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"This is how it works," Dave said in his gruff voice from the white couch that he was sitting in. "This is your audition. You'll be paid a small sum for it but it's really an opportunity for you to show me what you've got. You're going to give me a blowjob and let me give you a facial so that we can see how you react." He gestured over to his coworker, Jeff, who would be watching the entire time. "Now change into this," Jeff said, handing me a tiny black thong, "and nothing else. And change right here."

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I took the thong from Jeff and stood up, and then stripped off my shirt, bra, and skirt. Hesitating for a moment, I looked at both of the guys and they just sat there quietly taking mental notes as I took my panties off and slid on the thong. Dave stood up and slid off his pants, boxers, and shirt and sat back into the couch, totally naked. "Now come over here and blow me," he ordered. I stood up and walked over to him. As I sank down onto my knees in between his legs, I looked over at Jeff. "Are you sucking his dick, too?" Dave asked. Startled, I looked back at Dave. "That's better. You're giving me head so you should be focused on me. We tend to shoot a lot of first person camera angles."

I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. My lips started to move up and down its length. At first just my head started to bob up and down in his lap, but I quickly tried to get more into it and my body was moving along with it so that my breasts moved. Jeff was definitely going to notice that! I moved my legs and butt back a bit so that Dave could look down my back at my thong while I sucked his cock. I felt like I was putting myself on display like a sexual object and, in some sense, I was. One of my hands was resting on the ground because I was leaning so far forward but the I had my other hand wrapped around the base of his cock and stroked it while I sucked him.

I could feel Dave starting to get closer when he wrapped his hand around some of my hair and started to force my head way down on his cock. It wasn't far enough for me to gag, but it sure was close. He pumped my head up and down in his lap and all I could do was close my eyes and take it. For a second, I thought I heard Jeff say something, but I couldn't really be sure because my mouth was being fucked. Dave stopped and pulled my head back and rubbed his slick, wet cock all over my face. As I got saliva and precum wiped across my nose, cheeks, and forehead, Dave pulled my head down and rubbed his balls around my face and buried me in his pubic hair. It was kind of gross and yet kinky to just have someone humiliate me by rubbing my face all around their crotch.

Then Dave yanked my hair back and stood over me, stroking his cock. He let out a grunt as he shot a huge load right down the middle of my face, from my hair to my chin. He shot again and his cum streaked from my forehead, across my eye, and down my cheek. He pulled my head to the side and shot again and this load hit me in my other eye and slid down my cheek to my lips. I heard him stroking his cock as another load hit me right in the middle of my face. My eyes were shut at this point when I felt him pull my head back even more and I heard Jeff standing behind me, stroking his cock, too. He shot a huge load down my face. He released two more big loads and I felt them hit my cheeks, chin, and lips. Jeff squeezed out another small load that dribbled onto the middle of my face. The cum from both guys lingered on my face and started to slide down my neck. I couldn't even think, all I could do was kneel there, rooted to the floor, as cum slid down my face. Both guys grabbed handfuls of my hair and I could feel them wiping their cocks and balls off in it.

With my eyes still closed, I could hear someone snapping a Polaroid camera. Oh my god! They took a picture of me with two loads of cum on my face! "Don't worry," I heard Jeff say, "this is just for our records so that we remember who you are. We have a lot of girls coming through here looking to be stars." One of them handed me a cloth to wipe my face off on and I cleaned off as much of the cum as I could find. Finally, I tried opening my eyes and Dave and Jeff were just grinning at me. I looked around, embarrassed, before I realized that they were laughing at me because they had actually given me my own shirt to wipe cum off of my face. I looked down at my cumsoaked shirt and wondered what this was going to look like.

I started to get dressed again as they stapled the Polaroid into a file. My skirt, panties, and bra were all fine, but my shirt had dark stains where I had wiped cum into it. I didn't even know what to think. As I looked down at my dirty shirt, Jeff said, "We liked what we saw and we're willing to work with you in the future. However, we don't think you have what it takes to feature in a film just yet, so we'd like to offer you a position as a fluffer on our sets. Your job will be to suck the dicks of the talent in between scenes to make them rock hard. To give you an idea of what this will entail, it pays pretty well but you will be sucking about 30 cocks every day that you work."

A fluffer? I came here, put on a tiny and uncomfortable thong, sucked a stranger's dick, and let two guys cum all over me AND THEN take a picture, and all they are offering is the chance to suck a bunch of dicks and I wouldn't even get to be on camera? Jeez! I didn't even know what to think, but I felt totally degraded and humiliated. I didn't want to admit it, but I knew that I was going to say "yes" if they called. After all, the money was good.

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MotorSpike    (2009-03-11 15:56:45)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow that was a really hot story, thank you
scottish_lad    (2008-03-19 21:36:16)    Flag as inappropiate
You described that so genuinely i enjoyed the read very much.

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