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An experienced psychiatrist, Dr Trish Oliver had come upon a midlife crisis of sorts. In her youth a university medalist and prize winning author, her life, presently, savoured of anticlimax. A lithe brunette in her early forties, she'd concede that, though not without her charms, she was no ravishing beauty. Moreover, a series of failed relationships had left their mark upon her. She longed for a more satisfying love life. Her obessive nature, however, seemed inevitably to get in the way. “Oh to be carefree, irresponsible and spontaneous” she mused while half listening to the catalogue of work related grievances proffered by her long time friend and diner companion.


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Melanie Ferguson; lawyer, single, 35 years of age, 5ft 8in, 110lbs, beleaguered Senior Associate at Henderson, Trout, Baker & Johnson, sat opposite, mid way through a bottle of full bodied red and a monologue delineating her employer’s short comings. Ferguson was a striking young woman, straight, shoulder length red hair, an oval shaped face, soft creamy complexion and deep (almost royal) blue eyes. Her figure was gorgeous, a swan like neck which gave way to C cup breasts. Hips and waist that provided an almost flawless hourglass proportion to her torso. Even her legs were long and athletic. The top two buttons of her off white silk blouse were undone permitting inspection of her cleavage. The blouse was a tight allowing a clear view of lace cups of her bra and just the slightest hint of the young lawyer’s areola. Ferguson’s skirt finished several inches above the knee and was stretched taut about her hips. In short Melanie had looks to die for. To that extent, the good doctor had long envied her colleague.

Whether it was the wine or the after consequence of an earlier shared joint mattered not. Oliver was feeling just a little flirtatious. Though she had for sometime admired her friend Oliver's consciousnes was now stirred in a manner she had only previously experienced in the presence of the opposite sex.

The wine bottle drained and her venting all but complete, Melanie removed her shiny black stilettos before reclining on the doctor’s Chesterfield lounge.

With a girlish smirk, Oliver advocated a massage to ease her companion’s tension. A lazy shrug from the lawyer was all that was required.

“Why don’t I start on these weary things?” cooed the brunette while running a fingernail along the instep of Melanie’s silk coated right foot and slowly manoeuvring her fingertips along the young lawyer’s right calf. The silk encasing Melanie’s lower limb provided little resistance as the doctor’s hand move inexorably higher.

Soon, Oliver’s hand was circling lazily about Melanie’s inner thigh just below the lace band atop her stocking. The sensation was awkwardly pleasurable for the young lawyer and she closed her eyes. The doctor’s voice was soft her speech measured as she encouraged complete relaxation.

The brunette's fingers momentarily crossed the lace border separating flesh from silk before being withdrawn. The good doctor nervously loosed the zipper on the young woman’s left hip, unbuttoned the lawyers pin striped skirt and slowly drew it southward on a journey which ended upon the carpet.

The skirt removed, Dr Oliver once more set about separating Melanie’s thighs. Oliver’s carefully manicured nails were gently rasping the smooth warm flesh of the lawyer’s inner thigh brushing against the elastic curb of her pink satin panties as they did so. The soft pleasure of her friend’s touch and the warm relaxation of the alcohol were such that Melanie barely noticed that the psychiatrist’s index finger now rhythmically traced the outline of her blushing vulvae. The satin shield of the lawyer’s panties provided no resistance rather it abetted in her arousal. The redhead was somewhat apprehensive that her tormenter should discover the lubrication welling within of her labia. The brunette slowly move her hand north across Melanie’s satin clad pelvis and the redhead swallowed hard anticipating that the doctor might slip her hand beneath the waist band.

The apprehended intrusion did not occur, however, instead the brunette proceeded to unbutton Melanie’s blouse exposing her bra and the now heaving breasts cradled within. Trepidation briefly descended upon both women as the doctor eased the pink straps from the lawyer’s freckled shoulder’s.. The redhead again closed her eyes this time swallowing deeply as she did so. The psychiatrist drew her face toward the lawyer’s neck. Melanie electrified by the exquisite sensation of the doctor’s febrile breath upon her skin responded by biting hard on her bottom lip. The brunette persisted gently kissing her way along the length of the redhead’s craning neck and onto her chest. Melanie’s nipples were taut and flushed long before the good doctor commenced to suckle them.

The young lawyer was feverish with excitement. The fever intensified when Dr Oliver propelled her right hand into a gentle orbit of Melanie’s lower torso. It was an orbit that brought the doctor’s fingernails brushing gently against the underside of the lawyers stiffening breasts and thereafter saw them briefly encroaching upon the satin coating Melanie’s pelvis.

The redhead’s crotch was sodden by them time the brunette’s hand slipped beneath the satin curtain. While Oliver slipped her middle finger between the lawyer’s labia the young woman once more bit her hard upon her lower lip. Repeated contact between the psychiatrist’s finger and Melanie’s clitoris sent shocks arcing through her core. The locking of her teeth did nothing to staunch the lubricant seeping from deep within the redhead’s pubis.

Melanie struggled to control her breathing swallowing hard in the process. Her hips began to gyrate grinding her crimson pubic mop against the palm of the doctor’s hand. Consumed by an unquenchable desire to engulf the doctor’s entire fist, Melanie was monetarily dismayed as the psychiatrist ceased her ministrations and wrenched away the satin panties. This time there was no need for Oliver to reposition the young woman’s legs for the lawyer was quick to volunteer unimpeded access to her sex. The doctor leant low across the young lawyer’s pelvis her breath warm and heavy on the redhead’s pubic folds, the touch of the brunette’s tongue upon Melanie’s clitoris exquisite.

Dr Oliver’s frenzied lapping finally drove the lawyer to raptures. Melanie’s body shuddered to an orgasm sending waves of ecstasy crashing against her consciousness as she clenched her fingers tightly about the brunette’s hair and moaned “oh god yessss!”.

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