choice. Now you have to go there, clean your wife and when she wakes up you have to tell her that she has to fuck three guys a night for a week to recover all the things that you have lost and to pay for all the expensive drinks you have in the party.

Any wrong move will even make it harder. If she refused, you know that it will lead to nothing.

I woke up just remembering a very hard thing hit my head. The curtain was covering the other room. I thought I had a bad dream last night. The door opened and I saw the blonde lady from last night.

Remember what I have told you. Come lets go and see you wife. Convince her and everything will be alright.

I was brought to the other room and my wife is still sleeping. I can smell the bastards sperm still sprinkled all over my wifes naked body.

Ok I will leave you now. Remember, escape is not an option. We have armed guards and police is just one call away.

MY wife wakes up and asked me how is the party. And where are we. She said that last night she remembered Megan talking to her into having an orgy. She cant remember anything. Must be due to the drugs they put on her drink.

I told her that we were duped and those two couples we met were scum bags and they are asking her to do somethng terible and I wont allow. She asked me what it is and I told her to forget about it and instead concentrate on planning to escape. We are about to open the door when a big knocks on the door. We are the police, please open the door. I was very glad to hear maybe this is our rescue.

Instead the police handcuff me and my wife and said "Someone called us and said there is a prostitution going on this house and you and this woman are involved."

Come with us. I tried to fight but all I got is a big blow on the stomach. I lost my consciousness on the ground.

I woke up inside a cell alone. Where is my wife? Where am i?

From the prison cell, I can see my wife not so far from the other room. She is sitting on a table with three police officers talking to her.

Who is your boss? Confess if you want your sentence to be lighter.
"I don't know what you are talking about. Please let me go."

Oh you wanted to let go. How about letting you go and your husband rot in prison? That is good option.

No!! I dont knwo what you are talking about. We are innocent!

We are easy you know lady. You could satisfy our needs and we'll let you both go.

No! I won't do that.

Ok let's find out.

Bring the husband to the other cell and bring some water. It's time that these two confess about something.

They took me to another room with bright light pointed at me. One police officer holding my wife on another room with two way mirror.

Now tell us who is your boss!

They waterboarded me for sometime but I dont know anything until I passed out again.

I woke up seeing my wife sucking the dick of the police officer. Then another police officer came and they undress my wife. You see, I like this one. She's cooperating this time.

They filled her with cum. Then another round and another round. I can't do anything again.

They throat fuck my wife and double-penetrated and filled my wife's cunt with their juices.

The police officer asked me. So are you going to confess?

I wanted but I have no idea what you are asking.

Ok then, bring this woman into the cell number 6. I'm sure the prisoners need something to play for the night.

My wife was crying all night. Her cunt torn apart by their large cocks. I hear her screaming and people laughing.

Then morning came and they said that we are free to go. They put us on a minivan and dropped closed to the beach.

Your wife is a keeper. She can be a nice porn star you know. Let us know when you are coming back her in Hungary. Who knows, we can help you again.

They returned our passports and belongings. Only thing missing is our return ticket, money and credit cards.

We returned to the hotel which is a 15minutes walk away. We wanted to call the police but it's the police who did the bad things.

How are we going to go home? My wife's so depressed and I am so desperate and can't think of anything.

Then I remembered a guy from the hotel who onced asked me secretly if I could let her fuck my wife for a thousand euros just let him know.

I told my wife that I know a way and went down the lobby.I saw the guy there having coffee. I asked him if the offer still stands and he said yes and he will even give me triple initial offer.

We agreed that he'll pay in advance and we have to let my wife sleep and then he can fuck her all night.

Me and my wife ate dinner in the hotel room and have some drinks. The guy already arrange to put some sleeping pills on the wine so I drink only the juice. My wife falls asleep after some time.

I called the guy and said everything is now set.

I sat on the chair while he enjoyed fucking my wife. It's ok this time atleast I earned some money. He fucked and fucked until there is no more sperm left on his dick that night.

Oh my friend. Looks like its fine for you. How about I offer your wife to my friend. Then you could earn some more.
It's a pity that you let some guys fuck her for free you know! Especially the police.

What a bastard! How do you know ?

Hahahahaha. You see, even I get her for free.

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