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I had been trolling around the internet for a couple of months, looking to buy a home. I wasn't in a rush but I was ready to finally purchase something instead of throwing money away on rent every month. Along with the internet I also would cruise around town on the weekends and look for yard signs.


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I was out one Saturday and happened to end up on a dead end street and noticed the house at the end had a "for sale" sign. The woman on the sign had a pretty face so I decided to call. A soft, sweet voice answered the phone and introduced herself as Maria. She said we could meet at the house tomorrow (Sunday) around 3 and she would give me a tour and have some information about the home. I marked the appointment in my book and headed home, excited about seeing this house and meeting this agent, she certainly was pretty on that sign.

The next day I hopped in the car around 2:45 and headed toward the house. When I got there her car was already parked outside and she was waiting by the door. I stepped out of my vehicle and waved a polite hello. She was holding a packet of information and the keys to the house. I walked up the driveway, and she unlocked the door and opened it up. We went inside and I could see that this was a vacant house. She said no one had lived there for about 3 months. The owners had already relocated and were just trying to sell the place now. It still felt homely even though it was empty.

It was a split-level and we started by going downstairs. There was a playroom on one side and a bathroom on the other. There was also a garage off the side with the bathroom. As we went into the playroom I saw some boxes still on the side of the wall and a recliner by the front wall. Above the recliner was a window to the ground level outside.

"I see they haven't moved everything out yet", I casually remarked.

"Yes, they still have a couple things to get, but they are leaving any furniture that you see, they won't want to move anything big anymore".

As she turned to go show me the bathroom I couldn't help but stare at her rather large behind. My eyes were mesmerized as I walked toward the bathroom and when she turned around to say something I think she may have caught me looking. She didn't say anything though. Then we went upstairs and again I was watching her ass waddle back and forth as she climbed up with me behind her. This time when she turned around to talk i KNOW she noticed me looking. She smiled and acted like she didn't notice.

To the right was a living room and kitchen, to the left down the hallway were the 3 bedrooms and bathroom. We started by going into the living room and kitchen. She was telling me about the cabinets and flooring but by this point I had felt a little jolt in my pants and I was no longer thinking with my head. I forced myself to focus and followed as she opened the door to the porch and showed me the backyard. When we came back in the kitchen she told me to go check out the bedrooms by myself because she had to check on the water heater downstairs just to make sure it was surving the cool winter without any problems. She told me to meet her downstairs when I was done and we could go from there. I took a walk down the hallway and checked out both bedrooms at the end, then came out and saw the bathroom on the left and the other bedroom/office on the right. The rooms looked decent and the bathroom was spacious but I had seen enough. I wasn't interested in this place but it was nice to meet the beautiful agent who had the place listed.

I walked downstairs to meet Maria and just as I was about to turn right to go to the garage where the water heater was, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Maria was sitting in the recliner in the playroom. As my head turned my face immediately turned red as I saw she was slouched down in the recliner, dress pants around her ankles, and her hand shoved deep inside her pussy. She saw me and she too quickly turned red.

"Oh my god...I'm so sorry...I just thought...that maybe I saw you looking at my ass and...I'm just...oh my god I'm sorry". She was so embarrassed, she started pulling her pants up and I walked toward her.

"No need to stop, but perhaps you might like a little assisstance", I slowly walked over and then got down on my knees in front of her. I shoved my face deep into her pussy and stuck my tongue out right into her dripping pussy hole. Her body arched back and she screamed, "Oh my god that is AMAZING!"

With my hands I started pushing her sweater and dress shirt up over her huge belly. Her stomach flopped down and I tugged on it. I think tried to further push her sweater up over her breasts but she stopped me.

"Those don't come out, I'm a little sensitive about them".

Well me being a breast man I couldn't handle not feeling those enormous soft fun bags so I went into overdrive, slurping my tongue all around her pussy lips and nibbling on her clit. She screamed again and grabbed her tits, pulling the sweater up herself along with her bra. Her fat tits dropped out and with them came the hugest nipples I had ever seen. The areolas were almost the size of the whole breast and as dark as night. I grabbed both nipples and tugged hard, she moaned and her entire body shook. At the same time she started cumming, buckets of juice seeping into my mouth as I continued to work at sucking her pussy dry.

About this time I saw another car pull up into the driveway.

"Oh my god there are other people here!"

She quickly jumped up, pushed her sweater down, pulled her pants up and turned around to see out the window.

"Shit, another agent must have scheduled an appointment for today, looks like we will have to postpone this until later, unless you are interested in making an offer right now on the home..."

"Well", I replied, "I'm not exactly interested in the home, but if you have any other vacant properties that we can maybe spend more time in, I would love to check those out".

She gave me her card and on the back she wrote an address and a time. Then she looked at me and said, "Wednesday, at that time, that place, it's a great house and I think you will really like it...and trust me there won't be another other appointments around that time".

I smiled and took the card, walked out the door and politely said hi to the people coming in, they had no idea I had just eaten out the agent's fat pussy but the look on my face may have given it away.

The whole way home I stared at her card, anxiously wanting to get inside her wide pussy and fuck it hard. It was just my luck that she called me while I was still driving home.

"I think we should move that appointment up to tonight....I just had a cancellation at 9:30...are you free then to check out that place?"

I told her that my schedule was clear and I would love to meet her at this place she had been raving about. I asked her what was so great about this location since it wasn't even in my price range.

"Sweetie, it's completely vacant and it hasn't even gone on the market yet, and it has a jacuzzi, would you like to fuck me in a hot tub?"

I was speechless for a second, then responded saying I would definitely be meeting her there for 9:30. She replied saying that she would already be in the hot tub at 9:00 rubbing her pussy so maybe I should arrive a little early.

"I'll leave the place unlocked, your cock better be hard and you better be stroking it when you find the bathroom......."

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