Abducted and forced oral slave   added 8 years ago    

  By: kefka40

I somehow make the acquaintance of a divorcee in her late 30's/40's, but judging by her body type, she works out regularly as she is lean and muscular (but still looks feminine, not like she takes steroids or anything like that), she seems nice but lonely and depressed as her kids have moved out onto their own and she has no one at home.


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As a result, I start making it a point to hang out with her regularly and to keep her company by going to the park, shopping, and whatever she was in the mood for and she seemed to be improving. As things progressed, she started to get gradually more and more touchy feely and started touching herself more too. I did not think anything about it at first but then it started getting a little weird, but I did not say anything.

One day, after hanging out with her, she went to drop me off back home, but she was going a different direction than back where I lived. When I asked her about it, she responded by pulling out a knife and ordering me to keep quiet. I did exactly that since I was afraid to do anything else.

After some riding, we pull up to an ordinary looking house and I am led inside and down basement steps. She then takes out a loose brick and flips a switch that opens a door that was concealed well.

Once in, I am led to a chamber with a very comfortable looking bed outfitted with restraints in which I am ordered to lie down on it. I hesitate since I was still unsure of what is going on and she wrestles me onto it. Once on it, she attaches me to the restraints and once she is done with that, she takes off her panties, which are very wet with her pussy juices.

She then explains she has been preparing long and hard for this day and that she masturbated in those very panties in anticipation for this. She then puts the wettest area up to my nose and forces me to smell them, and then stuff them in my mouth.

She then leaves the room, leaving me like this, saying she has to finish preparations. An hour or so goes by where I am left to try and make sense of it all. After awhile, she comes back, along with a large group of middle aged women aged between 30 and 49. She looks to be their leader and she is now wearing a very tight but sexy looking latex outfit. The others are only wearing their bras and panties.

She then explains the situation, about how she and the others fantasized about keeping a man captive as their own living sex toy. She wanted one that was kind natured and naive such as myself because those people are a lot more fun to use, due to their inexperience and easier to break in.

Without further adieu, she signals the start of the ceremony of breaking me in. The women start masturbating, ranging from fingering themselves to using dildos and vibrators and others apply special ointments to increase vaginal sensitivity.

Once done with that, the woman that brought me here removes my panty gag and straddles me, placing her clitoris to her nose and her vaginal area, which was clean shaven, over my mouth, dripping her juices inside me. She then orders me to start licking her out, which I do. As I put my tongue inside her, I can feel how extremely wet she was, and consequently how much this aroused her. She kept me licking her for what seemed like hours, occasionally stopping to rub herself, and then back I went.

After she was done, she signaled for the next woman to come up. First she had me lick her vibrator clean of her juices and then she followed the suit of the other woman and made me lick her pussy, which was hairy, as opposed to the previous woman, but I licked her just the same, and at the end when she was in orgasm, she was squirting cum in my face and she ordered me to open my mouth wide and swallow it, which I have done.

It continues like this until all the women have been licked clean and have reached orgasm. They then let my sleep for the rest of the night but tell me that I should be well prepared to pleasure any of them at a moment's notice, and they meant it.

From then on, I was their own personal sex toy, it became a normal ritual for one or more of the women to randomly come in and have me eat them out at any given time and I have no choice but to oblige. I eventually get used to this, and come to like this treatment.

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Mouthslave    (2009-03-22 14:09:40)    Flag as inappropiate
You sound like my kind of guy love your fantasy have a look at mine !!
macker0825    (2008-03-06 17:30:34)    Flag as inappropiate
dang what a lucky man you are!

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