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  By: zac08

After fucking the young girl dressed in white just now, I was moving around again looking for my next victim.

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The Naughty Meter

That girl was already walking slowly out of dance floor towards the exit, probably had enough for the night. Looking around, I spotted the 2 schoolgirls in pink again. One was making her way towards the toilet, right at the other corner of the whole warehouse away from the music and crowd.

I followed her closely behind and observed her. There wasn't much people in the toilets but the ladies was definitely occupied, she took a quick look and turned towards the handicapped toilet which was around the back. Thinking that she must have been pretty smart, she was quite gleeful as she trodded along to the deserted handicapped loo. I moved quietly, silently thanking my quick mind in wearing these rubber soled sneakers.

She entered the toilet and closed the door quickly after her. I crept up to the door and fired off a quick dose of my drugs inside the toilet cubicle through the gap. Opening the door with my skeleton key, I walked in to her with her pink shorts down around her ankles and her white panties with pink hearts was also down near her shorts. Her piss was squirting noisily against the toilet bowl as I closed and locked the door behind me. Standing next to her, she had finished peeing and looked at me with a very curious expression. I fired another dose at point blank range and looked at her, "Wasn't that comforting to have released all that pee?" She only nodded her head but her mouth started to turn up into a smile.

I then launched a series of questions about her and she answered slowly. Her name is Cheryl and her fren outside was Lindy, both of them had just turned 17 recently and was in the club to celebrate. Both of them are virgins and have not gone out with any boys yet. Man, this should be my lucky day.

With her still sitting on the commode and her pants still down around her ankles, I stood in front of her and pulled up her pink tube top exposing her small A cup breasts. She wasn't wearing any bras either, well her assets won't need any yet anyway. I grabbed them in both my hands and squeezed them gingerly, they were soft and tender. Squatting down, I covered my mouth over her right nipple and began sucking on the stiffening nipple.

Switching over to her left nipple as well, I worked on it until it was stiff and erect as well. While I was using my mouth on her boobs, my right hand was between her thighs working upwards towards her precious lovebox. Cupping her pubic mound, I lightly squeezed her and allowed my middle finger to work between her labia. Dis-engaging from her boobs, I stood up and lifted her into a standing position.

I removed all her clothes and stood her there naked with her arms by her side, her face calm and looking straight at me. I suggested to Cheryl that she would really enjoy the experience if she were to masturbate in front of me. With a glimmer in her eye, her hands began to roam over her breasts and in a short moment, she moved her right hand down to her nether region and started to slide her fingers up and down her pussy slit. When she reached her clitoris, she carefully rubbed around it. I looked at her as she kept her left hand over her small breasts and her right making small circles around her tiny bud.

I ducked down to her free right breast and suckled on it, adding to the tactile sensations she was experiencing for the first time probably. And I snaked my hand down towards her pussy, below her hand. She started to twiddle her clitoris and was about to have her first orgasm when I stuck my finger inside her vagina tentatively and wiggled it around. All these tripped her over and Cheryl almost buckled over in her mind-blowing orgasm experience. I held on to her and continued to finger her slowly without pushing too deep inside her. I wanted my cock to be the one which takes her virginity away.

Bending slightly, I kissed her and inserted my tongue inside her. She responded quickly and used her tongue as well to lick against me as she recovered her strength slowly. When she was strong enough to stand on her own, I relaxed my hold on her and began to explore her body with my hands. Her breasts were small but firm and stood out without much support. Her waist was thin but she rounded off nicely with a set of hips which gave her a very curvy look even though she was very petite in size. I kept her white panties in my other pocket for a souvenir and arranged her clothes properly on the cistern box.

Covering up the toilet bowl with the seat cover, I made her sit down and scoot forward. I then leaned her backwards and lifted her legs and spread her wide apart. In that position, she was totally exposed and I could look down inside her vagina and see her intact hymen. Kneeling between her legs, my face was just inches away from her wet pussy. Bending forward even more, I took a wiff of her pussy and it didn't smell bad, in fact it was pretty nice. With that, I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her labia upwards slowly. Cheryl moaned and closed her eyes in anticipation of what was to come next, and I licked slowly towards her clitoris. Her first feeling of a tongue against her clitoris was coming next and she realised that it wouldn't be anything she had felt as compared to when she used her fingers on it. And she was right, the first lick almost made her orgasm again as she panted away. Licking her around slowly, I covered her clitoris with my mouth and sucked in, the pressure caused was increasing and she gasp even more. I released quickly and stopped licking her.

She was so engrossed in getting her second orgasm that she tried to rub her clitoris with her hands, but I had already made another suggestion to her sub-consious level that she would not be able to come unless she came into contact with my cum. So no matter how she tried to stimulate her clitoris, she was not able to get back the feeling she wanted so desperately.

Pulling down my sweatpants, I showed her my cock for the first time and she seem to realise inside her that she would have to work for her orgasm and she started to fondle my cock eagerly. Giving her instructions, she obeyed and complied like the willing student she wanted to be. She slurped my cock inside her mouth quickly and remembered to keep her teeth away. Using a sucking motion, she bobbed up and down to fuck my cock using her mouth. As she sucked me, she also used her tongue to lick me all around and that increased the sensations for me pretty well.

Stopping her, I pulled her up and started to french her while rubbing my cock against her pussy. She hugged me tightly and fiercely kissed me back, I was almost surprised by her enthusiasm. But I quickly remembered what I had added into my drug combination... I grabbed hold of her left leg and lifted it up to the side, and she leaned to the right to maintain her balance. My hard eager tool was probing at her pussy, pushing slowly trying to find the entrance. Cheryl grew impatient and took hold of my cock with her hand and guided it rubbing me against her juicy vulva.

I thrusted upwards but was met with resistance just an inch deep. Understanding that this position won't give me much penetration power, I had to change. Withdrawing from that juciy box, I guided her to the toilet and made her face it. Bending her over, her butt jutted out in a very inviting angle. Moving to her rear, I stood facing her creamy white back and butt and I grabbed hold of her by her waist as I manouvred my dick into position.

With my cock nesting between her vagina lips, I pushed tentatively to make sure I was in the right groove. I slid in easily until her precious barrier, well lubricated by her vaginal secretions. One moe push and she will no longer be a virgin! I pulled back slightly and slammed right in roughly. She yelped in pain as her membrane was torn for the first time in her life signalling the change in her life as she lost her virginity.

I held myself deep inside her for a while more, allowing her to relax and calm down from the initial pain. After a while, I began to fuck her with long slow strokes, enjoying her tight freshly deflowered cunt. She responded, pushing back each time I filled her up. And even though I had came earlier on, I knew a virgin would always be able to get me over the edge in no time at all. Thrusting inside her with increasing speed and tempo, I felt my balls tingle in that urge which was so familiar to me. As the feeling intensified and spread over my body, I pushed in deep one more time and held Cheryl tightly spurting my hot jizz deep inside her body. I fucked her a while more as I drained out all my sperm from this ejaculation.

Puling out, she began to spasm and cum for the second time for the night. Holding on the toilet, she remained in position with a mixture of cum and blood dripping out out her pussy. Some of it was running down her thighs as well.

I heard a knock, "Cheryl, are you ok??"

to be continued...

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