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Vanessa was beyond furious.


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She had gone to a place of pure, ice-cold anger. She walked that determined, business-woman walk that broke the sea of people ahead of her like a ship slices through the waves. It was the no-nonsense walk of someone who does not want to be bothered. It was also a give-away to the raging emotions churning just beneath the surface.As were her eyes.The blue orbs were hotter and brighter than they had ever been. They stared ahead with a focused passion. It has been said the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and anyone that looked into Vanessa's eyes that night would have feared what they saw in hers.Her determined walk led to one of the middle-class clubs in the city. It wasn't a seedy joint, but it wouldn't be attracting any movie stars either. Her heels clicked down the sidewalk, matching the swaying of hips which were barely hidden in her black mini-skirt. Her top was once a modest blue button-down, but she had left the first several buttons undone, revealing her black bra underneath. Tonight she wanted to be noticed. Tonight she was out for blood.-------How could they DO this to her!?It was almost beyond endurance, Vanessa thought as she pushed through the bar door, not even bothering to acknowledge the bouncer. She had been working on this project for four months! Four! This was supposed to be her big break. This was the project that would get her noticed by the VPs. And now her pin-headed, sexist, pig-faced manager had yanked it out from under her just as the hard work was done. “I’ll take over from here and finish up” he had said. He would just coast along at this point and take ALL the credit for her work!Vanessa brushed past the minglers on her way to the bar, nearly knocking over a serving girl's tray. She didn't stop or even look back. She had the music pounding in her ears now. The steady, pulsing rhythm of the techno thrust its way into her bones and had them aching to go out on the floor and dance.But she needed a drink first.Vanessa smiled humorously as she approached the bar. The male pigs had already noticed her. She spied a few spike-haired, open shirted jocks, and the usual business men in their polos already eyeing her as she walked up. She even saw one of the jean-wearing geeks nudge his buddy from a table in the corner of her eye. Those pencil-dick cowards. Geeks NEVER approached her. She was going to enjoy pissing off every two-bit asshole man with a shitty pickup line or an offer to buy her a drink. Her tongue was sharp to begin with, and tonight it was practically dripping acidic venom."Scotch on the rocks. Now." She demanded as she reached the bar. The bartender had been in the middle of taking one of the stuck-up jock's order. He eyed her face and began pouring her drink. Bartenders were usually smart enough to not to screw with her.The jock whose drink order she had interrupted, however, was not.He sauntered over, subtly drawing himself up and flexing his arm muscles. "Hey baby, that was quite a rude way to introduce yourself here. I'm willing to forgive, ‘cause it looks like you've had a bad night, so why don't you head back to my table and we can talk."Vanessa slowly turned and looked at the mongrel man that was her first victim."Why?" she ask sarcastically.The jock blinked, and looked momentarily stunned. This one was not smarter than your average bear. "Uh....I thought we could talk. You look like....." He began.Vanessa didn't let him finish. "I LOOK like the hottest woman in this bar. I LOOK so good, you figured a cheap line and fake sincerity would be enough to get me drunk and fuck me. I ALSO look like I need to be left the hell alone from small-dick assholes like you." she flared at the jock. As he registered the insults his eyes flashed. Vanessa smiled a grim smile. Good, let him try something. She was aching for an excuse to lash out with her heel and smash his penis.But she was to be disappointed. "Fuck you, bitch!" was all the jock came up with before he stormed away. The assholes almost NEVER gave her a reason to be violent. Once, just once, she would like to smash a man's face in. The men around Vanessa's position had noticed her little altercation with work-out boy, and chose not to meet her eye as she grabbed the scotch off the counter. She downed it all in one gulp and slammed the glass on the counter. The fiery liquid felt good going down her throat. Just wait till she got a few more of these in her. "Another. Now." Vanessa demanded. Two more scotches quickly shared the same fate as the first.The rotgut was beginning to work its magic in Vanessa. She could feel her muscles loosen as her rage tightened up. She was on the razor's edge now.She turned around with the intention of heading to the dance floor when she saw another member of the Neanderthal-spawned man-group approaching her. He was coming from the geek section. His appearance was simple fair: jeans, with a tucked in polo and belt. So he was a clean geek, big deal. He would still melt before her fury. These fucking nerds always did. The few who approached her stuttered and stammered, and the minute she turned the heat up they fled back to their D&D group in the dark corner. Her lips curled up in a sneer as he got close, but his gaze never wavered from her. This retard was very plain looking. His brown eyes were bright, but bland, and he had blond hair cut close. This was a guy you met and forgot ten minutes later.He walked right up to her and looked at her face. Vanessa thought he looked like he was looking for something there. Let him look, she thought. All he will find is my utter contempt."You're coming home with me tonight. Go quietly and do exactly as I say. If you fight back I am going to strip you and parade you out of here with everyone getting an eyeful of your naked body. You are mine now, and you will obey." he told her in a quiet tone. The words were said very calmly, but had steel in them that Vanessa hadn't heard in a long time.But that didn't matter.Vanessa went cold on the inside. Her eyes flashed fire. Her tightly-pinned rage erupted and scrubbed her emotions raw. Her mind transcended reason to a place of pure, white hot passion."How dare you?" she began, almost conversationally. She actually smiled at the geek. "How dare you presume, not only to SPEAK to me, but to try and TELL me what I am going to do?" As she spoke her volume and tone crept up. "You are nothing but a small-minded, elf-loving, momma's boy with an overactive imagination! You are WEAK, you have always BEEN weak, and you'll always be a weak...MAN" she ended her last statement with a yell, drawing the attention of those close to them. "Now, get the hell out of my way. I am going to dance."The man just stood there, gazing at her with those determined eyes. He showed no anger, no fear, and no intimidation. She stared him down for several heartbeats, and finally moved to shove past him. Fucking geeks and their....Vanessa's thought was interrupted as she collided into the asshole. He had stepped into her path, barring her way. What the fuck....? "I haven't given you permission to leave yet." he said calmly.Almost before the words were out of his mouth, she launched her fist at him. It was a typical haymaker, but Vanessa didn't need her martial arts training to get rid of a drunken buffoon...The man calmly raised his arm and blocked her wild swing, grabbed her wrist and, faster than she thought he could move, spun behind her and pinned her arms at the small of her back. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. "I told you to behave, and you disobeyed. You will be punished for that.” And with that, he reached up with one hand and began massaging her left breast.Vanessa was outraged. How dare he touch her like that? How DARE he!? She spun around and ripped her arm out of his grasp. "You son-of-a-bitch! You can't get a girl any other way, so you force yourself on one? I am going to kick your ass nerd-boy!" She dropped in a tai-kwon-do L-stance, her feet balanced and her arms up, defending.The man's eyes lit up and began twinkling. He even grinned at her. That just served to infuriate Vanessa more, and she launched a punch at his foolish, grinning face.This punch was different than her first. It was controlled, powerful, and not at all slow. But it didn’t make a damn’s worth of difference. The man dodged to the side of her fist, letting it skim past his chest. As she extended her arm, he flowed behind her again and put both of his hands on her chest. This time, instead of just groping her, he yanked the first closed button on her blouse. It broke free of its thread with a small pop and exposed much more of her black bra. Where as just the top of her lacy undergarment had been visible before (just enough to tease), now the entire front was visible, down to the small strings that held both cups together.Vanessa tried to pull away again, but her unknown tormentor clamped down on her arms and held her in place. He leaned in again and began nibbling on her ear. “Since you are so keen on kicking my ass, why don’t we step outside? You can take all the potshots you want at me….and we’ll stop causing such a scene.”Vanessa looked around and realized the man was right. The patrons nearest them had noticed their little scuffle and were drawing back. It was only a matter of time before the bouncers stepped in and removed them both. Likely, this man’s dirty mouth on her ear was the only reason they had not been summoned already. Fucker thought they were partners.“Fine.” She snarled softly up at him. “Take your grubby hands off me.” He complied without further comment, and Vanessa went stomping to door, her heels clicking sharply. She didn’t even look back to see if her assaulter followed. If he didn’t, she would come back in and drag his sorry ass out. She wanted a piece of him. It didn’t even register in Vanessa’s anger-filled state that her crotch was radiating heat now.



Vanessa whirled around as soon as she stepped outside the bar, ready to take on her tormentor right outside the front door, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the side of the building. She resisted at first, but he looked back and laughed at her, “Do you want the bouncers interrupting our little soirée? Or maybe have a Good Samaritan break up your chance to kick my ass properly?” She shot dagger at the back of his head, but let him lead her to an empty patch of ground away from the bar.

The lighting was only fair here, but it was far enough away from the bar so they wouldn’t be noticed. Vanessa smiled grimly. He had just signed his own death warrant. In the bar, he would have had the protection of other patrons to pull her off when she began really doing damage. Out here he would have no such luck. She could open up on him like she had been aching to open up on a man.The man turned and faced her and grinned. “You’ve got me all to yourself Foxy Momma. Give me everything you’ve got.”Vanessa kicked off her heels and dropped into her L-stance again. What this jackass didn’t know was she had been in Tai Kwon Do since she was in middle school. She was a third degree black belt that had won two division titles. ‘Foxy momma’ indeed.She waited for the man to get into a martial arts stance. After the incident inside, she figured he had to be an athlete of some kind. But he just stood there grinning at her, with his weight on one leg and his arms on his sides.Without warning, she launched a high kick at his head. The man raised his hand and blocked her kick at the last second, then charged in straight for her. Vanessa was not expecting his move, but followed her kick momentum around and pushed herself sideways out of his path….As he barreled past, her tormentor reached out and snagged her top with one outstretched hand and pulled it till her another button popped…..then let it go.Vanessa surveyed the damage to her shirt. Her top three buttons had been left unbuttoned at the beginning of the night, and this asshole had torn off one of them in the club and another out here. She just had one left on the bottom, leaving her chest and midriff nearly completely exposed. It was a good thing no one could see her out here.He ended his run, turned to face her again and made the patented “Come on” gesture from ‘The Matrix.Vanessa pivoted her foot and side kicked this time with her heel leading the way to the man’s chest. He brought his arms up and let her foot side through a hole he created with them. Her heel get an inch from its target before he slammed both arms closed, effectively trapping her ankle. His grip was like iron.Her tormentor grinned at her again. “So your panties do match your bra. I suspected as much. Judging by the lack of fabric, I am going to guess a thong…..” With her leg extended all the way out, her skirt had ridden up, with just the slight fabric of her black thong covering her exposed womanhood.Vanessa felt the heat rush to her face. With a yell, she flung her weight into her other leg, lifting her off the ground and rotating it to aim at this asshole’s head. She had nearly bared it all….Her tormenter ducked the desperation kick and let go of her other ankle. She fell on all fours, facing away from him.Suddenly, she heard a rip, and felt a rush of air on her right leg. Vanessa scrambled to her feet and looked down. Her short skirt was ripped up all the way to the waistline. He had torn a jagged cut from the bottom almost all the way to the waistline. Her skirt was now hanging onto her hips by a small shred of fabric.Vanessa got to her feet again. She wasn’t as brash as before. Her top had nearly been torn off and she was in danger of losing her skirt. She was breathing slightly heavier than before. She must have put more into that last kick than she thought. It had nothing to do with the slight moistness between her legs. That was just sweat.She lowered her center of gravity and got into a defensive stance. She tried to ignore how much skin showed on her right leg. She would do the countering this time. She beckoned him with her hand. “It’s your turn asshole.”Her tormentor grinned his infuriating grin and dropped down in his own stance. It was a basic karate stance. He wasn’t telescoping at all. He kicked out at her three times, one high, one mid, and one low. It was a standard beginner’s move and Vanessa blocked easily. He followed that up with a front “mule” kick like she had done earlier. She knew better than to try the same move he had used on her, she didn’t have the upper body strength for it. Instead, she just stepped back and let it fall short of her. Her tormentor had overextended his kick, and was going to come down hard and very off balance. Vanessa planned on capitalizing on that. She stepped back in when his foot hit the dirt and retaliated with a hook kick aimed at her his head.To her surprise, her tormentor keep going down, turning his kick into a full American split. Her leg sailed over his head...and left her way out of position. Oh God….she thought. Her panties were exposed again…. Sure enough, she saw his hands reaching in felt it grab the small fabric of thong, right on her pussy.Vanessa knew she had three options at his point. If she just landed the kick, he was going to yank her panties down, tripping her up and causing her to lose her underwear. The same thing would happen if she threw her weight backwards. She would end up on her ass and panty-less.She chose option three: as her leg came down, she launched herself forward in a leap that sent her flying over the man’s body. As she had hoped, the movement causes him to lose his grip on her privates and got her clear. She tucked into a roll as she landed and came up on her haunches.But her trip had not been without consequences. As she sailed over her tormentor’s outstretched form, his other hand had reached up and grabbed her skirt. With one side nearly torn in half already, it ripped right off her as her momentum carried her forward. Vanessa gasp as the cool night air hit her legs. She was nearly naked now! She instinctively stood up and tried to pull her blouse down, to cover herself, but it wasn't nearly long enough. Vanessa was almost completely exposed to anyone who walked by! And now he could see nearly all of her! Only her tiny thong covered her most private region....Her tormentor stood up slowly and held her skirt like a trophy."Give me that back! Vanessa shouted, still trying vainly to cover herself. He turned to face her, and smiled. "I promised you inside I would strip to nude if you disobeyed me, and you have. I am merely keeping my word. A bad girl like you needs a strong hand to keep her in line."Vanessa again heard the steel in his voice. She hadn't paid much attention to it before and was paying for that oversight now. She fully believed he would do as he promised, and she was afraid he might have the skills to back it up.She was also very afraid of the moisture between her legs that had become a full-blown flood.She had never been treated like this. Never. She was always the one in control. How could this man do this to her?Vanessa pulled her shirt down and set it around her hips. She knew her C-cups were not at all secured with just her lacy, black bra holding them back, but she figured exposed her chest was better than this man seeing all of her womanhood. And she figured he would have to go through her shirt to get to her thong.Her tormentor folded her torn skirt up neatly and set it on the ground. "If you want it so badly, come and get it." he told her.Vanessa had no intention of trying that. She was shaking slightly, and could not find her proper balance. She tried to get back in a defensive Tai Kwon Do stance, but her feet would not cooperate. It didn't help whenever she moved; the night air rushed over her skin and caused goose bumps. Her tormentor began walking towards her. It was a casual walk, supremely confident. Vanessa backed up as he came forward, but his long strides quickly outpaced her. When he got close, she punched out again at his face. He didn't even try and block, but took the punch on the jaw. His head moved to the side with the force of the blow, but other than that he remained unaffected. He didn't even slow his walk. She lashed out again, in desperation this time, and hit his chest with her other fist. It was like punching a building, and produced the same results.Vanessa was going to try a kick, but it was too late for her. Her tormentor reached out and grabbed the front of her bra and yanked her towards him. Vanessa felt the clasp on the back of the expensive brazier pop and the last of the fabric protecting her chest come loose. She instinctively drew her arms to her, trying to cover herself before she was exposed...but her tormentor grabbed her right arm as is came up and held it firmly in place.With slow, deliberate steps, he pulled her bra off her breasts and slid it down off her right arm. When he was done, he released that arm and grasped her left. He forced it away from her body and then finished his crusade of getting her topless.Throughout this exchange, Vanessa knew she should fight back. She KNEW that. But she couldn't. She just watched in horrified fascination as he exposed her chest to anyone could see them. It felt like the cool air suddenly attacked her nipples, and they were instantly engorged. Her tormentor, and perhaps her captor, released her arm and stepped back. Vanessa just stood there breathing heavy, not even bothering to cover up. Her breasts bounced up and down slightly with the movement. Her blue eyes sought out her tormentor's face, and she saw appreciation there and he watched her nearly-nude form.Her panties were soaked now. If anyone had touched them anywhere on the front, their fingers would have come back sticky. Vanessa couldn't fight anymore. She didn't want to. This asshole man had completely dominated her. He had beaten her down and stripped her. All he had to do was claim his prize. God, she wanted him so badly to claim her as his prize...The last remnants of Vanessa’s pride fought with her, trying to keep her fighting. Her tormentor sensed the change in her. “Take off the shirt around your waist.” He told her in the same commanding voice he used inside the club.She shuddered at his tone. Her hands moved to clutch the shirt. Vanessa didn’t know if she clutched to it keep to close, or to tear it away, but her feet made her back away again.She had no more luck this time than the she had previously. With two quick strides her tormentor was upon her, and just like he had done with her bra, he tore the shirt off her waist.Vanessa stood there in the empty lot in only the small, black thong breathing heavily. She didn’t know what to do now. Her tormentor hadn’t moved. He was so close to her now she could smell his cologne. . Suddenly, her tormentor touched her pussy through the fabric. Vanessa gasped loudly and grabbed the violating arm with both hands.“Don’t touch me there!” She whispered, as her heavy breath quickly turned into panting, Of course he ignored her, and her grasp on his arm quickly turned into the only thing keeping her on her feet.Vanessa closed her eyes and began to moan softly. With his other arm, the man encircled her waist and drew her body closer to him. Vanessa laid her head on his chest. Her womanhood was on fire. She had never been this horny. Even the simple touch of her tormentor’s hand on her waist had sent a charge through her. Her body squirmed against his touch, begging him for more. Her breasts felt double their normal size, so engorged were they.He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to come home with me tonight?” All the while he never stopped his attentions on her private parts. Vanessa nodded into his shirt, not trusting herself to speak.“Good.” He said. “Remove your panties and I’ll escort you to my car.” Vanessa moved her head up to his ear and whispered in it. “But then I’ll be naked….and everyone can see me…..”“Yes, they can.” He answered her. “That is your punishment for disobedience. If you don’t obey I will leave now, with your clothes, and let you fiend for yourself.”Vanessa knew she was completely beaten, both physically and mentally. This man had waltzed into her life not an hour ago and had completely changed her perspective. He had dominated her totally. She didn’t even want to resist him anymore; she just wanted him to do with her as he pleased. Maybe this is what she had wanted all along, a man to force her to submit to him…….and she didn’t even know his name.Vanessa stepped back and looked into his plain, brown eyes. “Yes, master.” She said meekly. She pulled the last of her clothing down to her feet and stepped out of it. Her Master held his hand out for the fabric and she gave it to him. She stood there and let his eyes wander over her nude form. Vanessa has always kept her pussy completely shaved, and she was glad for that now. She wanted this man to be pleased by her.Her Master nodded in satisfaction. “You are a beautiful woman, my dear. I think this is the start of something lasting. Now, let’s get you home.” He gestured to the parking lot in front of the bar. “Lead on.”“Yes Master…” Vanessa said, heading towards her future.

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