A Walk in the Park   added 7 years ago    

  By: Kentguy71

I always remember the first time I tried dogging, well not the first time I tried it but was successful at it. Many a night had been spent n the parks car park waiting and watching to see what happened. This one night there I was in my car smoking a cigarette, just looking around seeing plenty of other cars but no people, wondering where they all were. After a while I need to go to the loo so out I got and started to head towards the park and woods. After a brief detour to complete my business as it was a warm night I thought I would enter the park and sit down on one of the benches to have another cigarette.


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Wow as I turned round the corner into the park I had found where everyone was. There was this group of blokes around one of the benches with some muffled noises coming from the group. Cautiously I moved over to them and opened my eyes wide at what I was seeing.


There was this one woman of about 40ish in age with lovely large round breasts as I was soon to find out firm as well. Sitting down on top of one man, his cock was out and hard, spreading her pussy lips open wide as she slowly and deeply rode upon his cock. Around her there was approximately another 6 – 8 men all with their cocks out some were holding their own cocks, the lady was holding two of the cocks in her free hands running her hands up and down along the thick shafts, her fingers teasing the heads of these cocks as she rubbed and massaged it, squeezing it between her fingers, always swapping over the cocks so she could feel them all keep them all hard at the same time. One of the lucky blokes was having his cock sucked and licked by her, watching her head bob up and down along the shaft seeing her tongue come sliding up and around the head of his cock, he teeth slowly dragging over the swollen thick head of his cock, before moving onto another cock, sucking and licking and slurping at the cocks around her. As she was performing this all the men’s their hands were running over her body hands pawing at her breasts, her thighs all over, fingers tweaking and pinching at her nipples, hands kneading and squeezing her large fleshy mounds.


Well after taking this all in I had to get closer and as I did one man moved over and let me get into the circle around her. This was it I thought nervously I reached out my hand taking her breast into my palm running my palm over it feeling the hard nipple in my palm, as I slide my fingers over the nipple giving it a little squeeze and tug, hearing her sigh and moan from all the attention she was getting, feeling my cock start to harden in my trousers, feeling the head swell and start to push against the zip of my trousers as I continued to carry on touching this stranger body in front of me. Then she moved upwards and off the cock that she was sitting on looking at the thick shaft she got off see it glisten in the moonlight with all her wet juices sliding down around it as I thought lucky sod. Then to my surprise she bent her body over the bench wiggling her arse in front of us stopping in front of the man next to me, as I watched him slide his cock into her pussy hearing her moan with pleasure as each inch of it went further and deeper into her. Before long there he was fucking her fast and deep his cock sliding in and out of her pussy her moans getting louder with each thrust of his cock, her hands now behind were reaching over towards me so without thinking I just unzipped my cock and placed it into her reaching hand. She gripped it so tight and she run her hand up and along my thick shaft, my cock was aching throbbing in her fingers as she matched her strokes with the strokes of the cock entering her pussy as some of the men moved around to the front of the bench their cocks aiming at her mouth as she took each one in turn between her wet lips stifling her moans and squeals sucking up on the cocks 1 or 2 minutes spent on each one.


I was just about to remove my cock from her hand to try to see if she would suck mine when the man next to me fucking her pulled his cock out and shot his load all over her arse. I nearly cum then myself in her hand watching as his load shot all over her cheeks, watching as it slowly slid down over them as he rub the head of his cock over them rubbing in his thick wet host cum upon her skin. Well with a wiggle of her arse she let us know that she wanted more so without thinking I slid my cock out of her hand and run the head of my cock over the soft wet lips of her pussy, pushing the tip of it into her hard large clit teasing her clit with my cock sliding my shaft over it, before slowly pushing my thick shaft between her lips deep into her pussy. That pussy was tight her muscles clenching my shaft hard n tight and with difficulty I started to slide my shaft in and out of her pussy, my hips pushing my cock as hard as I could into her my hands grabbing her hips tight with each thrust of my cock, someone leaned over and started to spank her arse cheeks as I was fucking her deep. The I could feel my balls begin to tighten as I felt my shaft get that lil bit thicker, knowing I was about to cum I slid my cock out of her pussy and pushed it tight between the cheeks of her arse as my cock stated to twitch and my cum started to spurt out off my shaft, seeing it rise into the air as it landed upon the base of her back and the cheeks off her arse. With a large smile upon my face I slowly moved backwards away from her letting another take my place as I fought to get my breath back watching as she had her fourth of the night. With a very satisfied smile I lit up a cigarette sorted myself out and headed back to my car.
Needless to say I then frequented that park more often after that and had another 3 encounters there which in time I will tell all. Happy Dogging

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