The Dance Floor   added 7 years ago    

  By: zac08

It's been some time since my last hunts and break ins, and I've been looking around for new places to play with and explore.

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There is this new disco that I had heard about with huge dance floors and pretty wild party music and fun crowd as well. I decided to take a look at the place to see what it was all about. It was a hot saturday night and all the party-goers were dressed minimally to cool down as much as possible. I was in my sweat pants and a light t shirt and I entered the dark cool interior of the converted warehouse.


This was pretty smart of the owner to use this warehouse as a disco as this had plenty of room and would be able to house thousands of people easily. I had taken along my aerosal release form of my latest drug just in case there was a need for it. And now I managed to package it inside my watch where it would be able to be used innocently.


There were plenty of people dancing already on the dance floor and I looked around for my possible targets. I would prefer them to be alone or in small groups where she would be able to be drawn away easily.


Moving around in the dance floor, I was able to sneak in a few gropes along the way as I moved about heading to a dark corner where I would be able to check out the chicks in leisure. There was already a few possible choices, a young slim girl dressed in a short white mini-dress, a pair of young schoolgirls in similar pink tubes with pink tight shorts. The last one would be a young girl togged out in a black top seemingly made from a scarve and a flared black short skirt.


Observing them for a while more, I acertained that they were suitable for my hunting requirements for tonight. With that done, I had to choose the target(s) for the night. I siddled up to the pair first and sized them up. They were dancing wildly together almost oblivious to the others around them. I went up close to them and bumped into them from behind against their butts, and there was no reaction to that. Perhaps that was too common and simple for them to react against, I next danced close to them and placed the back of my right hand against one of their butts, she actually pushed back. Trying again, she got a little annoyed and moved away from my hand and turned to look back. I had moved away quickly before she got any glimpse of the owner of the hand.


Mebbe the 2 would have to do later. I made my way towards the first girl I had targetted and stood close behind her. In the dark, her dress showed up brightly due to the glow from the UV lights they use to create the atmosphere. From the UV glow, I was able to make out the pattern of her white thongs underneath clinging tightly to her round jiggling butt. I couldn't make out the bra strap though and either she didn't wear one or she was wearing a new type which only covered the front.


Her dark tanned skin contrasted strongly with her choice of attire and was pretty attracting as I stood behind her trying to determine where her tan lines ended. Bumping into her, I kept the contact as long as possible and waited for her reaction. But there wasn't any... I placed the back of my hand against her butt and pushed against her a little, still no feedback from her. I wonder, let's try a more direct approach. Placing my hand, palm flat against her butt, I groped her and gave her a squeeze. She pushed back against my hand and gyrated with the music, seems like I got a winner for the night.


Moving even closer, I rubbed my crotch against her butt as she danced and the feeling of her round warm butt made my erection rise even harder. Without any objections from her, I continued to dance behind her and constantly rub myself against her soft bum. Half dancing, half guiding, I managed to move her to a corner where there was a big pillar near a wall which would block off most of the people's view. Once she was into my desired position, I began caressing her thru her skirt at first, then I slid down to her thighs and continued upwards under her dress.


Her smooth skin was absolutely delightful to my hand and I circled slowly enjoying myself. With my left hand, I cupped her breast and squeezed tenderly. From that grope, I was able to tell that she was braless under the dress and I slipped her spaghetti strap off her right shoulder and pushed down her dress. Her breast spilled out into view and my left hand covered it up immediately squeezing her eagerly. She moaned, almost inaudible in the music as I used my middle finger to slide along her pussy crack. Sliding along her satin thongs, the smooth fabric increased the sensation of her pussy lips.


Either she's pretty drunk or she's a open type, either way it's fine with me. Rubbing her wet slit slowly, her satin fabric got soaked through and began to stick to her skin. Standing behind her, I began to move around against her butt with my erection. She just stood there, not even resisting in any way as I continued to molest her and grope her. Taking another quick look around, I was sure that this corner would be clear of any direct view from the rest of the crowd. With that in mind, I reached down and pushed her thongs down her legs in one swift motion and off her legs.

Keeping it in my pocket, I pushed down my sweatpants to expose my hard cock. Now massaging her breast with my right hand, I used my left hand to position my penis between her slit, rubbing her back and forth. Pushing her body down slightly, I got her into the standing doggy position where her butt was jutting out nicely against me. I flipped her dress up and her white juicy butt came into view. Using both hands, I held her by her waist and began to hump her sliding my cock between her pussy. With her juices flowing freely, I then guided my cock against her vulva using my left hand.


Right at the honeypot entrance, I pushed in with one single thrust and I plunged deep inside her. She was tight, real tight like a virgin. My balls rested just outside her wet pussy, and my cock was fully inside her pressing against her cervix. Moving her to the wall, I allowed her to rest her arms against the wall and I thrusted in her repeatedly, giving her the old in out routine. I could feel her gripping me tightly each time as I entered her fully and rested for a while inside her. It was such a wonderful sensation that I knew I would not be able to keep it up for long.


Fucking her deeply, I gave her a few last thrusts before I started shooting my thick ropes of cum inside her. I extracted my cock from her after squirting all my cum deep inside her and placed it back inside my pants. I turned her around and gave her a kiss before I walked off from her towards the crowd...

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