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  By: CapitalL

A weird thing had happened once--a classmate of mine that I was somewhat friendly with and I were talking as we walked to class once when we both heard a metallic crunch. Apparently some idiot in the parking lot managed to run into my parked car. Now I'm normally a pretty even tempered guy, but I flipped out on this moron because I'd been having a bad day I'd been having.

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The weird thing was the fact that my friend was apparently was very turned on by this. She called me that night and talked about how she had masturbated thinking about it once she had gotten home. Apparently she's a submissive, and thought the sight of her bulky black classmate losing his shit at some fool in the parking lot was a bit of a thrill. She asked if I'd be interested in coming over.

I didn't really know what to tell her. I wasn't into domination or submission or S&M or whatever, but this was way too good an opportunity to pass up. I had been admiring this girl for a while--she was a classical red head. Curls, fair skin, enough freckles to be cute but not enough to be distracting. Big green eyes. She was skinny for the most part, but had decent sized tits that she would sometimes put on minimal display in slightly-low cut shirts. So even though this was a delicious opportunity, I decided to be honest.

"Look, I would love to come over, believe me, but I just don't think that I'll be able to live up to what you're looking for. You know me, for the most part I don't get like that. I'm not into that whole dominance possessive, whatever, thing--it's weird to me."

She was quiet for a second, and seemed to take what I said into consideration. "It's fine--I'll figure it out." I was trying to grasp what she meant when she followed up with "Let me handle it. Okay?" I pictured her smiling sweetly and I melted a little. So I agreed to meet her at her house later that evening. I still didn't really know what she expected me to do, but this was too sweet a chance to pass on.

Later that night when she answered her door and I was shocked with what I saw. She had changed clothes--She was wearing a the shortest, most flimsy looking skirt I had ever seen. It was powder blue and when she turned around it started to lift just enough that I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks. Above, she was wearing a sheer white cotton tank top that looked like it would dissolve if it got wet. It looked like a cliche from a bad porno, but I didn't care--I could feel my cock stirring as I followed her inside.

She asked me to sit on the couch and switched the TV on. She sat on the far opposite side of the couch with legs bent and resting beneath her. She turned to some inane reality program and just...sat there and watched it. This went on for about half hour before I asked her what was going on.

"I'm watching TV."

"...I can see that, but didn't you ask me over here to...?"

"Oh that. I lied." She shot her toungue out at me and returned her gaze to the TV.

"Now hold the fuck on here," I said, stomping to my feet "I've got work in the the unholiest hours of the morning and you had me drive across town late at night just to flash a little bit of ass cheek and..." but as I railed at her I saw a change in her demeanor. Her eyes were bolted on me. And that's when I figured out what she was doing.

"Oooh, I see," I said folding my arms in contemplation. "Do you really think you can just...provoke me, into being dominant?"

She looked a little disappointed that I had caught on so quickly. I sat down next to her and put my hand on her leg. "Come on, can't we just...y'know, normally?"

This time she stomped to her feet and looked angry. "No, we can't. And you know why? Because you're so pathetic, the only way you could ever fuck me is by indulging me like this."

My eyes went a little wide. Though it was clear she was trying to provoke me still, she had a point.

"I don't even know why I bothered with you. I mean you talk about all this bullshit about 'I know how to please the girl' but when it comes down to it, I ask you to do something you're a little uncomfortable with and you balk like a little pussy." I didn't know what to say. I was almost starting to feel bad even though I knew she was just saying it to manipulte me.

She lifted her gaze and looked down her nose at me. "I guess you're just a lazy nigger." Now I admit, I'm not the most sensitive guy (Who really can be in this age?) so I don't normally get bent out of shape about being called that. But after the beating she had just applied to my ego I felt myself get a little flushed, and not in the aroused sense.

"Alright, you can shut up now," I said, grinding my teeth to keep from getting carried away.

"Why would I? You've made it clear you can't do shit to me anyway. Y'know, I've known guys who would bend over backwards on hot coals to get some pussy, but you're so fucking lazy you can't even do this little thing. Lazy, pathetic little n--" but before she could even finish I was in her face with my hands clasped around her mouth. I was glaring at her and realized that this is what she was after, and she knew how to get it from me. What right does she have to try and push my buttons anyway? She's the one with the weird fetish, and she's talking shit about me? I'd had enough. Fuck this bitch. Literally.

"Get on your knees," I said. I saw her expression soften a little, and I could almost feel a smile form on her face with my hand pressed over her mouth. I kept my hand on her face because I didn't want her to say anything that would really push me over the line, and kneeled down on one knee as she got on both of hers. I had to admit I wasn't really sure what to do but I was too pissed at this point to admit it. "Open your legs," I told her, and she spread her knees apart a bit. I felt between her legs and was surprised to see that she had gotten considerably wet already.

"Is this what you wanted you little slut? For me to take charge? To show you what I get like when people fuck with me?" She tried to hide her reaction, but I could see her eyes light up a little as she slowly nodded yes. "Then you had better do what I tell you to." She nodded again, this time more emphatically. I stood up and set back on the couch with my arms draped over the back of it, leaving her kneeling on the floor.

I took another good look at her and for the first time since she had successfully managed to make me angry noticed how hot she was. Her nipples were now poking through the white tank top she was wearing, and her breathing was a little ragged. I could feel my cock stirring again. "Play with your pussy." I told her. She hesitated a bit, to which I responded "I just told to play with your pussy, bitch, now do it before I lose my temper." With that, she lifted her shirt up slightly and slide her hand down her skirt and underneath her panties and began to play with herself.

I watched, successfully feigning mild disinterest while my erection began to solidify. This was one of my favorite things to watch, and here I had a girl I'd fantasized about, doing it for me. It was hard to contain my excitement, but at this point I realized that if I broke the charade it might mean not getting what I wanted. So I let her sit there, in that trampy getup and play with herself as she kept her eyes on me, and after a while I noticed her gaze had shifted to the tent that had formed in my jeans.

"Take your top off and then keep going," I told her tersely. She complied by lifting it up over her head, letting her perfectly formed, sizable, pale breasts swing free. I had remembered stealing glances at the clothed verison of these tits so many times before and here they were within my reach. She was now cupping one breast with her left hand and continued to feel herself with the right. As much as I didn't want to show any reaction, it was too much for me to handle, so I reached my own hand down and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. Then I realized what a waste that was. "Get over here."

She withdrew her hand and and walked over to me. I could see now how hard she was breathing, and I told her to come closer. She was standing between my open legs, flushed, and clearly ready. But I wasn't ready yet. "Sit on my knee," I told her, and she looked like she was about to make a Santa Claus joke when I exclaimed "Now, bitch!" She then straddled my right leg. I could feel wetness from her pussy pressing into my thigh. I reached over with the hand I had been using to massage my cock and started rubbing her through her panties. She moaned slightly and barely began to writhe, when I decided she needed more to do. "Take my cock out."


She looked a bit surprised, but started to get up. "Hold on bitch, I told you to take my dick out not to get up. You can reach it from there. Do it." She did, and this required her to lean forward which gave me that much better a grasp on her pussy. She writhed and wiggled a little as she clumsily undid my flip and opened my pants. I couldn't do anything to hide the spot at the top of my cock where the precum was showing through my underewear but I didn't even really care anymore. She gingerly took my cock out through my underwear and as I felt the warmth of her hand on me I started working her pussy harder. She started moaning again and began to jack my cock off. "

"Stop. Did I tell you to jack my cock?" I said, not halting my own assault on her. She was gasping at this point and I could tell she was on the verge.

"But...I...oh...I'm gonna..." I smirked at her reaction. "I don't care. You do what I tell you to, undestand?" At this point I was moving my hand as aggressively and quickly as I could. "And now, I'm telling you to cum."

And she did cum, but the reaction was more than I could hope for--she grabbed onto my shoulders and bucked wildly onto my hand as she started several short, sharp grunts. Seeing the sight of her, my normally so conservative classmate bucking beatially against my hand might have been enough to make me cum without being touched any other day. But not today. Today I was in control.

After she had regained her bearings she leaned back on my knee, still slightly squirming, and waited for her next command. I didn't intend on disappointing her. "Stand up, and take your panties and skirt off." She unsteadily rose to her feet, still seeming a bit weak in the knees and drew her panties and microskirt down in a single motion. I then got to my feet and proceded to take the rest of my clothes off. I stood over her and she looked up, not knowing what to expect next. I was about a head taller than her andI was so close my cock was almost poking her.

I walked around her a few times, taking a the chance to admire her exposed ass for the first time. Once I was completely behind her I reached out and pulled her into me, groping her boobs and letting my cock press into her. She was so soft, so warm, and her nipples were still hard. I could feel her breathing start to pick up again and she pushed back lightly against my cock. I couldn't take it anymore. I know she wanted me to be the dominating one, the one in control, but at this point the best I could do is pretend. "Lay down, now!" I said, hurridly.

She leaned back against the beige carpeted floor and looked up at me with big, green eyes. Now I was breathing hard, and I could feel a droplet of precum fall from my cock and hit the floor. I leaned over with my arms on either side of her head. "I'm going to fuck you now, bitch, and you had better cum." Did that sound convincing? Honestly, I didn't care anymore, and neither did she. I pressed into her and she inhaled sharply, as I tried to supress a groan. She was tight and still soaking wet. I don't know if it was because I had been in control or if just because I had wanted her so badly but I started thrusting at a quick pace right from the start, giving her my full length with each rough push.

If she had any discomfort she didn't show it and with each push she seemed to pull her head back further, with her expression more intense, moaning loudly and rhythmically. "How is it?! How's the lazy nigger cock that you wanted so badly?!" She couldn't even vocalize a response. She grapped either side of my head with her hands and pulled me down into the most smoldering kiss I had ever recieved. That was enough to send me over the limit and with a last frew frantic lunges I erupted from inside of her, which was enough to cause her to pull back her head and let out one last scream as she came as well.

I rolled over, pulling her on top of me as I did, out of breath and sweating. She rested against my chest and looked up at me. "See? I told you I could get you to do it."



Addendum: If you like what I wrote and would be interested in sexy e-mail or chat, PM me! Hope you liked it

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Great, well written, got me wet. Keeping them cuming

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