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  By: bogli_ako

My fantasy surrounds sharing my pregnant wife with other guys. She is about five months pregnant Asian girl. She is very conservative by nature and took me a lot of time and effort to train her to do oral. I introduced her to watch movie flicks. At first she is hesitant. But when I got good titles to watch she cave in finally. Just imagine watching Snow White and Seven Dwarfs :) I really wanted to do other things but she refused me and this pisses me off. One time I have to attend a training in London. I told her I have to go for awhile and she wouldn't allow me so I have to bring her with me. So she comes with me. Imagine traveling with sexy Asian pregnant woman. She wore a sexy black preggy dress. Everyone one stares at my wife specially on her cleavage. Then we arrived in London and training starts next day.

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After one class the group decided to go a bar to get familiar with participants. I told my wife that I'll be late and just relax in the hotel. I drunk too much that night and don't know I'm sharing my darkest fantasies to Aries. I basically told him that I wanted to see my wife fucked by other guys. Not simple fuck but in a gangbang style. Time goes on and I know he got curious and said he could help me but can't remember any other details. I managed to go home after so many alcohol and my wife was sleeping.

Next day class starts. My wife goes out for shopping and sight seeing. After the class we went out together. One of the redlines she doesn't want is for me to fuck her when her belly is more than three months. So I told her lets eat dinner and sleep. With music on, around 8pm we fell asleep. After some time I heard a knocking on the door. I went up and open it. One guy with a gun showed up and said to me to be quiet otherwise he will blow my brains off. My wife is still sleeping. Four guys comes in and grab me and tied me to the chair. Then I saw Aries and a blond coming in as well I said what the fuck is going on. They put a gag on my mouth and made sure I can't shout.


Aries slowly uncover my wife's blanket. Everybody was smiling. I can see that they are enjoying watching my half naked wife laying on the bed. They murmur each other something and can't hear anything.

This is a wonderful memorable London experience. Said Aries.

Aries started caressing my wife's legs. I am trying to move but no can do. One tall black guy started licking her skin. My wife on this moment awakens. She was so shocked that nothing comes out of her voice when she wanted to shout.

Ariel pointed at my position where one teenager guy on his 18s pointed a gun on my head. She cries and said please don't hurt him!

Ariel told her that it will be simple. Follow my orders and your husband will not be harmed.

Hmmmm. I never tried having something like you before. You will never forget London for the rest of your life hahhahahahahaha.

You Q@!@#$@#$@$@##$ !!! Leave me alone!!! Leave us alone! Please have mercy with us.! My wife is pleading to Ariel.

Ariel said "No! You have to surrender to us if you don't want to harm your husband and your baby!!"

Oh no! Please ... not my baby!

One guy again starts caressing the legs of my wife. She pulls away and said "Leave me alone!!!"

Ariel ordered the guys to grab my wife and hold her still and have her legs wide open.

My wife's black panties showed up. Her pubic hairs were somehow visible on the side.

It's good nobody was looking at my pants otherwise they will notice that I am starting to have an erection.

"Reita! can you please come here. The guys are getting tired holding this woman. Look at here! She is waiting to be licked!"

My wife can't do anything at this point. One guy is not removing the gun at my head. The moment she screams she knows that they will shoot me.

Reita come closer and slowly pulled down her panties up to her knees. My wife's unshaven cunt is now displayed.

Hmmmm smells good. Looks like this one is very clean. Guys I must be lucky to have a taste first.

She caress gently her pubes. Played around the little pussy. Then puts her finger in.

Ouch! My wife screamed in a controlled manner. Please don't put your finger there. It hurts!

Hahahaha. Everyone started laughing. Looks like the guy here never did her the pleasure of fingering!

Oh yes. Fingering is taboo to my wife.

She slowly puts her finger and started licking her pussy.

Oh this is a nice slightly tight pussy. Then she tried to put two fingers. Gently pulling in and out.

It hurts ... please stop. please...

The more my wife wanted to stop the more she continued licking and fingering.

Tonight you will have a fuck of a lifetime! Said Ariel. Look at your husband! He will be enjoying this scene too!

Then I noticed I guy in the corner taking a video of everything that is happening.

Please stop! Please I beg of you! my wife said.

No! This is just the beginning. Said Ariel.

Reita then said, "I will stop but we will ask you to do something for us."

Ok deal said my wife. "I will do please just stop whatever your doing. It's not good".

Hahahahaha, Ok then, camera boy! Come here. Focus what is she going to say.

The boy with the camera comes closer. Ok tell to the camera that you wanted to be fucked! And You will pay just to fuck you. And you want to suck dicks. And to be gangbanged!

That all you have to say. said Reita.

Ok, just that. And I will not do anything else.

Reita then said ofcourse nothing more just that.

The boy started filming. She was sitting in the bed in a compromising position. Her breast is covered with her bra. Her panties were on her knees. She forgot to cover or probably cared less in covering anything.

"While loooking on the camera. My wife acted out ... "Please I beg you. Fuck me. Gangbang me. Lick my tight pussy. I want you now."

Everybody in the room applauded.

Very good!!


Your wish is our command! said Ariel.

Guys you heard what she wanted tonight!

We will fucked her but please take care of her baby!!!

The guys immediately grab her. Ariel started kissing my wife. She don't look at me and tried to move away but they said ...

"Look at your husband! He is enjoying all this!"

They forcefully remove her bras. Two breast finally are on display! Everyone started to grope her. The blond joined in.

One guy covered her mouth with his hand so she can't make any noise. Two guys held her legs wide open.

Ariel took off his pants and his huge dicks appear. He slowly rub his dick into my wife's pussy.

Oh look at her. She's wet already!!! Ariel boasted.

All she needs is a little fuck. Or maybe fuck till morning.

He forced his dick on her pussy. She cried but no sound.

He began pushing. It was hard. For a black dick inside my wife's pussy it could still be tight. But Ariel is determined and managed to dig in atleast half of his shaft.

He then push and pull. Until he is about to come.

Guys it's your turn. I don't want to come yet!

They fuck her alternate. The blond just kiss her skin while massaging her own cunt.

Ahhh change position. Let me lie at the back. And put her on top! Said Ariel.

I know you have probably watch this only on movies but I think they are going to double penetrate my wife!

And I was right. Ariel's dick in her shithole while another dick on her cunt. While others were putting their dick on her mouth.

Oh I was really wet. My dick is also having an erection. It's good nobody is paying attention.

My wife already so weak and can't fight them anymore.

She was so helpless. Can't look even in my direction.

Oh you got a nice tight pussy wife over here. One guy said.

The boy continously takes video of everything.

Hey Luke! Can you grab one of the wine glass over there.

I don't know what they are going to do but then everyone started filling up the glass with sperm.

Ohhhh Ohhh Ahhhh fucking asian pregnant woman. Tight pussy!

Ohhh this is great. Together they managed to collect a sizeable amount of sperm in the glass.

I think I know what's going to happen. And you guessed it right!

They asked my wife to drink that! Ouch. Again one of those taboo lines.

No! Please I already did what you wanted. Not this one. Please!!!!!

Your husband dies then. Said Ariel. Drink this one and we promise he will get to see tomorrow.

They gave her the glass. She sip slowly. But Ariel said, No! We wanted you to drink it. And make sure nothing will be left.

She drunk the whole glass of cum and suddenly spits on the floor.

You are a very bad woman you wanted your husband dead?

No! Please...

Ok then, lick the floor and eat those cums and later clean our dicks and suck the remnants of cums.

She obeyed without any choices.

Only one guy in the room didn't fuck my wife. The camera boy.

I thought it was over but then they said, Now my son it's your turn. We showed you how to fuck. Now that you saw everything show us that you learned.

the guy unbotton his pants and his huge dick appeared. My wife was so weak and lay down on the bed.

The boy started kissing my wife all over. Licks her pussy. He ordered my wife to suck his dick while he licks her pussy.

This is the most favorite position of my wife actually.

Until some time you can hear my wife moaning. Please don't stop! Lick it more!

Hahahahahahaha. You see what kind of slut she is! She finally cave in.

Ohh no! Stop. Oh Please stop! Oh its nice. I'm sorry. I'm somehow carried on my emotion. My husband please ... forgive me. Oh shit. Oh Shit. I'm cumming!!!"

The boy suddenly stopped licking.

No!! Dont stop now please!!!!

Say "I'm your slut tonight. I will do everything just for you. just dont stop!"

And my wife obeyed.

She squirted for the first time that night.

The boy then started fucking. This time noone needs to hold her.

Her innocence were lost that night. Her conservativeness disappears.

The blond went to me and unbotton my pants. She saw my cock was erected.

You see. Husband like to see her wife to be fucked!!!

She teased me by kissing my ears then sucked me.

She suck and suck until I cum. Wow that was something!

Then she went to my wife and asked her to open her mouth.

The guy said "That is your husbands sperm.!" Eat it!

This time she obeyed.

My dick is still erect. Still I'm tied on the chair.

I thought I was dreaming but I'm not.They continue to fuck her more and more. Until we got very tired. We were exhausted and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I was in bed. My wife is crying.

She said sorry to me because she can't do anything.

I told her we are going to the police to report it. But she said, there is a video on the dvd with her begging to be fucked,

there is no scene in there that shows the incident was forced.

I told her let's discuss this when we get back at home.

I never told her I knew Ariel. I never discuss this to anybody. But then, I knew if it happens again, my wife will not be innocent anymore.

I am now again in a field assignment and we communicate most of the time through webcam. Sometimes I even taped her masturbating in front of me. Showing her breasts and her cunt she would otherwise not do before the incident.




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redpyjamasuit    (2013-11-29 07:18:26)    Flag as inappropiate
redpyjamasuit You retard, everyone stared at you because you married a fucking Asian, dude! Are you into beastiality? LOLOLOLOL, stoopid wanker !
Carter01    (2012-09-22 01:58:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice pic
bogli_ako    (2012-03-08 08:26:26)    Flag as inappropiate
Good that you liked this story :)
hotbody2    (2009-06-16 13:09:08)    Flag as inappropiate
I liked the story, especially when the camera boy started sucking her pussy and she begged him not to stop

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