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  By: jahesus

Carrying the toy hidden in my pocket all day, has stirred my mind. Every time I start to forget about it, it bumps into my leg, and it reminds me again. I remember you telling me what you did with it. I remember you saying how you did it while talking to me. It gives me a thrill.I sit down in front of the computer, and it bumps my leg again. I pull out the vibe, and set it in front of me, still in the blue bag, and sign on to Trillian. Noticing you are on, I start talking to you once that happens, I start thinking about you. What I would like to do to you. What I want you to do to me. It starts to twitch. I get up and shut the door. I sit back down, and unbutton my pants, stick my hand inside, and start rubbing myself through the briefs. Causing me to harden. I continue for a bit, as a self-tease. I stand up, and shuck the pants and briefs to the floor, but still around my ankles. I sit back down, and start stroking my self up and down. Slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed. I stop when the blue catches my eye. Just as I am about to grab, it you respond, I reply one handedly.Realizing the lack of lubrication, I ask you, its whereabouts. You are unsure. At this point, I don’t care. Improvising, I put it in my mouth. In and out, almost as if it were the real thing, pleasing a real person. I angle my head back, and feel the head go down my throat. Lubricating all of it I think to my self. I turn it on to make sure there are batteries in it. There aren’t. I Open the end, and put some in, recluse it. And notices the lubrication has dried a small amount. Oh well, it feels nice, why not, I think to my self. I open my mouth, and slide it in, sucking on it as if it were a real mans cock. Swirling my tongue around the head as it enters my mouth, then swiftly sucking gently and thrusting it in and out torturing the head. I push it in all the way, and fell the head hitting the back of my throat, and I keep pushing. Slowly, I pull it out. Leaving as much saliva on it as I can.I stand up, and separate my legs. I pull apart my butt cheeks, and tease my self with the vibrations on my perineum. I pull at my anus, teasing it with my fingers gently, and pull it open partly, and stick the head at it, and turn off the vibration.Placing the base on the seat, I slowly sit down. Once it is safely in a good distance, I stand again, and push the rest in my self. Once in to the ridges, I sit down. Directly on the base, the ridges causing a slight amount of pain, I pull at my anus, easing the ridges entrance. Now that it is allowed to go deeper, I sit down again, the vibrator going deeper than ever before, I can’t help but moan as I enjoy the pleasure of it. I lean back, and grip my self, and slowly start stroking my self. Enjoy being fully filled in the rear, and stroked in the front. I pick up speed as I go. I come close, and hear a beep. I look up, and you are blinking. I reply, this time with the other hand.The entire thing as become too much for me. I stand up a little bit, and turn the vibe on full, and helplessly moan. I sit down directly on the vibe, forcing it close to the black base. I lean back and allow it out a little, causing even more pleasure.Slowly, I begin again. My right hand encases my rock hard cock, going up and down. I tighten my anus around the vibrator, feels so good, its almost painful, I can’t decide which is better, tightening my anus around the intruding cock, or loosening, and allowing the cock to penetrate deeper. My body decides for me, both. As my fist continues to pump up and down, my hips thrust uncontrollably. Forwards and backwards, tightening my anus around the invader, then relaxing when the black base hits the chair and pushes the vibrator seemingly deeper than before.The constant vibration is too much as my cock spasms in delight, my hips are thrust forward, tightening tighter than ever before around the imprisoned cock. Causing me to moan louder, and louder. I think I am done, when I relax and sit down. The pressure on the vibe is too much and I spasm again. Causing another stream of cum to shoot onto my already whitened chest

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