My Firsts: Chapter 1: First Time I had sex part 1   added 7 years ago    

  By: MrFantastic

Every man remembers his first. His first blowjob. His first Handjob. The first time he had sex.

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This story is about the first time I had sex  I had a girlfriend, and her name was Veronica. But see, not only was it the first time I had sex, it was also the first time I had sex 15 times in one day. It was a thursday,   and she sent me a note. "Hey, my parents were gone for the weekend and my sister is going to one of her friend's cottage, wanna come over?". I responded "Yea! For Sure!" thinking it was just a hanging out movie night and making out, maybe my first blowjob or something. But apparently my girlfriend and more in store for me.


So friday night hit, and my girlfriend calls me to tell me her parents are out of the house, so I can go over. So I bolt out of my house and catch a city bus, to get to her house. I finally make it, and I ring the doorbell. And Veronica answers, wearing this very sexy negligee that was pink, and she had Pink and Black laced Bra and Panties underneath. I couldn't help but to get a hard on. I don't think I have ever seen her so sexy. She grabs me by my shirt and rips me inside. And we start to make out. And we're all over the house, while making out. We start to slam into furniture, and walls, I even think we broke a lamp. So as we continue, I still don't realize we're going to have sex yet. And then we start to head up stairs to her room. Where as we walk in theres candles lit. I throw her on the bed and continue to make out. And as we make out, she starts to undo my shirt and then takes it off. After that she takes my pants off. By then I realize that she wants to have sex.



By now we're completely naked and still making out. And then she reaches for the remote to her stereo and puts on Barry White, we both giggle a bit. And then we continue, she starts to touch my rock hard cock. As I play with her perfectly formed tits with one hand while moving my way down to start to play with her pussy. I kind of knew what I was doing, had seen pornography before. So I knew how to fingure a girl. Then I start to fingure her, and before I know I feel a small burst of wetness hit the palm and fingure tips of my hand, then I knew it was the right time. After that I started to suck on her tits andshe continued to jerk me off a bit.


Then she said "I'm ready" I said "Ok, let;s do it".


So While, I was on top of her I put it inside her, and she let's out a little yelp. And then I realized she had just lost her virginity. And I look down and see a tiny bit of blood come out. But I knew not to panic. So I started to thrust and as I did it, her perfect B size tits started to move up and down. And we started to kiss. After a little while I told her "It's time" and she said "It's time for me too" so we both let it out, and I pulled out. And came all over her flat stomach. And then I fell over beside her on the bed. And we started to laugh. And then we fell asleep together.



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