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I’ve been working as “PC Fixer” now for a little over a year. There are plenty of people out there with PCs who have no idea where to start when things go wrong and plenty of people who rip them off. After helping many friends with my knowledge gained working at a big company on the industrial park I took the plunge and set myself up as an emergency PC fixer. With a couple of days helping in a school that needed IT support and placing ads in some local papers work began to come in. I’ve clearly done alright as I’ve started to get more work through recommendations or repeat calls. This story relates to one recommendation I was very glad to have received.


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Vicky had just got home from work. She turned on the computer as the first thing she did and went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. She returned as the computer continued to start up. She sat there gently tapping her foot against the front of the computer as she did when she was impatient with the thing. “Come on” she whispered.
Soon it was ready and she opened her email. Three messages one which offered her “The best sex ever with these pills”, another a loan she definitely didn’t need and one simply with the subject “Hi Ya!”
That was the one she was craving for. She opened it.

Hi Ya,
I’m here in India. Missing you already :-( it’s only 79days 3hours and 14mins until I start the journey back to you. Not that I’m counting that closely.
The hotel is really swank! I feel like a King here.
It’s so hot and humid here. I turned off the air con and opened the window. I’m now sat on the bed in my boxers typing this.
If you were here I’d have you lying next to me all hot and steamy already. I would be working my tongue and lips down from your neck over your
The screen went blank. “Bloody hell – that was just getting interesting”.
Vicky sat there thinking of Seb sitting in his hotel room in his boxers.

Above the computer was a pin board where she put all kinds of useful stuff, well it might be useful one day. There in the bottom corner was a small ad torn from a paper that Hannah’s boyfriend Marcus had given her when she’d mentioned that annoying error whenever she printed anything off this stupid computer. “Don’t ask me Vicky. Try this guy he set up the network we wanted in the new flat and only charged £50 after setting up the PC and the xBox where the shop on the High Street wanted a £100 and wouldn’t touch the consol”.

“Any PC emergency call PC fixer” it said.
“Well this is an emergency” she muttered as she dialled the mobile number on the ad.
The phone rang in her ear as she continued to wonder about Seb and the Indian heat.
“Hello PC Fixer here how can I help?”
“Oh Hello. My PC has just literally died on me. Can you come and look at it this evening?”
Vicky was thinking “No chance. He’ll now make all those noises and say can’t come to you until next Tuesday”.
“Where are you?”
“Flat 14b Trafalgar Gardens”
“Really? I’m just around the corner leaving another job I’ll be there in a couple of minutes”
“Oh great. Thanks”.

Vicky hung up and her mind went back to Seb and his wandering tongue and lips. Seb had been quite a find. She’d met him about 4 months ago at a party Hannah had insisted she come to that had loads of Hannah’s boyfriends colleagues at. She’d been determined to not have fun. But Seb had been a huge laugh that night and they’d been dating ever since. The best lover she’d had in a long time, a man who took his time with a woman and took his time to find out what a woman wanted. She’d been crestfallen when he’d explain that this Indian project had been set up nearly a year ago and he couldn’t get out of it. Seb had even said he was okay if she wanted to break up or see someone else while he was away. He was a bit special Seb, but he was 1000s of miles away and she wanted to know now what he had been thinking of doing to her. He did have a bit of a way with his tongue. She could imagine her laying there with him brushing his lips over her nipple until it became erect and then moving down over her stomach.

The ringing of the doorbell snapped her back to reality. She got up to go to the front door feeling ever so slightly light headed and with a warm feeling growing lower down.

The door opened and I was face to face with a very attractive late 20s woman. Slightly taller than average but me being just over 6ft that is an advantage for me. This woman was very attractive. She had collar length black hair – possibly died but well done if it was cut in that A line bob that is in at the moment. This suited her sweet round face. The body beneath the neck from a very quick scan looked very good indeed with curves in the right places. I don’t like women who are stick insects. I like curves where curves should be.

“Hello – PC Fixer” I smiled.
“Blimey. You were quick” She replied. “It’s in here”
I followed her into the living room. Nice flat, well furnished and judging by the quality blouse and wraparound skirt this girl was wearing and the look of this place sadly I was admitting to myself this girl was too classy for me. A bit out of my league I suppose you’d say.
“It just died on me” She pointed at the computer, which was still humming away to itself I noticed. “I’ll leave you to it” she said heading back into the hallway as I opened my bag of tools.

Vicky was intending to head into the kitchen to make a cup of tea for herself and the PC guy but she found herself walking into her bathroom instead. She knew why, this was her little place where she came when she felt like this. She pushed the bathroom door back but didn’t fully close it. People who have got used to living on their own often don’t think of internal doors the way people who share their space do. Vicky rarely if ever completed closed a door in the flat they were always open or ajar.

By now her mind had raced back to Seb and his exploring tongue. She knelt on the bathroom floor with a legs apart and slipped her hand inside the gap of the wrap around skirt. If she was thinking of the PC fixer guy (which she wasn’t really) she was convinced he’d be ages and not notice that she had gone. But her mind was of Seb with his tongue moving down her body. She slipped her hand inside her panties and she knew she was wet already as she felt the dampness of the fabric against the back of her fingers before they actually reached down and touched herself.

She probed a finger inside her lips and found that she was indeed very wet. She explored with another finger and then drew up those two wet digits to begin rubbing herself on her clit. She started with a slow circular motion which heightened the feeling of light headedness. She lent forward resting her head on her other arm against the wall. Having made herself a little more wet she pushed first one then two fingers up inside her hole and started to gently rub inside herself. She gave out a little moan and moved her fingers back to a more urgent rub of her clit.

After the girl had left I looked at the PC unit. The fan was humming away so there wasn’t an issue with that or the power supply. The disk light wasn’t permanently on and in fact was just occasionally flickering. To be honest it all looked normal but there was a totally blank screen.

“I wonder” I murmured to myself. Most times when a PC “ just dies” it’s more than likely just because some connection has come loose. I pulled the unit out a bit and peered behind it. I reached down and pushed the video cable back into place. Hey presto the screen sprang into life. Another easy £30 call out charge I thought.
At that point my eye was drawn to the email open on the screen.

If you were here I’d have you lying next to me all hot and steamy already. I would be working my tongue and lips down from your neck over your boobs. I’d licked those lovely nipples of yours so they were all hard and then suck them some.

I would be running my lips and tongue over your tummy until you asked me to go lower and then I’d be able to flick my tongue all over those lovely lips of yours and get my tongue right up inside you like I know you love.
Right I better go now. I’ve a hard on that I think I need to “deal” with ;-)
Luv Seb x

“You’ve a hard on” I muttered looking down at the rising bulge pushing against my jeans button fly. I was thinking what a lucky sod this bloke was to have the girl. Thinking of which; where was she? Normally on a first ever job the customer stands over you or keeps shouting out “How’s it going?” etc. I understand I’m a stranger in their space and that is uncomfortable. But this one had been gone a while with nothing. Strange.

I headed out into the hallway and seeing the kitchen headed towards it assuming that she was making me the usual workers cup of tea. Just as I got close to the kitchen door I was distracted by a small moan from the room next to the kitchen. My eyes looked through the crack where the door was ajar. There was the girl on her knees and despite the restricted view I had it was obvious what she was doing. Our eyes met and for a moment I was about to retreat embarrassed along the hallway. However she pushed the door open and looked straight at me whilst continuing for a few seconds to play with herself. She stood up.

“Lay down here on the floor” she nodded towards the bathroom floor. Being both embarrassed and confused I did just as she said. As I did so she was quickly removing her panties and the skirt throwing them into a crumpled pile on the hallway floor.

She knelt over me in a way where her legs and knees were pinning my upper body and my arms down. She looked down at me. “Don’t say a thing please, I need to think you’re someone else”. Seb from the email no doubt I thought. She closed her eyes and with her pussy a few inches from my face began to resume her masturbation.
She teased apart her already very wet lips and rubbed her fingers around. She then moved her lubricated fingers back to her clit and began to gently rub it in a slow circular motion. She slowly began to increase the pressure and the speed of the rubbing before then plunging her fingers deep inside her hole and massaging the inside of her. After a moment she withdrew and began the gentle teasing of her clit again.

All this was happening just inches from my face. But I couldn’t do anything as she had me pinned to the floor and I couldn’t move my arms or my upper body. Was this it she was just wanting me here thinking I was this Seb and I can’t touch her. Or myself. By now my erection was threatening to send my buttons into orbit at any moment but the way I was pinned down I couldn’t do anything about it.

Just as I was thinking all this I realised she was edging slowly lower as she repeated the pattern of clitoral stimulation and internal massage. She was now just centimetres from my lips. All I could smell was her sweet pussy and I could tell from that that she would just taste so sweet and nice. Just then I got the chance to find out as she withdraw her fingers from one of her internal forays and a few drops of her juices fell on my lips. I greedily licked them away like a man receiving his first drink of water after days in the desert.

She stopped and looked down at me as she lowered herself the last final few millimetres and my lips met her. She did taste so good. My tongue flicked out and circled her lips and lapped at her clit. She pushed herself lower onto me and my tongue urgently went inside her hole. I stretched it as far as I could into her and began to rhythmically move it about inside her. She brought her hand back to her clit and began to vigorously rub it as I continued to lap at her hole. In a few moments she stiffened and with a quiver, a gasp and a gush she was finished.

She stood up quickly and, without a word, gathered her panties and skirt and went into what I presumed was her bedroom. I closed the bathroom door – freed the straining erection from my jeans and in seconds had shot my load. Well it was either that or have it go off of it’s own accord half way through the drive home.

I returned to the computer and had written out an invoice for £20 (well I think she deserved a discount but a man has to earn a living you know) by the time she reappeared having changed into some well fitting jeans and a t-shirt.

“All fixed” I said to break the tension. “The video cable was loose that was all. You don’t kick it do you?” She reddened slightly “well only a little bit I’ll be more careful next time”. Her eyes went to the screen and she could see the email was there and she looked at me. “I’m sorry but my boyfriend is in India”. She seemed to want to really say “Look I don’t just pin every bloke to the floor of the bathroom and have them lick me out you know.“
I smiled – “It’s fine. Thank you very much”.

“No thank you” she smiled paid me the £20 and I left with a big grin on my face but knowing that really that Seb was the lucky bloke especially when he got back from this India trip.

About 4 weeks later at about 6pm one evening my phone rang.
“Hello PC Fixer how may I help you?”
“Oh – hello. It’s Vicky here from Trafalgar Gardens, do you remember?”
Remember! How could I forget?
“Hello Vicky what can I do for you? Not been kicking your computer again have you?”
“Well I got another email from my boyfriend and I think I might need a hard disk inserted into this slot I’ve got free at the moment. Do you think you could come around here this evening and take care of it for me?”
“Definitely – I’ll be there as soon as I can”

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