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My master just got done giving me a nice ass beating and then he told me to come into his room he was going to take me on a walk I was already naked and had my collar on I didn’t think we where going to far since it was only 9:30am he put my leash on and lead me outside.


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He walked me around his apartment complex he took me back to the park and sat down on the bench he started to rub my back and then spank my ass he told me I better make him proud of hid lil cum slut whore today or something bad would happen when I got home. He then reached in his pocket and got out a ball he asked if his slut wanted to play in till I had to go I said yes master he threw the ball to the other side and I went a fetched it like the good bitch I was. He threw it a couple more times then when I was brining it back I noticed another man sitting next to him he said this was Sir and he was going to take me home to play with a slut.He took my leash from my master and told me to come back and yelled I came and sat down back right in front of him he put my collar on and walked me to his apartment building.

He walked me into the back room with a metal table in it and all these toys for him to use on me he lifted me up and laid me on my stomach and tied my arms up above my head and spread my legs as far as they could go and then tied them up as well with a small arch in my back for an easy fuck for him.

He took out his whip and began whipping my ass with it with each slash of his whip it made my pussy a lil wetter. He then went and got a gag ball and shoved it in my mouth and then put nipple clamps on my nipples and began to play with them. With the pain running down my back I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happened next he put string through each clamp and got behind me and began putting things in my pussy which I didn’t know what was going in me at all. He then left me in the room came back with a full ice tray and began shoving ice up my ass he put all 12 cubes in my ass. He came up to my ear and you stupid slut don’t let any water come out your ass or I’m going to punish you and tell master you where not a good cum slut whore.

As the ice melted I squeezed my ass tighter to make sure no water came out. Then sir went behind me and began fucking me or what he called playing in the sea of a slut. He was pounding my pussy so hard I was about to explode but knew I couldn’t cause master never let me cum on my own he told me when to so I figured I would wait in till sir told me to cum. He picked up the strings he put through the clamps and started pulling on them each time he entered my pussy. This was sending a pain right down my back he began to fuck me harder and pull on the clamps even harder. He continued to do this in till the one clamp came flying off he pulled on the other string in till the other one did the same exact thing. He began to pound my pussy even harder.

Sir left the room and a female came in he told me she was hear to play with the slut as well and I was to answer to her as Yes Ma and nothing else. She ran her hand up my body and smiled at me she asked me if I ever tasted pussy even though I never did I answered yes Ma since that what Sir said to answer her to and only that she than asked me if I wanted to taste her pussy again I said Yes Ma she laid on the table and slid under me in till her pussy was all in my face I began gently biting on her clit she started to moan. Sir seemed pleased and went back to my pussy he stuck his whole fist inside of me and was fist fucking me.

I than began licking her pussy up and down while sir continued to shove more of his arm in my pussy. Ma began moaning even louder and then I began to tongue fuck her. Ma’s legs where shaking I knew she was about to cum, and I couldn’t wait to taste her sweet juice since her pussy tasted so sweet already I knew I was in for a treat. She came all in my mouth and I sucked and licked it all up. Sir than said he wanted a turn on my mouth he came up and began fucking my mouth and Ma went and put a strap-on on. She than went and began fucking my pussy just as hard as Sir was maybe even a lil harder. Ma and Sir where going in rhythm with each other while fucking me I was so ready to cum and I couldn’t wait to be able to.

Sir shoved his whole dick in my mouth and nuted all down my throat. Ma than stop fucking me and said something to Sir, Sir than came back to me and asked me if I wanted to cum, I said “yes Sir I would love to cum for you and Ma” he than left the room and said if you want to cum first you must let all the water out your ass into this cup and then cum into the cup and drink it all up. I did as I was told and drank every last bit of it. Master came in about 3 minutes later and untied me and said come on slut its time for you to come home, he than took me off the table and said I hope you was a good lil cum slut whore, cause they will be playing with you every weekend know.

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zimsh    (2008-04-14 05:48:19)    Flag as inappropiate
zimsh Wow, true story eh?
remo    (2008-04-01 03:23:30)    Flag as inappropiate
Nasty litle whore, love it.

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