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She came in every night, without fail. It was almost sad how structured her schedule seemed to be. At exactly 6:45 she waddled in, grabbed a couple snacks on the way to get her 6-pack. Her bare fingers explained her situation. She was either unmarried or divorced, but either way the highlight of her day was 3 hoho's, 2 Twix bars, and a bag of chips, washed down with Bud Light cans and diet coke. Over a year's time I noticed she was still gaining weight, up to about 305 at this point. She always smiled, but never really spoke. She simply paid for her items and left. It almost seemed like she was ashamed of her purchases but couldn't help it. She had nothing else to go home to so why not indulge in life's little pleasures.


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Fridays were the worst. I could tell she was miserable that she had nothing to do and that was enough to justify her adding a pint of Haagan Daz s to her usual lineup. It must have been depressing, getting up for work every day only to get out and have nowhere to go but home, no one to share the evening with other than her snacks and beer. I imagine she watched TV, curled up with her chips and ho-ho's, steadily drank out of a blue Bud can, and eventually fell asleep. Around 11 she would wake up and go into her bedroom and sleep the rest of the night away. This explains her inability to hold a conversation with me, the simple merchant ensuring she had her vices for the evening.

Like I said Fridays were the worst and this one was no different. As usual she walked in, swaying back and forth from her huge girth, stocking up before heading to the counter to pay for her items. As usual she half smiled while I rang up her purchases but tonight I decided to initiate a conversation, in hopes that I could brighten her evening


"Would you like a bag for these items?", as i always asked was met with the typical answer .

"Yes please".

I searched for a starting point and eventually I settled, "I love this flavor of ice cream".

"Oh yes it's the best, I know I shouldn't eat it but it's just so good", she responded, much to my surprise.

I saw an opening so I took it, "Why shouldn't you eat it?"

I knew the answer but I wanted to her how she would put it. She was up front, "Well I certainly don't need the extra weight and I don't think ice cream helps keep it off".

I had already taken the first step so I just assumed leap, "You know, I think your figure is incredibly beautiful and I can't help but be aroused by the thought of you eating all of this food".

For a second my stomach dropped, I didn't know how she would respond and by the look on her face she was quite taken back.

"How old are you?", she inquired, serious look on her face.

"I'm 25".

"Honey in the 48 years I've been on this planet no one has ever told me that they enjoyed the thought of me eating, are you trying to be mean because if so that is quite rude?"

I was scared now. I had obviously offended her and didn't know how to fix the problem. At this point I figured it couldn't get much worse so I just went for broke.

"Look I apologize if I offended you but I meant it as nothing but a compliment. I hope this isn't too forward but I can tell you don't have someone to go home to and I would love to help you share that ice cream and beer if you don't mind".

She seemed shocked, in an almost relieved way. "Well my place isn't very clean, I haven't had anyone over in years".

I kept prodding. "Look, if you would like me to join you then you can write down your address on this paper and I can come by when I get out, if you don't then I apologize for bothering you and I wish you a good night".

She took the paper and hesitated, then began to write. My penis twitched, raised a little and stayed steady. I could feel it pressing against my jeans but even though it was firm, it wasn't noticeable, especially since I was behind a counter. She handed me the paper and on it was her address, along with a phone number. I decided I wanted to know if she was serious so I asked a provocative question. "When is the last time you were with a man?". She hesitated again, almost embarrassed to answer. "About 12 years". With this I could tell she would be open to almost anything, even though she was obviously shy. I took the paper and slid it in my pocket, she took her bag and walked out, turning around to smile just before exiting. I started counting down the minutes until closing.


Her house looked old from the road. As I pulled in the driveway I decided she probably didn't do anything other than work, eat, drink and sleep. That didn't bother me though, something about the messiness of her home was arousing. I slowly walked up to the door and knocked twice. I could hear her big feet pounding against the ground as she walked towards the door. She opened it with her right hand, Twix bar in the left. "I wasn't sure if you would really come, I'm kind of nervous". I responded by saying that there was nothing to be nervous about and if she was really uncomfortable that I would leave and completely understand. She said it was ok and let me come in.

I looked around and saw what I expected, not a dirty filthy home but certainly not a clean one. There were clothes draped on most of the furniture, boxes around the rooms. She brought me to the living room where she had a 3 person couch, a love seat, a coffee table, couple lamps and a television. On the table was all of her food (aside from the ice cream) and a beer. The couch had a mixture of blankets, clothes, and half clean laundry. She offered me a beer and then asked me to sit down. While she went to grab the beer I looked around the room to get a good feel for it. On the love seat next to me was some more laundry, including a bra and a couple pairs of panties. The bra was enormous, as were the panties. The cups of the bra looked like they could hold beach balls and the panties could have easily stretched from my head to my knees. A towel was slightly covering them both but I still got a good look, enough to make my cock firm again. Dazing off while staying I was startled by her returning to the room.

"Here's your beer".

We sat and drank and watched TV for about 30 minutes, chit chatting during the time about her job and her life. Every once in a while she would place her hand on my arm while telling me something deep about herself, each time I got goosebumps. After a couple times she asked if I was uncomfortable with her putting her hand on my arm, I said that it was quite the opposite.


We never exchanged names but I remember her appearance. She had straight long blonde hair, and by this time, since she was home from work for the night, she was in jeans and a big t-shirt. Her breasts only made slight bumps in the large t-shirt that draped over her stomach. Her belly was hidden by the jeans but it was bulging out, her ass stretched the blue jean pockets wide. I wore jeans, and a long sleeve t-shirt with a sweatshirt over it. She asked if I was too hot that I could feel free to take my sweatshirt off. I told her it was a little warm and that if she didn't mind that I would like to remove it and I asked where I should put it. She pointed toward the love seat.

"I have some clothes on there but you can just move them to make room."

I got up and lifted my sweatshirt up over my head. As my head came out the bottom I could see her tilt back a beer to take a long sip. As i went to move her clothing, a bra fell to the floor.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to drop that."

She turned to look and said, "Oh, it's no big deal, you can just throw it over there by the wall."

As I picked it up to move, my cock got hard and I couldn't hide it by the time I got it to the other side of the room. As I went to sit back down I adjusted a little bit hoping she wouldn't notice. I think she could tell because she looked at me but she didn't say anything. She just smiled and got up to go get her pint of ice cream.

When she returned she placed the ice cream on the table with a spoon on top, turned to me and asked, "Do you really think I'm pretty or is this just a mean prank?"

I looked hard at her and responded, "I think you are extremely sexy and your body makes me rock hard."

"Oh really?", she said a little taken back. "So does that mean you would like this..?"

She lifted her t-shirt up over her plump belly and forced it over her massive tits, up over her head and threw it at my face. She then cowered back.

"Oh my god I'm so embarrassed".

I didn't let that feeling last long as I plunged my face into her belly. She giggled. It must have been the first time she truly laughed in many years. As I pulled my face out she started to open up.

"What is your most favorite thing to have done?"

I was honest and told her that a woman's touch and nibble on my nipple was the most arousing sensation. She lifted my shirt and moved her face toward my chest. Her boobs hit my belly as she sucked away at my right nipple, pulling the left one softly but firm. After a minute she leaned back and said, "Your nipples are hard, and so are mine, I want you to feel them". With that she lifted her bra and her tits flopped down, nipples pointing out the bottom. She lifted her breasts and pushed them towards my chest. Her nipples met mine and my penis twitched. She could feel it because it was pressed against her fat belly.

"Ooooh, you like my nipples don't you?"

I responded my unzipping my pants and grabbing my cock. I wanted her to know that she turned me on.

"Can I see your belly", I asked a little anxiously

"You can see my belly", she reluctantly responded.

"No, I know what those jeans are hiding and I want to see it all."

She looked down and unbuttoned her jeans. Her belly rose up and over the waist line and as she removed her pants her belly flopped down below her vagina. I took my cock and started stroking it. It wasn't two seconds before my whole cock was in her mouth. I could tell she hadn't sucked dick in a long time because she was really eating it. She even scooped my sack up and pushed it in her mouth too. She then pulled away a little quick

"Are you going to cum?"

I admitted that I probably wouldn't last long because she was so hot and I had already been touching myself for most of the night after she gave me her address. She sat back and said, "Well then you better know how to eat a good pussy because you aren't leaving until I'm satisfied".

She rolled back and my head shot down. I buried my face in her pussy, taking big licks up her open lips and then pulling the clit just slightly into my teeth. Her whole body shook. After a couple minutes I got up and on top of her, my head pointing towards her thick thighs, and I once again buried my face. This time I pulled her thighs apart and really planted my face. I was determined to make this gorgeous BBW cum. As I wrote the alphabet with my tongue her body started to shake again, only this time mostly in the lower region. She grabbed her tits and pulled them towards her face, sucking her own nipples as she came and my mouth filled with her juices. My face was squished in her thighs until her orgasm was complete.

She sat up and looked at me. "That was INCREDIBLE!"

I smiled and stuck my hand out to grab her left boob. She pulled me in and pushed my face against her breast. I licked around the outside of the huge areola and then moved in to tug the nipple, then pushed in to get it all for a good suck. She grabbed my penis and started pumping it.

"Oh my god I am so close to cumming and that is making it even closer".

She pushed me back and announced, "Well if you are going to cum, why don't you cover my breasts?"

I obeyed, stroking my cock, pumping as hard as I could until my cum shot out and onto her huge saggy breasts. She lifted her right breast and licked all of the cum off of it, slurping it up into her mouth. She then grabbed her left breast and did the same. The excess she swirled around her breasts, pinching her own nipples before slipping her hand into her vagina.

"Oh my god you really shot me a good load".

I humbly nodded and she threw my boxers at me.

"Put these on, I need to go to bed so I'll walk you to the door. I had an amazing time tonight and I really hope you can come back for more. As you can see my freak comes out after a couple drinks, plus you are just so sweet. I felt comfortable with you. Same time next week? "

I smiled and walked towards the door. I was shocked at how this shy woman had so much sexuality still left in her. She had clothed herself before walking me to the door but before I opened it she told me to wait.

"I want to give you a taste of next time". She bent over and pulled her jeans down, exposing her wide droppy ass. She spread the cheeks and told me to kiss it. I put my face up to her open asshole and slid my tongue inside. She jumped up and quickly pulled her pants up.

"Well if that is what I can expect than you better just come back tomorrow, you get off at the same time?"

As I walked out the door I jokingly retorted, "Oh no, I'll prepare to go all night....."

She smiled and added, "I'll see you when you get out and we'll see just how long you can last...."

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