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I have been a solitary man for some time, living by myself on the side of a mountain, miles from a living soul. I prize my privacy, but there are certain needs a man has that demands company. My dwelling is not what a woman would find attractive, a cave, covered by camouflage with the necessities stored inside. Who would have known that a wonderful day would reveal itself on a damp, rainy, gray, horrid day. As I was on my daily path looking for food and anything that would lend itself to my survival, I heard a whimpering cry, weakly, calling for help!

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As I struggled through the underbrush, I came upon a cliff that sheared off some 50 foot to the bottom of a ravine. Where I could not believe what I saw, clinging to the side of a muddy bank some 12 foot down was a wet, muddy, petite woman, cold black hair caked with mud. Hiking clothes ragged and torn from the fall that had left her unharmed but clinging to some brush. When she looked up, through weaken eyes, you could see the momentary fear mixed with surprise with some relief.

Prepared for an accident myself, I let down a length of rope that she grabbed quickly and clung onto for her life. When I pulled her to the top of the hill, she was so exhausted that she fell unconscious into my arms. With some hesitation, I returned to the secluded hole of solitude, where I placed the limp body on the pile of tanned furs that had collected for years and made a very soft and comfortable bed. I prepared some herbal tea, and a mountain remedy salve for her scrapes. Placed her gingerly into the warmth of the furs, where the raven beauty slept till the next afternoon.

When she awoke, I had prepared some food and drink, which after some time she consumed eagerly, and instantly began to chatter, asking where she was, who I was, if there was a chance of getting out quickly. I was not used to conversation, so I stood silently with no response, only pointing to the downpour mixed with lightning on the outside. Hours soon turned into days and days into a week, with what seemed to be a never ending flood that was seen quite often in these mountains, which seemed to hold the reservoir for dryer times.

I know it must have seemed to be an eternity, being with a rough looking hermit, who spoke no words, and moved in very slow and methodical ways. As I said it is hard for a man to be alone for years without the company of the opposite sex, hormones seem to take control, where good sense should have control. Sitting in the warmth of the cave, watching as this slim, petite, ebony beauty, showering in the door of the cave dwelling, passion was causing physical developments that could not be controlled.

As she entered the warm, dry cavity, control gone, lust becoming predominant, and desire taking hold of the moment. One move as she passed by, placed her on the fur bed with a thud! The sudden move caused a shrill scream to come from her soft inviting lips. With no time to think, what wraps she had on were ripped with little effort leaving her naked, shaking, with rippling s of fear, causing her to tense up and draw back. But no amount of withdrawal would stop the primal urge that caused my dick to swell to surprising limits. I was amazed that I did not cum the instant I pressed my hairy body next to her trembling flesh. I grabbed her legs with great strength, spreading them as I plunged my mouth on her damp clit, and with control thrown to the wind, I realized I was actually biting her quivering member. After some time of assaulting that wonderous aroma. I thrushed my swollen aching pole into her mouth, almost making her gag from the surprise, pounding over and over again till I thought I would explode.

Pushing her back, I seized the legs of the beauty, that had transfixed me and shoved my now dripping dick into a very restricted and damp crevice, and what? A hymen that still cover that precious treasure chest. I plunged deep, over and over and over again, her cries turned to moans, her pushing turned to pulling and grabbing. It seem I was able to go forever, till It could not be contained and I exploded, with years of cum that come gushing filling that treasure hole and covering the floor in puddles. Withdrawing, she quickly covered the head of my dick with her mouth, licking every drop possible, then reintroducing my still swollen rod in that dream pot. To my surprise she was still unsatisfied and was pulling yet again to reach her pinnacle, which subsided after what seemed to be hours of euphoric pleasure that brought a very deep sleep to her beautiful eyes.

In her slumber I ceased the opportunity to place that young luscious body in an area that she could be easily found and was by a search party, as I watched her being guided away. I eased back into the woods of seclusion and began imaging all the possibilities and what if this young beauty were to for some reason find herself once again lost in the path of my yearnings. Well it could happen.

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ora_lee    (2008-10-10 10:31:00)    Flag as inappropiate
ora_lee Bliss, I could lose myself in your firs forever xx

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