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One thing about me that only a few people know is that I sometimes feel a need to suck cock. When my sex drive is at its highest, I get a strong desire to give blowjobs. My close girlfriends call this my "Pressing Need," and sometimes I'm not as selective about who I give one to as I should be. This is about one of those times.

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There was a guy I dated for a little while, and we'll call him "C." We were a terrible match and we made each other's lives miserable until we finally broke up. Okay, we didn't really break up ... I guess he kind of walked in on me while another guy had his dick between my breasts. Predictably, things ended between us on a bad note and the nicest thing he called me afterwards was "slut" or "whore."

On one occasion, I was starting to feel my Pressing Need and I went out to a party looking to satisfy it. I pulled my hair back into pigtails and wore a white pullover blouse, a short white skirt that unzippered in the back, a black thong that poked out of the top of my skirt a little, and black heels. I smoked a little with my friends and I started flirting with guys at random, hoping to select one and make my night complete. Unfortunately, I was striking out left and right. Guys with girlfriends, guys with boyfriends, guys who were obviously way too drunk to even get it up, and guys that I just wasn't into in any way whatsoever. As the night wore on, the party thinned out and I started to get more desperate. That's when I noticed that C was at the party. At this point, I was stoned and my friends had left, so I said hello to him out of desperation. As I suspected, he was not happy to see me but I gave him a drink and told him that I needed to talk to him in private. He wasn't happy about the idea, but when I said we'd go to my place and he could leave whenever he wanted, he agreed.

When we got there, I told him that what I wanted from him was to suck his dick. At first, he wasn't into it but then I got down on my knees and took my shirt off and he changed his mind, but on one condition.

"I want to tie your hands behind your back," he said.

"What?" was my reply and he repeated his condition. I wasn't really enthusiastic about this idea, but he said that it made my breasts stick out more and it would make him cum faster. After the stoned realization sank in that this was my last chance tonight to give head, I relucantly agreed and he undid his belt. Pulling my hands behind my back, C tied them together at the wrists. They were tied pretty tight and I wasn't getting out without some difficulty.

He stood over me, leering, and stripped naked. He took out his cock that I had sucked so many times before, and then unzippered my skirt and took it off my tan waist. Standing over me, C pushed his erection in between my lips and I started to suck him. In the beginning, I moved my head back and forth on my own but then he grabbed ahold of my pigtails and started making me go faster. "This isn't so bad," I remember thinking as I closed my eyes and sucked C's cock for all I was worth. He started pulling harder on me and then started to hold my head down with my face buried in his crotch. When he let me move my head back, precum and saliva clung tightly to my lips and his cock. He pushed me backwards until I almost lost my balance and had to lean back on my hands to keep from falling over. I was totally helpless like that. I couldn't move my hands without falling.

He straddled my neck with his wet, slippery cock right in my face. "I've been waiting for this for a while, you little whore" he said and wiped his cock all over my face. He rubbed his wet shaft all over my cheeks, my forehead, and around my eyes and mouth, making my whole face slippery and wet. Strangely, I found myself enjoying it. Putting one hand on the back of my head, he lowered his balls until they were right between my eyes and then he rubbed them all over me. Closing my eyes, I could feel his balls pushing against my eyelids, my forehead, my nose, my lips, and my chin. I could smell their sweat getting all over me and his pubic hair tickled my nose and lips when it brushed against my face. When his cock started to dry off, he plunged it back into my mouth and pushed it as far down my throat as he could. Again and again he did this ... getting his cock wet and then wiping it all over my face.

After a few minutes, my arms started to get tired and he pulled me up again. Suddenly, he reached down between my legs and started to rub my pussy with his fingers. "You dirty slut!" he said, surprised. "You're soaking wet. You must enjoy being used like this. You're not even a person to me any more, you're a thing that I'm using for sex." C grabbed the string of my thong and snapped it, pulling my panties off. Holding them in his hand, he put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me down onto his cock. The next few minutes of my life consisted of C making my head bob back and forth, forcing me to service him at the pace he wanted. After the degradation I just went through and what I was about to experience, being made to suck his cock was not difficult. Truth be told, he was right, this was all turning me on a lot. That's how it goes when the Pressing Need happens.

He pumped me back and forth along the length of his shaft until he started to cum. Then he took his cock out of my mouth and wrapped my panties around it and came in them. Not all of his cum went into my thong, some of it squirted out and landed in my hair. C took my thong, now stained with cum and juice from my pussy, and tossed it onto the bed.

He pushed me against the side of the bed and lowered my face down until it was resting on my soiled panties. He put my face on top them and the pussy juice and the cum got on my already abused face. Then he straddled me from behind and rested his cock against the back of my head, grabbed fistfuls of my silky black hair, and wrapped them around his slippery shaft. He moved back and forth, wiping himself off while pushing my face deeper into my ripped, cumsoaked panties. He worked the last of the cum and saliva that were on his cock into my hair as he slowly released the tension from his body. C knew I kept my vibrator in the drawer under my bed, and he took it out and turned it on. He placed it against my pussy and quickly brought me to orgasm. I came so hard I didn't even care that I was smearing cum all over my face.

C pulled me back up so that I was kneeling on the ground again, got dressed, and left me there. I was naked except for my heels (a total porn star thing, so I was okay with it), and my face was slick with cum. My hair was matted and tangled where he used it and my nose was filled with the dominating scents of cum, ball sweat, and sex. After that orgasm, I was so exhausted that I didn't even care that he just left me tied there. Eventually I worked my hands free, but that humiliation isn't something that I would easily forget. He didn't forget it either, and I felt a rush of shame every time he gave me that cruel, domineering look that a person can only get when they making a girl sexually submit to them and they use that power to degrade and humiliate their body and femininity in every way.

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Comments for My Pressing Need

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anonimusrick    (2011-04-01 06:51:05)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick You are a cock sucking slut. I mean that as a compliment. I have known a few girls like you in the past. However, I prefer my girls to be triple threats (oral, vaginal, and anal). Do you have any fantasies about fucking?
silk269    (2009-12-09 09:17:01)    Flag as inappropiate
dann    (2009-12-07 17:59:13)    Flag as inappropiate
wow, your story gave ME a pressing need.
unknown    (2008-06-27 12:18:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Your need, your hunger, your desire, turns me on. The wanting to serve a man by surrendering to him in this way and to be such a willing whore. You are a really hot woman. What a fantasy mind!
unknown    (2008-04-29 22:58:58)    Flag as inappropiate
> My favorite one from you yet.

What did you like about it?
swentod    (2008-04-28 09:03:42)    Flag as inappropiate
swentod Not to bad... but next time, further enjoy it more. Let loose!
3p    (2008-04-23 23:58:11)    Flag as inappropiate
3p Hot! My favorite one from you yet. I love the heels thing near the end. :)

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