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Well , it all started out as a great day at work. So feeling like celebrating the conclusion to the week , a shower and dinner , then out to get a drink. As I got up to order my drink , I couldnt help but notice the demure woman at the end of the counter I told Frank , my favorite tender at this spot , to get her what she wanted too. I picked up my drink and headed around twards the dance floor. This disco , had been a great place for several reasons , the dj , was incredible , the moods and lighting effects he toyed with to the rythm of his beats , were always worth the trip , and though the club was bi-sexual in its crowds , it was always a fun dance and the women ... woooooah ... there were some , from time to time that came thru , that for a mainly straight guy , just made me beg for any sign of acknowledgement.

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So a few more beers , and the mood lighting effects with the music had me feeling horney. And once again off in the distant corner , I caught a glimpse of the one I saw on my way in. Not a knock-out , but something in those eyes , or behind them that caught me. Funny now thinking back on it , how well that fits the theme of this.

I had been through the peep show , glory hole trick ... and had some incredible orgasms from persons completely unseen . Thats a concept most have no clue about. My favorites were the ones with holes just barely big enough to get my member, balls too, thru when soft , but not able to withdraw until soft again.

So back the mystery woman. I got the nerve up to wander over and introduce myself , hard as that was with the loud music and light show going on. And to my surprise she told me Frank pointed me out , when I paid for her drink.
We stepped outside for a fresh air break , and some idle chit chat. I couldnt get over how her eyes tripped something in my imagination , as she was dressed nicely , but not phyisically what I considered my dream girls body would be.
After a bit more of me telling her about my work and simple life , she mentioned a party she was going to attend. And more to my surprise , that she would like me to go with her ! She mentioned it wasnt too far away , and was just gathering of friends of hers , giving a birthday party for one of them.

Sounded like fun to me , so sure I was ready.
We drove off in my car , talking about music , and the usual weather , and a bit more about me.
I wasnt really paying attention to exactly where we were heading , just enough to keep us in the right lane , no hurry to get there , enjoying the one on one chat. She motions to a dark drive way , and in we headed , to see the yard with just a few cars scattered here and there , but a nice size , apparently well to do house, and a few couples standing at the door.

I parked my car , and opened her door , so we could go in together. This was exciting , the couples I saw , thought the lighting was dim , looked normal enough . Mind you , I am 6'5" and 220lbs , so I dont usually feel uncomfortable, no matter how strange the circumstances. The music from inside , was good and once inside I vaguely remember seeing a few more what appeared to be normal couples , but the women .... mmmm lovely.

A stop by the bar , a fresh drink and more no-chalant introductions , but my eyes just saw lovely women , and the potential for a fun party.

The realization of what was happening didnt come to me for what seemed awhile later.... I somewhat came to , groggy , but couldnt move ? Hmmm , I felt like I was standing , bent forward above the waist , but restrained. not gagged, but blindfolded.

Imagine a set of gym type paralell bars , thats how it felt.. but my legs were spread , ankles and wrists , out to the side , so I was slumped over one bar , and my head resting on a cushioned second bar. I could hear the music playing , but more distant... and the giggles of girls , but couldnt figure from what direction. The next thing I felt were lips , warm and wet , on the head of my penis , then a second set softly kissing my balls. Not altogether bad , but I couldnt figure why restraind. Then the whys of the restraints , became apparent. I felt something prodding at my ass ! OMG ! I was about to be raped !

The first wasnt a big one , and the cock play continued , as that went on . I couldnt tell if the lips on my cock were male or female. But time , well I just cant tell how long or how many times I was had... I love to have my cock sucked , but anal , given or recieved , well its just not something I can say I enjoyed. Then after some time , a well hung male got behind me , and I , in my apparently drugged state , simply couldnt do anything to evade or prevent this onslaught. The cock and ball sucking continued , but not as i can recollect to the point of my climax. Then to have a cock forced into my mouth , I was simply dilerious , and incompacitated to where I was available for the taking.

Scared , hell yes , by this point I figured it was my doom ahead ! The anal pounding was fierce , the forced oral was unbearable , but the cock play continued throughout it all . I prayed for it to end . But again , as time as fleeting as it seemed , led to more , but none of it mean , or excessively painful or brutal , I was vaguely aware of several people commenting off to the sides of the scene , as to what the sight of it meant to them. Not total conversations , just bits and pieces.

After a time , the oral and anal ceased , but the concentration on my penis intensified , I must have come a bucket or 3. Again and again.

Then sleep rushed over me.

I woke up , in my car on the side of a country road , not too far from home.
Sore , drained and weak , but free !

I told my wife , now of almost 25 yrs , about it , and though it still brings goose bumps , a small lingering of wow could I endure it again ? But this time say under a more controlled circumstance ? It wasnt totally unpleasant , but not at all what I hoped for.

I mean like the glory hole times, what risks it was. Imagine if your a male , reading this , to sqeeze your cock and balls thru a small hole , someone on the other side , starts playing with it , and swollen it wont pull out ! then the sucking and rough ball play , that continues repetedly , by obviously more than 3 or 4 , until drained soft ! and then the wondering of just how ugly that could have been if there was some REAL sick twisted person on the other side of it !

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