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I have to travel a lot in my job mostly from UK to USA. Most hotels I stay at have a pool and I quiet like swimming so I normally try to get in a swim most days. Now I’m a reasonably serious swimmer so I thrash up and down the pool, some hotel pools are really too short and I can almost get dizzy thrashing up and down them. This story relates to a hotel I’ve stayed at a lot in Southern New England.


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The Naughty Meter


It had been one of those typical days when I’m in the USA office. I’m only there one week in every five or six so everyone wants a piece of me when I’m there. Given as well my body clock is often still on London time I’m up early grab a quick bagel for breakfast and get to the office early about 7am or so. Then I’m normally back to back meetings with people discussing issues and trying to get some progress on projects I’m involved with. I normally get out of the office about 6pm and head back to the hotel. Once there I know if I don’t go and have a swim I’ll never do it so quick change and head for the pool.


The pool at this hotel is short but at least it’s there and very rarely anyone else in it at that time – unless it’s in the school holiday season. This was in May so I wasn’t surprised to be the only person there. I strip off my shorts and t-shirt, tighten up my speedos and start swimming with the intention of doing 100 lengths 10 front crawl, 10 breaststroke etc.


As I went through about 80 and turned at the far end of the pool I noticed a woman had entered the pool area. She had a long dressing gown on which I thought she might have borrowed from the hotel as it was very white like only hotel ones are some how. She walked around the pool sat on a lounger for a while then as I changed stroke and entered my last 10 lengths got up and wandered to the Jacuzzi which was alongside one side of the pool. I’d used it once on one trip before when there was a family in the pool whilst I waited for them to leave – which they didn’t and I just got out and went off without my swim that day. But I remember it took me a while to figure out the controls.


There is a timer switch on the wall nearby which you twist around. Then there is a big switch right next to the steps down into the whirpool bath which is itself about 3 ft deep and maybe 5 feet across, it’s a circle and you can sit on the steps into it. However when I did that myself it didn’t work – as there is a cut off switch right back by the door into the pool room which whilst big and red isn’t that obviously connected with the whirlpool.


I noticed the woman pushing the button on the floor as I entered my last few lengths. I soon finished and sat in the water at the end getting my breath back. I looked across at the woman now back at the timer turning that again and thought “I bet the cut off is still off”.


I pulled myself up the ladder out of the pool on the side where the Jacuzzi is sighted.


“Hello” said the lady “I can’t seem to get this thing working. Do you know how to switch it on?” Now I was out of the water and closer to her, I’m short sighted a bit and without my glasses and whilst swimming I knew it was a woman but little more. I could now see she was I’d judge in her late thirties. She had a narrow face with sharp features, some people might have said her nose was a touch long and pointy but with her face it suited her well. She had a very disarming smile as she looked at me, both inviting you to smile back and making her look like a little lost girl at the same time.


I was stood in front of her dripping wet from the swim. I smiled. “Well I used this once a while back. I remember the switch by the door had something to do with it. I’ll go look at that”. I walked around the pool towards the door. I could soon see the switch was in the “off” position. I push it on. A little light above it went on. The Jacuzzi still wasn’t on however and I walked back. “I think now if you push the button on the floor it’ll stay on until the timer cuts out” I said.


She pushed the button with her foot. Instantly the sound of moving jets of water started and the jets in the whirlpool began and the water started to go frothy on top.


“Bravo” she shouted throwing her hand wide in an exaggerated expression of success.


“Jolly good” I said. When in the USA I seem to say things like that more than in the UK, my Englishness becomes more pronounced for some reason.


“Now you’ve got it working would you care to join me” she said nodding towards the now very frothy whirlpool and beginning to tug the robe’s tie as she spoke.


I was just about to say “No thanks, I only come in for the swim” as the robe fell open and she started to shrug it off. Underneath she had been concealing a stunning figure. Lovely hips which accentuated her female form, a very flat and smooth stomach which led me to doubt this woman had ever been pregnant and a fabulous pair of breasts that were a full C cup maybe bigger but with not much saggyness in them. All of this was hightened further by the fact she was wearing a very small blue tie up bikini. The result of this vision throwing the gown over a chair and stepping into the frothy water led me to blurt out. “Thanks of course I will” and I stepped down into the pool from the other side and quickly sat down.


She was still standing with the water now frothing around the very top up her thighs, splashing up making her bikini bottoms wet. This made them instantly stick closer to the flesh beneath and I could see a clear cleft in the material where her lips were. She then gathered up some handfuls of water that she splashed over her top half. This lead to the bikini top being made quiet wet and again instantly it seemed to close tighter around her and her two nipples were quiet obvious beneath the material. She sat down.


“You’re quiet a quick swimmer” she said.

“Thank you, I swim quiet a bit” I replied.

“You’re English aren’t you?”

“How can you tell?” I replied with again slightly exaggerated English tone to my voice.

“Your accent gives you away” She smiled that welcoming smile again and I noticed also her deep brown eyes that sucked you into them like whirlpools themselves. Their colour perfectly matched her dark brown shoulder length hair, the bottom of which was now getting quite wet and sticking to her shoulders as the water bubbled around the top of her chest.

“I don’t have an accent. You do” I tried to bat back.

She laughed but didn’t respond.


She lay back resting her head on the side of the pool with her eyes shut and I thought that was maybe it the end of the conversation and my chance with this beauty who to be frank given I’m 10 years older than her a few pounds over weight which shows in the small roll over the top of the speedos etc. only to be expected. Still I thought might as well stay here for a while as it was nice in the pool. After I’d thought this the woman slid down under the water for a second or two and surfaced wiping the water out of her eyes.


“So why are you over here” she asked without actually opening her eyes and resuming her position with her head back against the pool.

“Work” I replied. I briefly said what I did for a job but working in IT doesn’t really sound like a riveting conversation so I stopped pretty soon on that direction.

“You?” I asked to keep the conversation moving.

“Oh every now and then I just need a little space to myself so I take a couple of days vacation and just drive until I find somewhere to stop. I work for myself as a designer in the textile business so I can be pretty flexible with my time”.


Again we lapsed into companionable silence and the churning of the water and the chug of the pumps was the only noise. After a while she ducked down under the water again and as she came back up her leg brushed down my arm as her feet were near my head. She made no attempt to move it and it stayed there a while. I then felt her arm move and that rested against me as well with her hand resting against my trunks at the side. I didn’t move away thinking she’d accidently bumped into me like this and she’d move off in a second.


However the next movement wasn’t what I’d expected as her hand moved up and over my speedos and she rested it down right over my penis. There was no mistake it was a deliberate movement although she had just rested it there and made no other movement. Her head was still back and her eyes still shut. I waited a few seconds. There was no mistake she was deliberately leaving it there. I couldn’t help it my cock having it’s own mind about these things whatever I might try to say to myself or try to distract my mind from there was a good looking woman with her hand on my manhood and it reacted a little. Not to a huge erection but it twitched and began to rise. She sensed this immediately and just slight pushed down on it to acknowledge her obvious pleasure at the effect she was having.


Again we stayed like this for a little while, my dick growing to a semi-erect state inside my trunks. When it stopped enlarging she pushed slightly with her palm and rubbed in a small circular motion a couple of times. This again meant that no matter whatever my head would think it continued to twitch and grew a little more. She stopped again and as I watched her face I sensed a look of satisfaction in her features as her mouth slightly rose to a closed lip smile. Still she lay with her eyes closed.


I finally thought to myself well I have to respond in another way to this before too long. So I moved my right hand out from underneath my side where it had been and brought it over her leg and lowered it. It came to rest just on her bikini bottoms, right on top of her pubic mound. She moved her hand in that circular motion over my cock again but this time a little quicker and I noticed her mouth was no slightly open. I started to move my fingers in a circular motion over the top of her mound. I instantly could feel the top of her lips and the crack between them as I did that. She continued to move around my penis which was beginning to get quiet big now. She stopped the circular motion and began to run her hand up and down the length of my shaft, slowly and deliberately, pushing into the material of my trunks to rub against it.


I took my queue from this and concentrated on her lips through the fabric of the bikini. I pushed my fingers against that pushing it into her. She parted her legs a little as her mouth parted a little more. I ran my fingers up and down her sure that I must be rubbing the tip of her clit or very close to it.


Suddenly she opened her eyes and with those deep brown eyes stared at me. She smiled a wicked smile, a smile that held much promise of more pleasures to come for me. Her free hand came up and held mine briefly. She pushed my hand away and for a split second I expected her to make some comment and get up or ask me to leave. However her smile had held the truth as she tugged the bikini bottoms to one side and I reached out again in the foaming water to touch her. Her pussy was exposed now and her legs wider and my hand quickly was running the length of her slit and finding her clit to tease with two of my fingers pushing and rubbing against it.


As I did that she was tugging my trunks down and I helped with my left hand to ease them down so that the majority of my penis was clear of the waist band. She now wrapped her hand around it and began to slowly work her hand back and forth over it. It was straining against the trunks now and was so enlarged my foreskin was pushed right back and she ran her fingers around the tip.


She broke the silence between us. “I thought that you English boys were all either very reserved or gay?” She giggled.

“We are” I replied and she laughed out loud.

“Well Mr reserved Englishman. I’d really like you to screw me here in this Jacuzzi before the timer runs out”.

With that she slipped her right leg completely across me as she sat up bringing her breasts up out of the water as she sat across me. Her nipples were straining the bikini bra. With her left hand she’d pushed my trunks a little further down to help free my erection and almost in one movement as she sat over me both pulled it free and slid me deep inside her. She gasped slightly as she sat on me. She bucked back and forward a couple of times and my dick was really just getting to like being inside her as she slipped off me.


“Someone coming” She said. She’d been able to see one of the hotel staff coming toward the glass door into the pool area. She slipped back to laying next to me, pulling her bikini bottoms back into place as I quickly pulled my trunks back up. I don’t know if we’d been seen on any CCTV or not but the girl from reception came in and started to walk around the pool. She picked up a towel discarded by someone else and dropped it in the dirty towel bin. I thought then she’d leave but she turned and walked over towards us. I was thinking that she was going to make some comment to us and tell us off or hint we could be watched and was already a bit embarrassed about being caught like this. Especially given the receptionist was probably only about 20 a petite little blond. It would be like a teacher being told of by one of their pupils. She reached the side of the pool.


“Hello Miss Parker how is everything for your stay?”

“Just fine” replied my Jacuzzi partner. “Just fine thanks.”

“Good – anything you need just please do ask”.


The receptionist turned to leave.


“There is just one thing Monica” the receptionist turned. “Is there anyway you can make sure my friend and I here aren’t disturbed for a few minutes?”

“Of course Miss Parker – I can just lock the outer door to the pool”.

“Excellent – thank you” she already had laid her hand on my crotch again and my subsiding erection was temporarily at least kept at a particular point.


The receptionist turned and walked back to the door and went out. “I’ve stayed here before and Monica was very helpful” she said to me. My back was to the door so I presumed the receptionist had gone and Miss Parker slipped my trunks down again, rubbed my erection quickly back and sat across me. She slipped me inside her and began to move back and forth over me. She pulled one side of her bikini top aside and let me lick her wet breast and suck on a very erect nipple. She stopped riding me and sat back a bit pulling her bra back into position.


“So Monica would you like to sit on this guys cock as well?” she said over my shoulder.


I turned quickly shocked to see the young receptionist had locked the door on the inside and returned to the pool side without me knowing. Not only that as I turned I could see that she was stood a few feet behind us and had her skirt pulled up a way and her right hand inside her panties where she was clearly vigourously playing with herself.


Miss Parker turned to me as I looked back into her eyes. “Now would this reserved English gentleman by kind enough to give me friend Monica a fuck? See we normally share guys when we’re together. Now I’m good with the experience but Monica is only 21 and has the tightest little pussy you’ll have felt in ages.”


I was dumbfounded and left speechless. Monica had moved around and already had pulled off her blouse with her name tag on it. Monica was young and petite and therefore didn’t need a bra to hold her little boobs in place. Her skirt fell to the floor as well as her panties as she stepped down into the Jacuzzi. Miss Parker slipped off of me and pulled my trunks completely off, dropping them to the side of the pool.


Monica sat straight over me. Her blonde hair tied up in a work pony tail and her very white young skin brushing against me as she lowered herself onto me. She quickly began riding me. “They’ll soon miss me on reception and wonder why the camera isn’t fixed I came to look at” she said to Miss Parker as she began to speed up her riding of me. Miss Parker wasn’t wrong she had a very tight young pussy and was quite excellent at using it. I knew I’d not hold on here for long. Miss Parker was sat on the edge of the pool now watch the two of us. She still had her bikini on but sat with her legs wide apart and her bikini bottoms pulled to one side as she massaged her fingers around her lips and her clit.


“Make him come Monica, make him come, I’m about to come myself” she said urgently. Monica stopped riding me and squeezed my cock with her muscles which was a sensation I wasn’t expecting and it did the trick as my cock started to spasm and I bucked into Monica putting my head back and saying “Oh my God”. My hands grabbed Monica’s boobs as I continued to shot into her.


I looked over to see Miss Parker pull two fingers out of her hole just as a stream of juices and water flooded out over her thighs. “Oh fuck” she quietly said “Oh fuck that was good”.


All three of us took a few moments to recover ourselves. Monica slipped of me with a small kiss and a “Thank you”. She got out the Jacuzzi and quickly was drying herself off just as the timer stopped and the foamy water went still. Miss Parker readjusted her bikini and pulled the white towelling robe around her. I stood up and pulled my trunks on, left the Jacuzzi and grabbed a towel.


Monica pulled on her blouse and her skirt as I put my shorts over my wet trunks and pulled on my t-shirt. She came over to me and passed me her panties.


“I get off shift at 8pm” she said. “You can look after them until then. I’ll come find you in Miss Parkers room then and you can help me put them back on”. We all headed for the door and Monica reached up to remove the coffee cup hanging on the camera I’d not seen. Miss Parker said to me “How did I manage to just throw that up there?” She winked. We were all out of shot when the cup was removed. We left together as Monica undid the door. There was no one about in the lobby as we headed out. The Manager came out of a door to our right.


“Monica – the camera is working again now”

“Yes I couldn’t see a fault I just gave it a tap on the side as I left – maybe there is something loose?”

“Yep – can you get someone in tomorrow to look at it just in case”

“Good evening sir, madam” he said to Miss Parker and I and walked passed us.


I was heading back to my room when Miss Parker grabbed my arm. “where are you going?” She said.

“To have a shower” I smiled.

“Perfectly good shower in my room” she said.


We moved off to her room where I had a great shower in which I was able to wash off Miss Parker more than me and after she’d cleaned me all over she was just beginning to take me in her mouth when Monica came in using her pass card. The next hour was another of great pleasure that I should write about some time… Monica never did get her panties back as I still have them with me now as a memento of that night.


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