My wife is a total slut (part 7)   added 7 years ago    

  By: wickedheart

My wife likes to sometimes remind me about how she used to strip when she was in college. Leslie enjoys teasing me with stories from back then. Although she talks about these times, she has never once given me a lap dance. I've begged and pleaded and she always refused to do it. From time to time her friend Julie would come to town. The two of them used to work at the same club and they reminisce about the good old days. They sometimes would even go out to strip clubs at night together, Julie got off on getting the girls to do things she had to do back then.

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The last time Julie was in town the two of them had been scheming something up all week. They played it up like they were just going to go to the strip club this weekend, but the way the two of them had been thick as thieves all week I knew there had to be something up. Eventually Leslie "blew" the cover and told me that Julie would be working at the club this weekend and that Leslie was going to go with her for support only. I could tell by the way she told me this that it was a lie, but I wasn't about to stop the two of them. Leslie also told me that Julie felt a bit weird having me there, so I should stay away and that Leslie would give me any hot details later on.

Friday night came and the two of them trotted off to the club. I could only imagine what was going to happen. I played the role of a good boy and stayed home, waiting anxiously for the details of their nights adventures. I was pretty sure Leslie wouldn't give me any of her personal details, but Julie's that would be fair game. You can imagine my disappointment when Leslie crawled in to bed later that night and told me nothing. We still fucked like animals, but my mind raced with the possibilities of what went on.

Saturday night came and this time I noticed Leslie leaving with a rather large purse, something that she hadn't brought the previous night. I figured something was up, especially when Julie teased that she'd have my wife back later as she winked and blew me a kiss. I was beginning to think that my wife would be stripping tonight. This was not going to be an opportunity I was going to pass up, regardless of agreements. I stayed back at the house, drank some beers and when the time was right I called a cab and headed down to the club.

I'd been to this one before and to be honest it was one of the "nicer" establishments, but definitely not a tame one. At least not once you got in the back. I tried to stay in the shadows not knowing where these two crazy sluts were. I took a look around the whole club for them, but they were no where. Either they had lied to me about which club they were at, or they were somewhere else. I found a table in the darkness with a good view of the stage and ordered a beer. I figured I might have to wait it out to see if they were here. My attention kept going to the doorway to the backrooms everytime someone went in or out, but to no avail.

The next dancer came on and it was Julie. I took a big swig and realized I was at the right place. I scanned the audience for my wife, but she was no where to be seen. I could only imagine where she was and what she was doing. As Julie began to dance around and strip my attention stayed with her. She was gorgeous, she was a petite girl with great tits and a firm round ass. She knew how to use her body on stage as I watched her roll around and take money from the poor suckers in the front row. Julie came off the stage and began to look for someone to take into the back. The next song came on and my eyes must have bugged out of my head when I saw my wife on stage.

She came out covered in a purple boa, which she almost immediately twirled off herself as she went to the center of the stage and hugged the pole. She was wearing a blue wig, blue thigh high boots and not much else. I was amazed when Leslie climbed the pole, spun herself around it and hung upside down with just one leg before sliding down to the stage and crawled over to a guy sitting front row. Just then I felt a tap on my shoulder, I put my beer back on the table and was confronted by Julie. The jig was up and I thought I was a dead man.

Once Julie realized I wasn't upset, she decided to sit down with me. I told her how much I enjoyed her set, but never took my eyes off my wife who was now thrusting her crotch in some guys face in time with the beat. Julie seemed shocked that I didn't mind, but didn't seem to buy it until her hand went up my leg and found my hardening cock. She whispered in my ear about what a bad boy I was coming down here to see the both of them and how I needed to go in the back with her right now. I told her I wanted to see my wife finish, she agreed. I was getting so turned on watching her gyrate and play with the men in the front row as they threw money at her. It was hot.

As Leslie got off stage Julie grabbed my hand and hurried us into the back, telling me she didn't want Leslie to know I was here. We got into one of the rooms. They were squares with vinyl seats going around all the way around the walls. We found an empty one and Julie pushed me down into the chair as she straddled me. She began moving her body to the music as she danced on me. My erection kept rubbing up against her crotch, as she kept sliding her tits in my face. I grabbed her on the ass and she told me she didn't mind, but don't let the bouncer see me do that. Just as things were beginning to heat up my wife walked in with someone. She sat him down across from us. Luckily Leslie was facing the other way and Julie just kept holding me close, trying not to let Leslie know it was me. Julie slid all over my straining cock as my wife began to dance for her guy.

I had the perfect view of the action. Leslie bent over and took off her skirt and thong, she let her guy undo her bra and soon she was standing naked in just the wig and boots for him. She bent over, and I had a great view of her ass and pussy. Leslie ran her hands up his legs as she moved to kneeling in front of him. I half expected the guy to get some head from her, by the way she was acting. Julie kept grinding at me, holding me close to her chest. I was watching my wife strip for another man, while just a few feet away her friend was fucking me through our clothes.

Leslie rolled her head and face over the guys crotch as she slid her body up him, her boobs were now rubbing on this guy's dick as she crawled up onto his lap and began grinding away at him like Julie was to me. She then stood up on the seat as she rubbed her bare pussy inches away from his face, before turning around and doing the same thing with her ass. She bent over and shook it at him and then pushed back so her pussylips met his lips. Leslie began to moan out as no doubt her guy was now licking my wife's snatch. Julie felt me grow again as she began to take the rest of her clothes off too.

Julie got up and did the same thing to me as she pulled my head into her crotch. I began to run my tongue all over her sweet shaven pussy, as I heard both my wife and her moaning with lust. Julie then yelled over to Leslie "If only your husband could see you now?". Leslie shushed her and laughed. As Julie crawled back down on me she whispered in my ear that I was a lot cooler than she thought, and as she ended that sentence she had my dick out of my pants as was giving me a tug job. "What about the bouncer?" I questioned. "Don't worry, I'm sure Leslie's already told him not to bother checking on us. Your also bigger than I thought" she replied with a smile.

I looked over and I could see Leslie climbing off her guy as she told him to take his dick out and stroke it for her. She began touching herself in front of him, telling him how wet he was making her pussy, how big his cock was and how she couldn't wait to suck it. She kneeled in front of him again crawling up to his lap, he was stroking his dick inches away from my wife's face. Julie began to slide down me, although my eyes were locked on my wife I could see Julie watching my reaction. As Leslie's mouth had no doubt accepted this guys throbbing member, Julie had done the same to mine. It was ecstasy to be getting a blowjob from my wife's friend while my wife was doing the same to a total stranger just a few feet away.

Julie expertly sucked and licked my cock, while I watched my wife bobbing her head up and down on her guy. I held out, wanting to see who would last longer. I kept darting my eyes to my wife and then down at Julie. The whole thing was really turning me on. Just when I thought I wasn't going to be able to take it anymore I heard the guy say he was going to cum. Leslie's head went into overdrive as she sucked all the cum from his hard dick, I imagine she didn't even spill a drop as the guy held her head at his crotch while he fucked her. Julie kept doing her thing, but I was nervous that Leslie might notice me without Julie to hide behind.

Leslie began to clean herself up as the guy tossed her a wad of bills, that Leslie put in her purse. Julie sat on my lap again as she teased my cock with her pussy, she slid it all up and down my well licked shaft, while covering my face with her tits. I heard Leslie tell Julie she'd see her backstage. After Leslie left Julie leaned down and kissed me, "sorry, but I don't fuck my friend's significant other's without their permission". She hopped off and told me to get out before Leslie caught us.

I drove home with a mean hard-on that night. I couldn't get the dirty thoughts out of my head of what had just happened. I waited hours for them to come home, and when they finally did I gave Leslie a long hard fuck that I'm sure kept Julie awake. Afterwards we were sharing a joint and Leslie confided in me that Julie told her how much she was fantasizing about sucking my cock. I just laughed it off, but Leslie told me it might be hot, and "besides, it's not like a blowjob is cheating"...

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JMCF0321    (2010-09-07 04:49:34)    Flag as inappropiate
i swear I remember that night.And WIFE IS A GREAT COCKSUCKER! she was hotttttttt!
naughty51    (2010-01-25 08:06:14)    Flag as inappropiate
naughty51 very hot
partywife    (2009-10-24 23:06:57)    Flag as inappropiate
partywife XXX this could be my favorite!
ExtaticE    (2008-04-01 12:24:57)    Flag as inappropiate
ExtaticE I want a slut wife :(
redysetluv    (2008-03-31 15:08:53)    Flag as inappropiate
ohmigod... all of your stories turn me on so much!!! i could masturbate for hours to them.. thank you so much!
wickedheart    (2008-03-07 14:58:15)    Flag as inappropiate
wickedheart There will be more coming in the future. In the meantime I've been writing some different stories that I'll post once they're finished. For fans of this thread I would love to hear any suggestions you might have for my slut wife.
3p    (2008-03-01 18:29:39)    Flag as inappropiate
3p Awesome! Looking forward to checking out parts 1 - 6 now... :)

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