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  By: jahesus

I look to you in your mistress state: faux-leather gloves, corset, and fishnets, in awe as you berate me. “How dare you masturbate with out my permission?! If I own you, as you say, then why did you masturbate with out my permission? Look at your hand! You made a mess! You will have to be punished!”


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The Naughty Meter

“Yes dear” I manage to stammer.

“Yes WHO?” you enunciate with a slap across my ass with your crop.

“Yes Mistress”

“Yes WHO?”, another slap.

“Yes Mistress”

“That’s better. I have decided on your punishment. Lie down on the bed face down, and pull your balls up.”

“Yes Mistress”

After I do as I am told, You Velcro my hands to the tethers already tied to the bed. “Lift your hips, and bring your knees up”

“Yes mistress” as I do as I am told so that I bring my knees to my elbows. You then take a rope, and tie my elbows to my knees so that I am stuck there and unable to escape.

“With every strike you are to say ‘Thank You Mistress’ I am not to hear ANYTHING else out of you, unless I ask you a direct question. Am I understood?”

“Yes Mistress”

It starts out with very gentle crop taps, and bare-handed spanks. Followed by massaging and scratching to get the blood flowing to my buttocks. This repeats for a few minutes, until suddenly, I receive a full handed crop swing!

SMACK! And I lunge forward onto my hands. “Thank you…”

SMACK! “What did you say? SMACK! Did I hear you right? SMACK! Who am I? SMACK!

“Thank you mistress”

“Thank you mistress”

“That’s better!”


“What are you?”


“Thank you mistress, I am a slave mistress”

Each smack bringing more and more redness to my butt. Each one leaving small marks where the crop lands. Sure to bring much deserved welts and bruises.


“Who do you belong to?”


“Thank you mistress. I am yours mistress”


“I said, who do you belong to?


“Thank you Mistress. I belong to you mistress. I am your possession mistress.”


“Thank you mistress!

My ass, by this time, is criss-crossed by red welts and lines, and is fiery red and glowing.

As you untie me, you give me a new assignment.

“You are to make me cum; with out using your body, or your hands or feet touching anything, that is touching me. You are to surprise me some how. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress. May I have permission to blind fold and tie you down?”

“How is that going to surprise me?”

“You will have to see mistress”

“I guess. However, that means the surprise must be even greater, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

I am careful not to touch you with my cock or any other part of my body that isn’t necessary, as you take my spot on the bed, I bind head and foot, spread eagle, and blind fold you. I then put pillows around your head, so that you can barely hear.

You then feel a pair of hands lifting you up gently by the waist, and something soft going under your waist.

You hear a muffled door being opened. With all of your wait being supported by the 4 straps and the pillow under your waist, you barely notice the pressure on the bed. You feel something entering, gently probing, feeling around looking for your tender spots, and a tongue gently lapping at your clitoris. Your breasts getting gently massaged, squeezed and rolled. With your ring getting gently pulled.

“I said NO HANDS!” you growl at me. Immediately the mouth and hands pull back.

“Yes Mistress.” You hear, as a ball is pushed into your mouth, and clasped behind your head.

All I can hear now are muffled words, not caring what you say, the mouth goes back to lapping at your clit, and the probing to your hole, and the massaging of your breasts.

Being deprived of all of your senses, you can now only smell the sweet smell of the leather of the new riding crop, and a delightful odor of sex. You can only feel the hands on your breasts, the probing of your hole, and the tongue lapping at your clit. You can no longer see, or hear. Your body compensates for this lack of senses by compensating with the other sense, and pushes the sense of feel into overdrive, further stimulating you.

The tongue circles around your clit and gently sucks it in, grazing the crest with teeth, and the probing continues but the breast massaging ceases... It is followed by an intense burning feeling right between your breasts. Drop. Another burning drop, on your right breast. Drop. Another, this time on your left thigh. Drop. Drop. Drop. Right thigh. Left breast Right breast.



You shudder against the bonds and moan in pain as this drop hits your left nipple. Moaning, almost yelling. The searing hot pain is replaced with an icy cold. Numbing the pain, and making your nipple almost numb instantly with the cold. Your other nipple gets cold, slowly, as if from the inside out. The ice is on your ring, cooling it from the inside, out. The ice from your nipple is removed. Drop. Much more intense pain. The cold, fleeing the nipple so quickly and replaced with the searing heat, produces a new sensation, causing you to twitch in pleasure. Drop. Drop. Drop. Your chest feels like it is burning. Drop. Your inner thigh. Making your legs try to contract together, tightening your hole around the probing. Drop. Your other thigh. Drop. Drop. Drop. Slowly getting closer. Drop. Right on your pelvis.

Knowing what’s coming next, you start begging and pleading through the bonds and gag. Begging to be released, begging not to have the hot wax hit your nether region. Eyes wide under the blindfold. Begging and begging. Pleading.


(Please… LET ME GO!! Please…)

“What is that mistress? Can’t you get free? No safe word for you? Is this not how you wanted it? It’s almost over. You won’t be release until I say you can be. Until you are screaming. Pain or pleasure, that depends on you”

You feel a pair of finger spreading your lips, and you start to fight back. Resisting against the bonds and squirming to get away from the bonds and the seemingly imminent hot wax.

“Resistance will only make it worse mistress. This is what you asked for, so you may want to give in.”

Hearing my voice completely devoid of any sympathy or fear for your health only worries you more and drives you to fight harder. Ripping and tearing and the bonds as best you can, being completely tied down. Moaning and whining to be released.


Your back arches, your knuckles whiten and your legs tense in preparation for the searing pain you are expecting.

You almost collapse as something is thrusted into you, with just enough curve to hit your spot perfectly. At the same time, a rough buzzing on your clit causes to moan ecstatically in the sudden unexpected pleasure.

The continued thrusting has you moaning quickly. You then feel a chest upon yours and a hand going for you hair. Suddenly, your head is jerked back gently, and the thrusting gets rougher.

All of the stimulation has put you into overload, so when you start to feel lips and tongue gently sucking and nibbling on your neck and breasts you start cum. With each thrust you can’t help but moan louder and louder until you are yelling in pleasure.

After you collapse, you lay there in bliss for a minute, as the feeling of a person gets off of the bed. Your gag and blind fold are removed, and you see me standing over you, smiling.

“Did mistress enjoy?”

“Yes. However cheated, and used items with your hands, and your hands.”

“No mistress, I didn’t. However since you enjoyed it so much, you should thank her! She enjoyed it as much as you did!”

Just off to my left, the first thing you notice is the glowing green eyes followed by the dark raven hair braided back into a pony tail; and then the large strap-on she is wearing. Smiling, ear to ear.

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