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  By: nuno

A few months ago I moved offices where I work. I’m now on a different floor where everyone has individual offices. I’m at the end of a long corridor the other end from the entrance most of us use in from the car park. I’m basically just next to the toilets in a reasonable sized office but it’s obvious that it was once a store room or something like that as it had no windows. Being the “office junior” I don’t really care although I feel maybe I’ll turn into a badger or something if I’m here too long. Just a few doors along in this corridor is one of the best reasons to have been moved to here. Alex. Alex is 23 years old, quite short and basically pretty petite in her build, with a figure most other women would kill for. Especially as being petite her tits are not what you’d expect. Many slight women suffer with the flat chest problem. Not Alex – her’s must be a full B or possibly even a C cup. She often wears push up bras as well to accentuate them. However even when that isn’t obviously the case and her lovely cleavage isn’t on view her tits do look very nice under the blouse or jumper she is wearing. Soon on moving to this corridor I found Alex to be a source of curiosity from the other male members of the floor.
“I tell you she has had them enhanced” said big Trev who given he was a good 18 inches taller than Alex spent a lot of time staring straight down her cleavage. “No girl with that build has boobs like that.”
“And you’d know Trev” joking Kev the old hand who winked at me. “You examined many enhanced tits in your time then?”
“Well no not personally but it’s obvious”.
Alex was a very popular girl not simply because she had lovely natural shoulder length blonde hair a very pretty face which never needed much make up, that superb figure but she was a very friendly and amiable girl. The first time I directly spoke to her she was rustling up some sponsorship for a run her and one of the other ladies was doing.
“What is it for?” I asked. More out of courtesy than anything else.
“Well Trev’s wife has MS which you may not know about. She needs a new wheelchair. He thinks we’re doing it for some cancer thing but we want to get the company to match us and get a down payment on this electric chair she needs”.
I handed over £40 just like that because she was so genuine in her concern and with that smile, face and figure frankly she could have had everything I owned in the world at that time.
A few weeks in to being on the corridor I had driven into work as usual but not paid any attention to the weather forecast. It was nearly summer – well late May should be dry and sunnier surely? I just had a shirt on but by the time I got to the car park it was pouring with rain. I ran to the door and just as I got in heard someone running up behind me. I held the door open. It was Alex.
She was wearing a long dark blue rain coat and carrying a large black umbrella. She shook the umbrella off and looked at me. “Thanks Tony.” She smiled and then laughed as she looked at me. I did look like a drowned rat.
“You didn’t look at the weather forecast did you?”.
“No” I said rather foolishly.
“Shame there isn’t a wet shirt contest on today. You’d probably win.” With that she winked and went off into her office.
By the time I’d dried off a bit under the hand dryer in the toilets and got back to my desk I was thinking to myself. “That comment about wet shirt contest… was that a flirt in my direction? From Alex?” I was feeling pretty smug as whilst Alex was well liked she didn’t flirt with any guys in the office and seemed pretty straight laced as far as that all went.
I opened up my computer and there was an email from Alex with no subject. Strange I thought as I opened it. The message was very short.
You’ll be okay tomorrow, no rain forecast.
She’d then included a link to website with a local weather forecast for the next day.
I replied
Thanks for that. I need to keep looking it up myself so I don’t look such a fool next time.
Almost immediately my email programme pinged with an incoming message. A reply from Alex.
Don’t worry – I’ll be your very own weather girl from now on.
So was Alex flirting with me? The idiot office new guy? I thought there and then – don’t mention this to anyone else you want this to be kept secret and I bet she’d stop it if you did. I re-read the messages. Well it’s hardly flirting anyway and thought. No doubt that’ll be it. But Alex being friendly was a nice feeling in itself anyway. The rest of that day I felt a couple of inches taller in the office.
According to my research tomorrow will be cooler with a slight breeze but little chance of showers. I’d recommend a light jacket but no need for rain protection.
Alex x
I replied thanking her briefly and again I felt that little glow inside and a sense of pride that she was at least keen on this little escapade. Oh yes and that little x after her name made me just hope that possibly this could go further.
The next day just before lunch another mail arrived.
“Weather forecast for Tony for Thursday”.
Good news tomorrow will be warmer and sunny all day.
Shame we’ll be here. I’d rather skip off to the beach.
Alex x
She was sticking to her promise regarding a weather forecast every day. And there was the skip off to the beach comment. To my mind this was a definite flirt and I was stunned. I replied quickly feeling my heart racing.
What say you bring in your beachware and we skip off tomorrow?
I stayed away from an x would that be too forward. Girls often sign with an x but should I do that back to her? It was too early and I still wasn’t sure of this. I waited for a reply but nothing came straight back. I was crestfallen. Had I already pushed this relationship too far beyond where it should have gone?
Later in the afternoon I came back to my office and saw a message had arrived. It was from Alex.
I’m too busy for the beach tomorrow, as should you be too. Just make sure you dress appropriately :-)
Alex x
Well communication was still open but where was this going?
For the next few days Alex continued to send me weather updates. Given we were heading into summer in early June largely they were similar. Then about two weeks after the start of my private weather girl service the daily message arrived just before lunchtime.
Looking at the forecast for tomorrow it seems likely that the temperature will rise quite dramatically tomorrow heading into the high 20s. There is no chance of any rain.
I’d recommend for you that you don’t need a jacket or an umbrella.
I will probably wear a tight t-shirt with a push up bra and a light flirty summer skirt which will no doubt raise the temperature further of some of the older male members of the floor. ;-)
Alex x
Whilst the messages had still raised my self-esteem and given me that little hope they had really been just the glimmer that I could take this further with Alex. This was the most overt flirt for a while. I considered my reply carefully.
I look forward to seeing your outfit. I’ll make sure I’ll wear cool clothing in case your outfit raises my temperature too much as well.
Tony x
I went for the x as I thought now we’re getting closer to that. A reply came back almost instantly.
See you tomorrow. I’ll come and give you a personal fashion show. Alex x
Again I spent the rest of the day struggling with getting a presentation sorted out for my boss who was off to a meeting the next week and needed to impress the big bosses. But my mind was trying to picture what Alex would be likely to look like the next day.
I arrived at work the next day and looked around the car park. There was no sign of Alex and her car which by now I knew was a black Mini. So I headed into the office knowing that my boss would have left some more changes to this darn presentation he had me pulling together. I was reading through his notes that he left on my desk when I was conscious that someone was in my door way. I looked up and Alex was stood there.
“Hi. So how do I look?” She asked.
She looked stunning, she had a white v-nick t-shirt on with a pushup bra underneath that which gave her a lovely shape and cleavage which wasn’t overly tarty but was definitely very sexy. But instead of the normally long tailored skirt or tailored trousers she was wearing a short red summer skirt that flared out a bit at the bottom. Her legs were very shapely too I noticed for the first time.
“You look terrific” I said thinking that wasn’t very sufficient.
“Well thank you. You look very neat too. I like the shirt” and with that she left.
Another week went by with me getting my daily forecast and on a couple of days Alex arrived at my door to show me her chosen outfit. One Friday when the department was having an afternoon out for a summer lunch this included some hipster jeans which exposed her midrift below her tight fitting t-shirt. I told her that she looked terrific in that and she again was pleased to meet my approval.
As ever with the English summer whenever we get one sooner or later the sunny days will always come to an end. So it was no surprise when my personal weather girl sent a message to me saying.
Unfortunately the hot sunny period we’ve had coming to an end tomorrow. The forecast predicts the temperature holding in the very high 20s tomorrow but with a heavy rain very likely. It is likely to be very humid as well due to this.
That makes clothing choices very difficult. I’d recommend a rain jacket and an umbrella for you.
Alex x
I shot back an instant reply
So what are the choices is for you given this forecast. You don’t want to look like I did and be entered in a wet T-Shirt competition ;-)
Tony x
After a few minutes a reply came back.
Yes a ponderable one for me. Whilst I’d be happy to give you a private wet T-shirt competition view that probably isn’t best for my image in the department.
I think I’ll wear my rain coat but given the temperature and humidity that may be a bit hot to wear.
I’ll drop by in the morning when I arrive and you can see what I’ve chosen.
Alex x
The thought of the private wet T-Shirt competition was very pleasant one but I didn’t thinking that was ever likely to happen. But I was really buoyed up by the flirting continuing to move forward at this level. I still didn’t think anything would go much further with Alex she was still really just a bit too straight laced.
The next morning the weather forecast was proved right and the rain was steadily coming down but the temperature and humidity were very high. I was in the office early and looking forward to a reasonably quiet day as my boss was away at HQ. I was just in shirt sleeves and had an umbrella which did some good to keep the rain off but it was so heavy I was still a bit wet when I got inside.
I was just sipping my first coffee of the day when Alex arrived in the door way of my office. She step in and pushed the door shut behind her, which wasn’t normal normally she stood just on the threshold never really being completely bold enough to enter. Now she had come in and closed the door. She was wearing the blue rain coat she’d been wearing the first day she’d made the weather comment some weeks back.
“I went with the rain coat and umbrella combo” she said.
“So I see” I replied “I don’t blame you, at least that way your shirt and skirt aren’t going to be spoilt with the rain. Unlike mine.” I looked at one wet patch still drying on my sleeve.
“No well my clothes won’t be wet at all” she said putting down a bag she was carrying. She began to undo the belt around the waist of the coat. “You see as it was so hot and humid and I didn’t want to get them either wet or too sweaty before starting the day….” By now she had undone the belt and was undoing the five buttons that ran down the front of the coat. “yes well I thought it best if I didn’t wear anything under this coat” She finished explaining as she undid the last button and let the coat just fall open a few inches. She was indeed naked underneath as I could see as one of her breasts was exposed and her pussy as well.
I just stared and couldn’t think what to say. Alex altered her stance so that the coat moved the opening and the first breast was covered but the other was exposed. “My clothes are in the bag. I’ll just go and get dressed”. With that she quickly rebuttoned the coat picked up her bag and left my office. A few minutes later she walked past my office and said hello.
As usual an email arrived at lunchtime.
Weather forecast for tomorrow is similar to today – although less chance of rain in the morning.
Do you think I should take similar precautions to this morning?
Alex x
I couldn’t reply quick enough.
Indeed you don’t want to risk your clothes getting wet do you. I think today’s solution is a very suitable one for the current climate.
Tony x
This time she replied almost as quickly as me.
I agree. Only this morning it was difficult as old Liz from Accounts was in the Ladies and there is only one cubicle in there. I think she thought me a bit strange still standing there with my coat done up as she came out.
I was wondering. Your office is convenient as it has no windows and is close to the toilets. I think it best if I change in there tomorrow. Would that be okay with you?
Alex xxx
I was still reeling from the events of the morning and not really able to fully comprehend how this little weather forecasting flirtation had suddenly got me to having the sexiest girl in the office block standing virtually naked in my office once and now offering to do it again.
I quickly composed a reply. I did think I’ll have to also test some of the water here with what is going on.
I completely understand and I feel as a good friend of yours and someone who understands how important to you how you dress in the office is. My office is totally at your disposal tomorrow morning. Obviously if you want I’ll leave the office to you alone.
Tony x
I’d hardly sat back when the email arrival pinged again with her reply.
What would the point of that be? I need you in the office at the time I am silly. By the way could you come in a bit earlier when it’s a fair bit quieter. I plan to get here about 7:30 tomorrow.
See you then…. Love Alex xxx
The next morning I was up as soon as the alarm beeped and I’ve never readied myself for work quicker. I had to watch my speed as I drove to work thinking there was a chance I’d get a ticket for speeding. I pulled into the car park at 7:25. It actually wasn’t raining but was overcast hot, humid and muggy. As I parked in a space close to the door I looked in my mirror to see that black Mini pulling into the car park. I jumped out and locked my door as Alex pulled up a couple of spaces away from me. As I walked towards her car she flung the door wide and swung her right leg out. She paused and lent over to the passenger seat to retrieve the bag with her clothes in. This was possibly just a coincidence but I wasn’t sure as by doing that I had a view up her coat and for the briefest moment could see her bare pussy. My heart that had been racing all way to work began to pump.
“Hello” she called out.
“Hi. Looks like we might have missed the rain”
“Indeed that’s why I came in early” she smiled.
We walked in and along the corridor together and into my office. She pushed the door to and turned the lock. “Rather not have someone disturb us for the next few minutes” she said turning around and facing me.
“So” she smiled “Do you know what I’m wearing under here?”
“Nothing I believe”.
“Well let us see”
Much quicker than the previous day she undid the belt and buttons and pulled the coat back. She was totally naked underneath. Now I could put all the office rumours to bed if I so wished. Firstly Alex was definitely a natural blond and those wonderful breasts of hers certainly didn’t look like they had had any help from anyone. She pushed off her coat and sat on the edge of my table. Here I was in my office with the hottest babe going and she was completely naked. She smiled a wicked smile I’d never seen before.
“You know. Now before I get all dressed I think I’d like to see some of you”. She reached forward and undid my belt and undid my trousers. Before I knew what was happening my trousers were around my ankles with my boxers and Alex had her hands on my dick.
“Before I get dressed I want you to fuck me on your desk right now before all those other pricks come in here to work”
Was this sweet little Alex? She was a tiger once aroused. But she was in control of this totally now and I was completely within her command. She slid to the edge of the desk and guided me into her already wet cunt.
“Oh I’ve wanted this ever since I saw you in that wet shirt you know” she whispered in my ear as I began to thrust into her. “I very nearly just asked you to fuck me there and then. But the chase always makes it more worth it doesn’t it?”
I pulled back to look at her and grabbed one of her tits with my hand. Definitely no silicon in that I thought.
Alex is a girl that likes to talk dirty during sex clearly. “That old sod Trev thinks these are false you know” she was saying. “Now you can tell him there not and you can tell him how nice and tight my little pussy is can’t you?” With that she squeezed her muscles onto my manhood and that was it for me I shot my load into her.
I stood back and fumbled with my boxers and trousers as she slipped off the desk, opened her bag and quickly dressed herself.
She turned so go but stopped and said… “I’ll send you my useful forecast at lunch then?”
“Er yes.. Thanks” I stammered.
Just before lunch my email again announced an incoming message and I opened it up.
Weather looks to be less wet tomorrow so I doubt I’ll have an excuse to where my rain coat. However my forecast for tomorrow is that you and I get here early and you can take me over your desk from behind if you like whilst I wear that short red skirt you like.
Btw – I won’t have any knickers on as soon as I arrive here. ;-)
Alex xxx
P.S. This morning was much better than I’d hoped. I think you’ll have a long and very fun time in this department as long as you do as I say and stay discrete. I have a long list of requirements for you.
True to her word she arrived the next morning with the short red skirt on and bent over my desk I was soon fucking her like mad from behind.
Alex had to talk. “I’m going walk around here all day with no knickers on after you’ve fucked me” she said over her shoulder. “Just think all day my little pussy with your come dripping out on my thighs whilst I’m smiling sweetly at those old arseholes around here.”
From then on the forecast emails have been less about weather and more about what we are going to do to each other at some point in the day at work. So far we’ve continued to often fuck in my office, also I’ve licked her out on my desk, had her give me a blowjob whilst she was under my desk and she arranged for me to go on a training course with her as cover on an accounts system she needed to use and we had 3 days at a posh hotel where we bonked like rabbits each night.
Recently my boss asked me to think about applying for a different job in a different department but I have to say just at the moment I think I might stay here, I rather like it.

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