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I had basketball practice on a saturday morning and my girlfriend and I set to meet afterwards. Her mom dropped her off. To my suprise she was wearing a knee high jean skirt, a big turn-on for me because she hardly wears them.

After saying our goodbyes to her mother we started to walk towards the nearby mall to catch a movie.

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On our way there a breeze blew past us and I jokingly told her, "WOW! That felt great!" She replied back with, "If you think that felt great, guess what else feels better than that?" with a giggle and a glaze in her eyes.

I kept on contemplating what she meant by that... and didn't figure it out 'til minutes later.

As soon as this happened I asked, "Are you going to give me a treat?"
She quickly replied with something unexpected, "No, instead you'll treat me!"
Normally, I suggest who gets the treats, but today she told me with them mesmerizing eyes she is in control and she decides who gets what.

Something different for a change so I let her...

Now a block away from the mall dirty thoughts of fingering her and possibly something great in return from her are rushing through my mind as blood pumps to my slightly erecting penis. I couldn't hold it any longer, found an alley and said the hell with it and deliberately touching her thighs and sensually kissing licking to turn her on. I knew I was doing something right when she began to blush and start toying with my ego. After a while I decided to feel how wet she has become and to my amazement she was not wearing anything under her skirt.

Just when I thought my day is just getting better and better...

She pushes me away stating "NO!"

I attempted to try to touch her again but no luck she fought the horniness I couldn't overcome. Making me furious because my fully erect penis just wants to fuck her right there and then...

There was nothing I could do as she walked away towards the mall leaving me hanging with an erect penis. A fully erect penis that can be seen at any angle bulging below my nylon basketball shorts. At this point I knew I was screwed because there was no way it going away anytime soon... Minutes pass my erection slightly drops where you can see an outline of my penis, yet good enough no one will notice if I ran towards the theaters.

I get to the theaters and see my girlfriend sitting down in the waiting area with her legs crossed. As I approach her she gave me this look and opened wide for me to catch a glance of her trim pussy. Which was not a great idea, because blood quickly traveled to my ego completely erecting it. To cover it up I used her keeping my ego as close to her which just gave me an even harder boner.

After getting our tickets and some snacks and drinks she suggested we get seats away from everyone else a spot where we can still watch the movie yet have a little fun. There wasn't really a place such as this but we managed to get a spot where we were 5 seats away from a couple and 3 rows away from a group.

As the movie started she apologized how she kept me hanging but said it would be all worth the wait. She then grabs my hand puts it in between her legs, hoping to receive that treat from me. I told her you'll get your treat alright, but there are consequences to your actions earlier... She quickly replied please no cons.... I quickly touched her nice warm wet pussy getting her excited instantly. She begged to get her off and I worked her til she was about to cum... and I quickly pull out leaving her wanting more... Building her excitement to the very end to have that big O... she then calmly puts her hand inside my shorts to fondle my balls and slowly starts to stroke my shaft up and down...

Her and I are very horny at this point and just want to fuck, but there is people around. So we decided to go down right before the entrance there was a corner where we could bust a quickie... Thank god to her wearing a skirt and me just a pair of boxers and shorts not a whole lot of commotion to grab peoples attention to us... We hit it off... Bent her over and tasted me some of that nice warm juicy pussy of hers... telling her it's the best pussy I've ever had and I just want to stick my dick inside of her... she completely agrees and pulls my shorts down and sucked me off for a minute and said, "Ok baby, stick it in now!"

My shaft was quickly engulfed from top to bottom with her already wet pussy. Slowly I went in and out of her making sure we was not to make any pounding noises... After a couple of thrusts she wanted me to pound her and I complied. With every thrust she breathe heavier and gently her moans getting louder. Seconds later she reaches orgasm and shaking with her legs still wrapped around me in a standing missionary. I continue to fuck her giving her multiple orgasms right after the other and she wants to scream instead she bites me to keep her moans down...

With her orgasms she no longer has the energy to keep biting me and begins to moan loader into my ears. Moaning and saying, "Hmm... baby fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! faster!" Almost like in a porn movie... I did just that and my god... her pussy just tightened up somehow and her voice got me off at the same time and as I was getting ready to blow my load... she says, "Baby cum in my mouth! " I pullled out brought her to her knees and she began to suck my dick and instantly as her warm mouth wrapped around my shaft and her tongue going in circles around the head I blew a massive load into her mouth... She swallowed it all in and lick my dick clean...

We then acted normal and walked back to our seats and watched the rest of the movie... and somehow we just couldn't get our hands away from each other... so we continued to play with each other til the movie ended and everyone else left.. And we continued to start another session of fucking... 'til we heard someone open the door and we quickly stopped and began to make out as if nothing happened.

The custodian politely asked to leave the theatre and jokingly said, "Guys get a room!" Interestingly enough we did get a room... we went back to my place and continued where we left at...

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