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I have always wanted to render a woman totally limp and exhausted after I have worked her over. To make her cum again and again, to have her writhe and moan and gasp and groan and say the nastiest things to me as I explore every part of her body in my efforts to pleasure her.

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We will begin in her home, a nice, safe environment. After a dinner of good food and casual conversation we will clean up, lock the doors, close the window shades, light some candles and enter our own private world. I'd like her to dress in black stockings, black lacy bra, black panties, black stiletto heels, maybe a garter belt. No make up, please, I prefer a natural look. She may wear perfume as long as it is a light scent, nothing heavy or overbearing.

Now let us kiss, long and deep, passionately, and let my hands wander over her exposed skin. We will go slowly, careful not to let the passion run away with us. When she is ready I will secure her to the bed, on her back, spread eagle. Does my lady desire a blindfold? She will be securely bound, but not tightly. I do not want her to have any discomfort, but she should feel a bit helpless as I take control of her body. No gag for her, on that I must insist; I want to hear her every utterance. I am rigidly erect as I start my ministrations, my fingertips gently tracing patterns on her tender flesh. Up the inside of her arms; around her belly and shoulders; the only contact we have is my fingers on her skin. How will she react? I adjust my touch to her reactions, I want to give her exquisite pleasure.

Now my hands are on her legs, massaging her calves. I remove her shoes and caress her feet for a long time (foot massage is so relaxing). Now I lie atop her supine form and kiss her deeply, rubbing my hard cock between her open legs, letting her feel my erection. I can now proceed to a more intense level of play. Off goes her bra and I fondle, kiss and suck her breasts while I dry hump her. How long I stay at her tits will depend on her - if she likes it I will continue; if she would prefer I move on she need only speak her desire. Throughout our entire session she may direct me, tell me her wants, tell me what feels good, what she would like me to do - but she will not be freed from her bonds until I am finished with her, and I will not give her my cock - that is for another time.

A sight break in the action, I get up off of her and let her breathe and collect herself. How long have we been playing? Forty-five minutes, perhaps? I am just getting started. I now re-bind her, still on her back, hands tied to the bedposts, but now her legs, once again in those ultra-sexy heels, are bound far back and up behind her head, exposing her pussy and ass to me. I settle myself on my belly, my face at her crotch, and I cut away her panties, tearing the fabric, ripping it off. I start to feast on her pussy, I revel in the aroma, sight, and taste of her hot, wet quim. Tell me how it feels, tell me to go faster, or slower, tell me what makes you feel good. Shall I finger your hole while I lap your clit? Or do you prefer mouth only? Do you want to feel my finger in your ass while I suck you? I will let my tongue stray to your tight little asshole, lapping at it, probing into it while I monitor your reaction. Anything you want, darlin', anything at all.

Now back to your pussy, my lips and tongue actively striving to bring you to the brink. When I feel you getting ready to cum I will stop - I want to see your reaction to my denial. Talk to me, be a nasty girl, swear at me, beg me. Now back to work as I bury my face in your cunt and slurp and suck and lick and nibble. Now I want to make you cum, I want to bring you to orgasm with my mouth. Cum for me, baby, cum for me. I get up after your orgasm and immediately begin fingering your clit. I want to manipulate you to another cum while I watch you squirm and writhe in your ropes. Finished? Ready to continue? A drink of water, perhaps, a minute's pause to let you collect yourself. Then I bring out the toy. A vibrator, good old Buzz, and I use it on your special pink button. I lie next to you and work you over slowly and teasingly, just barely making contact with your clit. Will you try to push your hips up onto the toy? I will pull it away, I want control of your body. Talk to me, talk like a slut.

Now it's been an hour and one-half that we've been in session and I haven't even shown you my dick. You have a long night of erotica ahead of you, just let yourself go and enjoy it. Now you can feel the humming toy pressed onto your clit and I rub it in as you slip and slide around. My turn to talk nasty now; I will say the foulest things just to see your reaction. Ready to cum? I pull the toy away. After a pause I put it back, holding it in place to let you move yourself around under it's buzzing tip. Then I pull it away again, no orgasm for you, not until I say you may cum, and I won't give you permission to cum until you beg me. Beg me and promise me something. What will you promise to do for me? I want you to offer me a reciprocal pleasure - what will you do for me if I let you cum now? What do you think I want you to do for me? I won't bring you to orgasm until you guess, but when you finally determine the way in which you will pleasure me I will bring old Buzz down onto your clit and let you cum as hard as you can. I want to hear screams and moans, I want to do things that turn you into a raging slut. We can play this game for as long as you like, I just love making you cum. But next time you have to do me.

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