Sex with a colleague - - and a twist!   added 8 years ago    

  By: DirtyBiscuit

By the way... this isn't a fantasy. It actually happened.


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We’ve arranged to meet in a classy hotel... lots of salesmen and assorted suits are hanging around. I’m waiting for you in the bar, you recognise me from the photo I sent. I smile, and stand to greet you as you come over to my table. I’m dressed casually, in light chinos & dark denim shirt. You’re wearing a “respectable” navy button through skirt and white blouse - so we kind of blend right in among all the businessmen.

We order some drinks and make smalltalk, and you notice me openly admiring your boobs and looking at your legs. By this time, a few of the sales guys would be craftily looking at you too - after all, you are a very attractive woman. You begin to think about sex. You sneakily imagine what it would be like to be fucked by lots of the salesmen at once, to be used & abused, to feel all the different hard dicks pounding between your legs, one in your mouth, another fucking you hard, one rubbing against your bum, another two wanking over you.... how would it feel to feel their hot sticky cum all over you... what a naughty fantasy!

Meanwhile, while we make smalltalk, I start rubbing your thighs, under the table. Just very gently, while I whisper how badly I want to pleasure you, how I am beside myself wanting to lick you, taste you. My fingers move to your inner thigh now, feeling your warm flesh through your skirt. My fingers find their way through the button holes and you tingle as I stroke you, upward, ever upward. Think of all those men in the room, all unaware that my fingers were now right at the top of your legs. Your legs part a little, it feels as horny as hell to be touched while everyone else is unaware. Perhaps by now your hand would be on my thigh - you’ve decided that you really do want me, that you may well let me pleasure you. You feel the muscles of my legs twitch as I feel your hand there, you know now that I want you really badly, that the power you have over me is fantastic.

My fingers find their way right to the top of your legs, and I feel your pubic hair. You thought that you’d surprise me, but I’d already guessed - no knickers! You squirm a little in your seat as you revel in the sheer sexiness of the moment. You can feel your wetness now, all turned on, feeling that hotness deep inside you. I’d signal for more drinks, the waiter never knowing that my other hand was gently squirming between your legs....

I manage to probe downward, just able to part your lips and gently - ohhhh so gently - begin to tease your clit. You gasp at the sensation - specially in a room full of strangers! And I gasp at the sheer sexines of feeling your hot wetness under my finger.... I want to suck my finger soooooooo much, but wouldn’t; I need to keep stroking you, watching your pupils dilate, knowing that I am touching your most intimate parts....

I’d feel my balls tighten, feel my cock throbbing.... perhaps you’d start to touch me through my chinos, you’d feel the outline of my cock hot and hard... pushing against your hand, needing your touch, needing much more...

I wouldn’t expect you to climax in such a public place. This is merely an aperitif, a hint of what’s to come. I’d eventually withdraw my finger (and find an excuse to taste it, to feel your saltiness on my tongue). And then I’d suggest we went to our room. I’d explain that I want you to walk in front of me, I want to drink in every detail of your legs, your hips, your bum through your clothes as you walked. Would that be fun for you? To know that I am greedily drinking in every detail of your body as you walk through the bar…?

When we get to our room, I’d stand you in front of the mirror and make you watch as I ran my hands all over your body. You’d see my hands cup your wonderful pert boobs, feel my fingers seek out your nipples under the material of your blouse. You’d see my hands caress your stomach, your groin. You’d feel my hands stroke your bum, run further down the back of your legs... By now I’d be kissing the back of your neck, you’d feel my breath in your ear, feel my cock pushing at you from behind. I’d be talking dirty to you, telling you how much I want to fuck you, finger you, taste your wetness, your climax....

I undress you, undo your blouse and let it fall to the floor, your bra follows immediately afterward. You feel the cool air against your breasts, your nipples tingle - and I can’t help but gasp as I look. Hot wet kisses shower all over your neck, your shoulders, at long long last I get your nipples in my mouth - I am so hard now, I can feel my balls all heavy, tingly and my cock desperate, aching to push deep inside you. I unbutton your skirt, and that falls to the floor too. Does it give you a tingle to see yourself all naked in the mirror, about to be fucked hard? I hope so.....

Now, the time for gentle stroking has gone. Urgently, I push you onto the bed, asking you to watch in the mirror as I kneel on the floor, spread your legs and let out a moan as I gaze at your sex, those lips that I have wanted so badly in the bar. With my fingers I part you again, and now you can feel my breath on your wet swollen lips, watching my head in the mirror as my tongue finally starts to lap at that sensitive bud. Increasing in speed, my tongue is making you tingle, you can start to feel your first orgasm in the distance. I’d tell you I want you to talk dirty to me, tell me what it’s like to feel my tongue on your pussy, tell me how slutty you are.

As your climax gets nearer you’d feel my fingers, one hand pushing inside you, reaching for the fleshy g-spot inside the front of your sopping pussy. Meanwhile, my other hand is probing further down, just teasing your bum - and all the while, my tongue is bringing you off. Wriggling against me, you’d finally orgasm, that delicious tingly feeling sweeping you away. I’d moan in utter delight as I suck your juices gush into my willing mouth....

Not waiting for you to calm down again, I quickly remove my clothes. You see for yourself just how badly I need to fuck you, to push deep inside you... You reach for my cock and wank me a little, watching the effect, the power you have over me. You start to feel sexy again, you need cock, you need it now!
I lay underneath you, both of us watching in the mirror as you lower yourself against me. I’d tell you that I want to see you wank your clit with my cock before I push inside you, a real turn-on that. You obey, rubbing my hot hard penis against yourself, maybe thinking of all those men in the bar too...

By now you HAVE to have me inside. Nothing on earth will stop you now, and you push yourself onto me, feeling me enter you all the way up, feeling my balls jiggle against your bum. I’d gasp to you how good it felt, I’d be watching your gorgeous tits bounce as you grind up and down on me. I’d tell you how I want you to make me as wet as you can, I want to feel the wetness engulfing me... Cmon, make my cock all hot and wet from your juices, let me feel the heat of you deep inside....

And as you feel a real quick climax approaching, you rub up and down faster and faster, letting out gasps of pleasure. And just as you cum, just as you climax all over my thick hard cock - your husband walks in! You stare at him as you orgasm, unable to stop. Smiling, he tells you that he and I have planned this, that you are going to get the fucking of your life tonight!

So now you have TWO men in the room with you, both horny, both needing to fuck, suck, wank and lick you. Now you’re over the surprise, you can be in command. Your man needs your attention now, I think it’s time to suck him, make him as randy as you are... perhaps I’d lick you as you take his cock into your mouth, both of you watching in the mirror as I force my tongue between your legs again.... perhaps this time I’d start by licking your bum, enjoying the gasp of surprise as you feel my tongue slurping against the rim of your anus. All the time your husband would be groaning as his cock enjoys your tongue and lips...

I think it’s now time to have some pleasure myself. I wouldn’t be able to help myself. Forcing you into the doggy position, I’d enter you from behind, all the while you’re sucking on your man’s swollen cock. Can you just picture this? To be fucking you while you’re sucking your man’s penis is VERY VERY horny. I’d tell you that I want him to cum in your mouth - after all, he deserves this - and I am going to cum inside you. We move faster and faster, my balls are tingling now.... I tell your man that I won’t be able to hold back much longer, that I love this so much I’m gonna explode....

And in a perfect world we’d all climax together. Would you prefer to watch us, for us to withdraw while we cum all over you? Or would you like me to spunk deep inside you, your man spurting all over your face while I shoot deep inside you? Your choice, gorgeous.....

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where do i sign up for this party?
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farker perfect. thanks.

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