Broken Glass   added 8 years ago    

  By: marzxa

It seemed so commonplace, the way we lounged on my futon in the living room, his hands sliding through my hair on occasion while my thumb stroked against his denimed thigh. The night was hot, clear and dark outside the windows. He wore no shirt, I was in my white cotton camisole. Ever so commonplace, a cuddly warm night with nothing but music and a lazy procrastination against the coming morning.

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Sitting up, I stretch, while he unabashedly watches my full breasts shifting beneath the cotton. "The wine should be ice cold by now," I say, as I get up to fetch it from the freezer, where I had placed it not more than an hour ago when we got home. He watches my denim-pocket ass swaying as I walk playfully seductively to the small kitchen to fetch the bottle and glasses.

The sound of the drawers opening and slamming masked his approach somehow, my frustration over the missing corkscrew distracting me from the low swish of his thighs brushing against each other. He grabs my hips, I scream startled and drop the glasses, which break against the old formica and slit open my fingertips.

Tears brimming, I watch the blood pooling to the surface of my incised fingers, shocked and embarrassed, I want to slap him. "Bella," he says softly, peering around my fallen hair to see my salted pain falling against my collarbone. Looking down, he sees my fingers, touches the red as it pools to sliding to the countertop in large, misshapen splashes.

I bite my lip, shifting my eyes to see him lifting my bleeding fingertips to his mouth, wincing as he rubs the liquid across the creases of his soft lips. He licks, and I shudder, with more tears and a quick breath.. Watching as his tongue slips along the trails of blood then wrapping around to suck them in... My other bleeding hand slides down his bare chest, leaving smeared red trails from nipples to navel.

Lightning fast, he pulls me around and pushes me back so the glass stabs into my ass through my jeans and I gasp loudly as his teeth grate against the slits in his mouth. He flinches slightly as he dislodges and swallows little grains of broken glass, his tongue bleeding some to mix the taste with mine. He knees my legs wide and steps between, pressing against me as he releases my fingers to yank my camisole over my head.

Breasts tumbling out, he presses me so hard to the counter that the glass bites me at the swell of a cheek and I cry out with my head back. Seizing the opportunity, he sinks his teeth deep into my flesh, his scarred lips and tongue sucking in my skin as he grinds the stems of the wine glasses against the counter top. Moaning, my bleeding hands caress his smooth back.

He points the stems against my skin, pressing harder, harder, harder still until they pierce ever so slightly, and begins to drag them down my spine. My warm spot melts as my body shakes, and my insides seem to spasm with mini-orgasms with every yanking drag.

The drag continues from his left hand as his right swiftly undoes my jeans, roughly pulling me forward to force them down off my hips to the floor. His long erection peeks above his waistband, he wears no underwear, and I touch the tip just enough to distract the glass from its course. He growls.

Reaching around me again, he stabs my back with the glass, I feel my panties soaking with blood from the cuts and liquids from my melting secret. He bites my chin as I undo his jeans, the denim creaking and hot against my still bleeding touch. Once freed, his erection stands proud and swollen, leaking ever so slightly and smeared with my life force... He rubs himself against my soaked panties, digging stems now into my ass cheeks and forcing me to grind against his hungered thrusts.


Now, so slightly, fluidly, I slip my hand down to pull my panties aside and he rubs against my swollen labia, the cleft of his head slicking over my clitoris deliciously. I slip him to my opening, and he easily slides into my wet, hot channel. His body slackens just a moment, but he begins to pump into me as I beat my clitoris furiously... He tears through my panties and slides a glass stem up my eager ass.

Even as he makes me bleed I begin to cum hard and loud, as he stills his thrusting and holds me in place with his body and the threat to my own. He watches the curves of my neck contract as I cry and sob and orgasm once more, hurting and quivering as he rests inside, enjoying my twitches and leaving himself unsatisfied.

Finally, he lets me go, holding me up and laying me down on the futon to draw a bath. He comes back naked, removes my tattered panties, and slides us into the bath, to wash my body slowly until I move to slip him into my ass. We fuck as the water flies and the blood flows, our bodies twitching and rocking in unison as we orgasm and fall asleep to prune in the remnants of a once warm soak.


Days later, I'm still finding broken glass.

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dobby    (2008-02-13 04:14:09)    Flag as inappropiate
dobby Excellent! I can almost imagine this myself..
dobby    (2008-02-13 04:13:58)    Flag as inappropiate
dobby Excellent! I can almost imagine this myself..

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