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Your hot breath on my neck, sending shivers down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck stands on end. You wrap your arms around me and undo the top few buttons of my shirt, you slide your hand in and under my pink lace bra and begin to cup my breasts, they are more than a handful, and you start to massage them by squeezing them firmly. You take one of your hands and move my hair to one side your lips barely touch my neck and I let slip a little moan. I turn to face you, your hands follow in zinc and move to my lower back where they start to pull in my waist.

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I hold your face with my hands and start to run my lips over yours, they feel so warm so inviting. I move my hands to your shirt and start to pull your tie off before I open your buttons. My tongue glides though your lips over your teeth and the tip of my tongue feels around to meet the tip of yours.

My hands now finished opening your buttons run a cross your chest across your nipples they feel hard and I start to kiss your neck as you slowly pull up my skirt your breath starts to sound shallow and I’m not sure if it is because my hand is now pulling on the hair at the back of your head while I nibble on your ear lobe or because your hands are half on and off my lace knickers and bear thighs or because of both.

I feel like I could melt here in your arms but wanting more makes me carry on. My free hand moves down your back until I reach where I’m heading for your tight firm arse mmmm how I’ve thought about squeezing and pinch it. I move both hands to the front of your lush Armani trouser pants and unzip you and to let your now huge bulge breath I slip in my hand and fetch it though your Calvin’s I’m a bit surprised to find you are smoothly shaved this is a big turn on for me and I can feel my panties getting very wet.

I hold on tight to your arse while I slowly move down your body kissing your neck and your chest, pressing my body against yours. I move to your nipple and run my tongue stud over it flicking your hard nipple with my tongue and then I tease it by drawing little circles around it with the tip of my tongue, while getting on to my knees.

I kiss you all the way down to your bellybutton and can now see how big I make you. With my hands still griping your arse I open my mouth to taste what I’ve fantasized about for the last 6 months. Slowly I slip my lips over the head and can tease your pre-cum (mmmm I can’t believe this is happening) I tickle the head with my tongue twisting it around and then gliding all the way down your shaft.

You are so big I’m worried I can’t fit you all in and as my mouth tries to reach the base of your cock I start to gag. Tears begin to run down my face but still I try to fit you all in. Your hands, now at the back of my head, pull me towards you. Not a word is said between us but I can tell your loving it. I start to pull my head back up, I take both of my hands, with one I hold tight of your cock at the base and with the other I start to wank you in spiral directions and push my mouth back down again.

Again I pull my head back up my hands still working hard, I slip my mouth off you and from your head I run my tongue stud all the way down your huge shaft towards your balls and begin to suck and lick them. I take one hand to lift them up so I can lick and nibble on your biffins bridge. My still working hand works harder my wrist twist side to side while moving up and down to give you maximum pleasure, I can feel u throbbing your legs start to shake.


You bring me back up to your eye level by holding on to my shoulders Your hands are moving downward over my breasts around my back down to my waist, you slip my panties down followed by your hand till you reach the lace at the top of my stockings, you wrap both hands around my thighs and in one quick movement you lift me from my feet, within seconds I’m against the wall.

Your huge shaft rubs against my clit, your breath is hot and deepens when you feel how wet you make me. You move your arse out slightly, just enough, till the head of your huge bulge sits at the opening of my pussy then you glide your way in, I tighten my legs around you so your base is on my clit you move slowly out then you start to grind back in to me. Every inch of you I can feel and with each trust I let out a little moan.

You build up speed and ride me faster and faster, my moans grow louder and louder, your lips and tongue are all over my breasts and pert nipples. I’m worried someone will hear us but that only makes me more excited I never want tonight to end but I’m about to cum and not sure if I can wait for you.

Oh my god it’s too late and I’ve just realised I’m screaming out I can’t believe how so fucking good you are my hold body is tingling with pleasure and now I want to feel you cum in me I need to feel you cum so badly I know your nearly there as your whole cock is buzzing inside of me and with one final thrust I’m in heaven.

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Hot! Undeterred!
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Incredible makes me want to be someone new ;)
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sombra Umm, very nice
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sombra Umm, very nice
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mmmmmm perfect mmmm
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mmmmmm perfect mmmm
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mmmmmm perfect mmmm
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thank you
btw check out another site:
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kupkakes thx x x
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Fantastic read, very well done.

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