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  By: Ron1x

I live with 2 other guys. We all go to college and are extremely good friends. One weekend, one of the guys had his younger sister Kara come up for the weekend. She had just turned 18 years old, but damn she looked at least 22. Her tits were a perfect 36 D (I checked her bra the night before when she was sleeping), stomach flat as a board, and the tightest little ass on her.

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Well anyways, we were all hanging out and drinking ;) Saturday night upstairs in the computer room. Alex (her brother) got tired quickly and decided he was going to bed. So it ended up being Kara, Brandon (my other roommate) and me. We kept drinking and shooting the shit for a while until we were noticeably quite high. Somehow the topic of sex came up. It turned out the little cutie Kara was a virgin.


“Yea I’m still a virgin,” she says with a slight embarrassed loom on her face.


“Well, do u ever touch yourself or anything like that?” I ask. “And if so, what do u think about?”


She pauses for a minute, thinking about how to answer, “Yea I like to rub down there.”


“Whats one of the biggest turn on things you’ve ever touched yourself to?” Brandon asks quickly.


“Hmm… Probably being with two guys at once, sometimes I get on my knees and lean forward, using both hands I rub my clit and gently rub my butthole. I’ve never put anything in it, just the thought and the feeling gets me really wet. That’s not weird is it?” she says, slightly giggling.


“No its not weird at all, that’s actually pretty hot,” I say in return. I look over at Brandon who returns my glance with a slight smile.


“So would you like to know what it’s like?” Brandon asks.


She pauses for a minute, thinking about everything. Then she sits up and takes her shirt off, exposing her perfect tits in a see through lace bra. She then stands up. I reach out and undue her skirt and slide it down. She has no panties on! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Her pussy is perfectly shaved.


“Do you like it?” She asks.


“Your pussy is absolutely perfect,” I respond. “How bout you give Brandon’s cock a little kiss?”


Turns over and undoes his pants, pulling them down. She then pulls down his boxers. Now I’ve never seen him naked, but his cock was huge. It had to be at least 8 inches long and it was rock hard. Kara slides her mouth around the tip, and starts to suck.


I get completely undressed and go over standing next to her. She lifts up and starts to suck on my rock hard 7 inch member, while still stroking Brandon off. Her mouth feels so incredible, her soft lips and warm, wet tongue sliding over my shaft. I let her suck on it for a while, then pull away.


“You better sit on his cock while its still hard, I wanna see what your cute little pussy looks like getting filled with a huge dick like that.” I say.


She sits up and straddles Brandon. Slowly, she tries to slide his huge dick into her. The head enters her tiny little hole as Brandon reaches back and grabs both of her ass cheeks with his hands. He slowly spreads her ass, exposing her tiny little brown hole. You can see her wetness start to drip down his shaft. The sight is actually making me extremely turned on.


All of a sudden Brandon shoves his cock the rest of the way in and starts slamming in and out of Kara’s virgin pussy. She screams as her breathing gets extremely heavy and she lets out moan after moan.


“That’s how we break a virgin pussy in,” Brandon says.


“Oh my god, he feels so incredible. I can feel every ridge and bulge of his cock,” Kara says. “I think I would cum so incredibly hard if you would lick my ass. Please put your tongue on my asshole.”


I think about it for a second and decide why not. I get down on my knees behind her, and position myself so that I can have easier access to her ass. She’s basically not moving, except for the slight movement caused by Brandon’s cock moving in and out of her. I lower my tongue to her asshole, slowly exploring around it. Her moans get louder and louder as I continue to lick all over that tiny little poop shoot.


Then I start to slide my tongue into her asshole. I can feel her squeeze her asshole around my tongue as I intrude her unexplored area. The taste is amazingly not bad, but the sensation is incredible. I can also feel the pressure caused by Brandon’s huge cock.


The site of Brandon’s huge dick going in and out of her and my tongue shoved up her ass made me extremely horny. Now I’m not gay, nor am I bi, but I really had an urge to lick down around her taint and on her pussy as he pounded her.


I tried to fight this urge off, as I didn’t want to ruin the entire adventure. I finally decided that I could explore her taint safely, as Brandon probably wouldn’t feel that. I move down and bury my tongue into her taint, making sure I don’t get contact with his dick.


All of a sudden, Brandon’s big, low hanging balls start to hit against my chin as I’m licking. That’s all it takes, my horniness gets the best of me. I slide my tongue down from her taint to her pussy and his shaft. Amazingly, Brandon doesn’t even miss a beat in his thrust. In fact, I can feel his dick get even harder.


“Yea, how do you like that? Your getting fucked and the guy who was just licking your asshole is now licking my dick as it moves in and out of your tight virgin pussy,” Brandon says.


“Oh My God! I’m Cumming!” Is all she can scream out.


My tongue moves along his shaft, feeling every single vein and bulge that it has to offer, then down to his huge shaved balls, and then go back up to her asshole to start tongue fucking her again. As my tongue is buried completely in her ass, I can feel her contractions around his dick as she cums.


“You’re gonna get another big dick in you now, you little 18 year old slut,” I say as I pull up from licking her ass. I position myself behind her, and before she can even remotely start to protest, I shove my rock hard member up her extremely tight asshole.


The tight feel, along with being able to feel Brandon’s cock in her pussy, is one of the hottest feelings ever. Both of our balls start to hit together, as we both pound her.


“Dude, your balls slapping against mine make me really hard,” Brandon says.


“Yea, it’s pretty fuckin hot,” I reply.


After a while I pull out of her asshole and say, “I think it’s about time you tasted your own ass.” I stand in front of her and put my cock in her face. She accepts it and starts to go to town on it, trying to deep throat it and licking all over my balls.


“Dude, fuck me in the ass while I fuck her ass. I bet it’ll feel incredible,” Brandon says.


Kara doesn’t even miss a beat. She hops up and turns around. She straddles him in a reverse cowgirl position and guides his huge dick into her asshole. She starts moving her hips up and down, taking the entire length of his cock. “I want to be able to see you fuck him,” she says.


I get in front of Brandon and slowly slide my dick into his asshole. He moans in pleasure as I start to move in and out faster. He feels so incredibly tight, and the site of his cock moving in and out of Kara’s asshole is extremely hot.


After a little while I start putting moving my cock form his ass to Kara’s pussy, and going back and forth to both of them.


“Ok, I am so gonna cum in like two seconds,” Brandon says.


I can see his cock start to get even harder. I pull out of his ass and move down. I pull his huge cock out of Kara’s asshole and start to suck up and down on it as fast as I can as I play with his balls. He blows a huge load in my mouth, at least six or seven squirts. I can feel each convulsion as my tongue is pressed against his shaft. Some of the cum shoots down my throat, but the majority is still in my mouth.


The taste of his cum makes my dick extremely hard. I move up to Kara’s face and start making out with her, giving her all the cum he squirted out. She swallows most of it, but moves down to suck the rest off of his dick.


“It’s my turn now bitch, get on my dick!” I order her.


I sit down on the couch and she straddles me facing me. She starts slamming her hips up and down on top of me. My cock feels incredible in her ass, it is so incredibly rock hard. Her huge tits are bouncing all over, so I get a nice show too.


“Brandon, get down there and lick!” I yell out.


Brandon gets down and starts licking my balls and shaft. He even moves down and starts tongue fucking my asshole. The feeling is amazing. This sends me over the edge.


“I’m gonna cum, I want you to taste my cum like I tasted yours. I want you to lick it off her asshole.” I say.


Brandon pulls my cock out and places the head of it just on her asshole. He starts massaging my balls and licking the head and her asshole while also jacking me off. I cum so hard, harder than I ever have in my entire life. The cum just doesn’t stop coming out. With each squirt, Brandon either shoves my head into her asshole and lets my squirt in there, or takes it into his mouth and licks on her asshole at the same time.


After its all over, we lock the door and go to sleep on the floor naked. Needless to say, Kara had some problems walking the next day. ;-)



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Wolfgang13    (2012-05-09 14:45:06)    Flag as inappropiate
Wolfgang13 Incredibly HOT! Great story ;)
unknown    (2009-02-28 03:05:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Not bad at all, I dont understand why its under forced/rape but yeah not bad
shybutwannatry1    (2009-01-03 18:38:21)    Flag as inappropiate
That's really hot! To bad my brother is not in college!
mathfreak    (2008-04-08 00:31:47)    Flag as inappropiate
Not gay or bi either, but admittedly kind of hot

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