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  By: angelkitty

I was sitting down in my booth in the hottest jazz club on

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9th street
. I had my martini in front of me and I was clearly alone. I was swaying my body from side to side as the saxophone dragged out its sexy serenade. It was as if that musician were playing my body and not his saxophone. I closed my eyes and could almost feel his caress on my body. When I opened my eyes and scanned the dim smokey room, I saw him. He was sitting at the booth across the room. Like me, he was all alone, but he wasn’t swaying with the music, in fact, he wasn’t even looking at the stage. His sights were firmly held on me. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the stage. This was not a place where I went to be picked up and hit on by complete strangers looking for some fun for one night. This was the place I went to unwind after a rough week.

I kept swaying as the musicians strummed and swooned every ache and pain out of my body. I felt my hand creep from its position around the martini glass on the table to my neck. I lightly felt my pulse leap at the surprise of my own touch. I slowly opened my heavy-lidded eyes and saw him staring at me still. I rolled my shoulders and licked my lips lightly. I looked his way again and his gaze remained unfaltered. I never liked when people stared at me, but in this case it was almost erotic. That was when I decided that I would give him something to watch. I stroked my hand from my neck and down to my shoulders, then I lightly caressed the swell of my breasts.

I watched him adjust his shirt collar and smiled to myself. I liked the feeling of control I got whenever I was seducing a man. In normal life, men were so strong and precise. But, when they were turned on, they were a wreck. The seemed dependent and distracted. It was a turn on for me, to know that I had this affect on this total stranger.

With my eyes fixed on his gaze, I pulled the buttons on my dress shirt through there holes and slowly unfastened my top. I pulled it apart slightly, so he could see the black lacey bra I wore underneath. I pinched my nipples through the fabric and smiled as the sensations raced through me. I licked my lips and squeezed them again, only harder this time. I slight moan escaped my lips and I focused in on the man again. He had one hand on the table and one hand under the table. I knew what he was doing. I couldn’t blame him. Putting on this little show for him was turning me on too. I could feel the burn and surge of wetness between my legs. I clenched my thighs and ground myself into the leather booth. I looked to him again and saw that he was scooting to the edge of his booth. I saw it then. His thick, long dick in his hand. His dress slacks unbuttoned and laying wide open. The thought of that cock being inside of me was more than I could take. I felt myself grow hotter and wetter.

I figured, if he was showing me his cock, he probably wanted to see something more than just a bra. So, I pulled down the edges of the fabric to show my aroused nipples. I reached my mouth down and caressed the tip of one with my tongue. The touch of something warm and wet was so erotic. It had been months since anyone had touched or tasted me. I was beginning to regret not discovering this earlier. I did it again. I dropped my tongue back to my nipples and made my other nipple equally as hard. I scooted myself to the edge of the booth and looked back over to him. His fist was moving frantically over his length. His face looked calm, but I knew he was ready for more. I spread my legs and hiked up my skirt. I pushed my panties inside and plunged a finger inside. I was surprised by my own wetness. I pushed it in and out a few times and then looked back at the stranger. His head was back and he was jerking his cock as hard as he could.

That was when, I felt the snap inside of me. I felt all my muscles stiffen and the heat surge through my veins. I grabbed the table top as I felt my muscles contract and pulse with my touch.

I opened my eyes just in time to see him shoot off. He looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. He tucked his cock back into his pants, and grabbed the cocktail napkin to clean up whatever mess he made. I dressed myself again and sat back at the booth the way I was and tuned back into the band on stage.

A few minutes later, right as I was needing another martini, the waitress came over with one.

“This is courtesy of the gentlemen in that booth over there.” The waitress said gesturing to the sexy stranger I had shared a moment with.

“Thank you.” I said and took the drink. On the napkin it said ‘I HOPE WE CAN DO THIS AGAIN SOMETIME. MY NAME IS JAKE.’ And then he had written his number. I looked over to smile at him, but he wasn’t there.


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Jreossler    (2009-03-26 18:22:34)    Flag as inappropiate
I like your fantasy its really good I want to make someones fantasy come true. I want to get a girl to squrit as I cumm in her favorite spot.

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