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J is working part time at an upscale, but small and privately owned women’s clothing store named Charly's, after the nickname of the woman owner. She calls me at work one day to ask me what I thought about something "as a possibility." Seems there was an attractive guy, named Don, that had come by the store on different days and always complimented her on her looks and the clothes she was wearing. And the first day he spoke to J he told her she was about his wife's size and he would love to see J model some different outfits so he could decide which would look best on his wife before he bought any. He had been in and asked her twice before, and each time she had said she was too busy just then and he had left without buying anything. He was back today browsing the racks and she wanted to know if I thought he was "interested" and how she should find out and what she should do.

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I told her he is definitely interested. He has let her know that he is married, that he found her attractive and he would like her to take off her clothes for him - even if it was with the understanding she would put others clothes on. When she had declined, but left hope for the future, he had always left to return another day. So I told her what to do, which was to ask him to come back a few minutes before closing time (she was closing that day). And to also select the sexiest and sheerest bra and panty set she could find and change in to them before he gets back. She does.

He comes back a few minutes before closing time and she tells him to pick the outfits he wants her to try on and she also tells him her sizes in case she really isn't anything like his wife. After the last person leaves she locks the doors, but leaves most of the lights on, just turning off enough to give the impression the store was not open for business. The store hours are on the glass too in case someone walks up to a locked door.

She asked him if he found anything he liked and he handed her a dress. She went in to the changing room and changed in to it and came out for him to check it out. He had her turn around a coupe of times and told her it looked great on her. He gave her a skirt and blouse next and she went in to the changing room to change again. She had the skirt on but not the blouse when he opened the swinging door to the dressing room. She is facing the door as he does and he stands there and stares at her tits through the sheer material. So she walks out of the dressing room in to the store area holding the blouse in one hand. Then she turns to face him as he has followed her from the dressing room area. He smiles hugely and she smiles back, both letting the other know they are pleased with the direction this is taking.

J puts the blouse back on the rack then unzips the skirt and steps out of it. She places her hands on her hips and moves one leg out a little so he can clearly see her pussy through the sheer panties and she says "I think what you really want me to model for you is lingerie!" There wasn't much left to the imagination given the sheerness of it all. He looked her up and down slowly and then says "not quite" and stared obviously right at her snatch.

She smiled again and then hooked her thumbs in the top of the panties and slid them slowly down and stepped out of them (surprise them by your boldness! was one of my mottos :)) and then unhooked and took off her bra. He looked around the store and realized that anyone walking by would see a pretty and completely naked lady standing in the store with her legs open. Then J placed her hands back on her hips, opened her legs a little farther than they were before and asked "better?" He replied "much" and approached her.

He kissed her on the mouth for a couple of minutes and then lowered his mouth to her nipples. After sucking and kissing on them for a while as he fingered her pussy, he dropped to his knees and began eating J’s pussy. It is hard to get a good angle on a woman's pussy when she is standing, so he had her bend one leg at the knee and place her foot on a chair that was there for bored husbands to sit in as their wives shopped. This opened up the target zone a lot more.

He ate J out for a good while then put her foot down on the floor, stood up and led her over to a desk. He moved a couple of things and laid her down on it and then bent both legs at the knee and moved them very far apart. She'd left enough lights on so that if anyone tried to look in they would see them, and she was sure at least one voyeur was out there. She really didn’t care how many there were – the more the merrier in her opinion – her only concerns were not getting in trouble with the law or the owner of the store.

But as it got darker outside it was very easy to see them through the windows. She's a little nervous now since we live/work in this town and she begins to think maybe she should turn off more lights, but he is obviously in to the risk of public sex and she knows I will give her extra points for doing it in such an open and easily observable setting. So she decides to go for it and just hope her luck holds and no one she works with comes back to the store, especially Charly.

He pulls up the chair and asks her to use her hands and spread open her pussy for him (he refers to it as her cunt, but she never liked that word for it) He unleashes a tongue like Gene Simmons of Kiss. With the help of her hands to open up access, she swears his tongue is licking her uterus - and she is OK with that! She moves one hand a bit so she can use one finger to massage her clit while he tongue-fucks her like she had never been tongue-fucked before!

J cums after only a few minutes of this extremely pleasant tongue lashing. He continues to lick on and around her pussy as she comes down from the excitement of her joy ride. She had forgotten all about the light level!

When she is able to stand on her legs again she slides off the desk, pulls him up out of his chair and works on his belt and zipper. The pants drop and then she pulls down his drawers (bikini briefs). She had seen a huge bulge where he was hard, but even with the hint of things to come she is surprised by the size of his dick. And his balls are enormous too. And yes, ‘cus you are all wondering, he is black.

All the excitement has caused him to ooze a good deal of pre-cum and his dick and ball sack are wet and sticky with it. She has him sit back down and proceeds to lick him clean. She can only get one nut in her mouth at a time, but she alternates between the two and he really likes that Then she tries to blow him. But she can't get much more than the head of his dick in her mouth. She tries several times, but she still can't get much in. She apologizes and he says he is used to it and that he wife won't even try, especially as she doesn't care for oral sex.

J starts giving him a hand job and he asked her to suck on his balls some more which she gladly does. His wife won't do that either. After a few minutes of this he pulls her up, sits/lays back on the desk and has her straddle his lap and climb on to his dick. It's a bit awkward and her foot slips while she is mounting him and she manages to impale herself on his dick which hurts a bit, but she is so wet she gets over it pretty fast as he placed his hands on her waist and uses his arms to help her slide up an down on his cock. He picks up the pace and is almost lifting her completely off her legs and slamming her down. He seems to enjoy the whole impaling her pussy on his dick thing. It hurts a couple of times, but she learns to use her legs to control the depth on the down strokes.

Finally he picks her up and off his dick and sets her down to kneel in front of him and he uses his hand to pump his dick a few times and then blows his load all over her face and hair and tits. She has her mouth open, but only a drop or two goes in it 'cus his eyes were closed and he is just pumping and spraying everywhere. Don't know why guys like to do that (cum on a girl's face), but many do. After his gun is empty he stops pumping and J opens her left eye; her right one has too much cum on it to open. She uses her fingers to "squeegee" some of the cum on her face and chin into her mouth. Not sure why guys like that either, but some, especially those that like to blow their load on the girls face, like to watch the girl collect it and eat it. OK, yes, come to think of it, I am one of them! :)

After J has cleaned most of the cum off her face and licked it off her fingers, with obvious enjoyment for his benefit, Don goes to the rest room to get cleaned. J walks slowly over to one of the plate-glass windows and poses with her legs open and then sits on one of the chairs and puts her legs over the arms and finger-fuckers herself – fist-fucks herself really. If there is anyone out there they are getting one hell of a show. And there is. And he is…

J then goes to the restroom taking her skirt and blouse which she puts on after cleaning up some, but does not put on the panties and bra and only buttons one button of the blouse to keep it from blowing completely open, but still let her tits show. She takes some paper towels to clean up the carpet, desk and chair, trying to not leave any "evidence" for the day crew.

Don asks her if she is going to go home dressed “like that” as he pulls up the front of her skirt to verify she is not wearing any panties either. Won’t you husband wonder what you have been doing dressed that way. J answers “oh, I’ll be fine – come with me a minute!” She takes his hand and walks him to a door on the side of the building she was just posing in front of a few minutes ago. As they exit the store he sees a car parked near that side of the store and J strolls up to it still holding his hand. As she gets to the driver side, I roll down the tinted window and J says, “Don, I would like you to meet my husband, RC.” I say “pleased to make your acquaintance, Don – thanks for helping us with some foreplay; we are going to have a great evening now because of that!”

Don stands there in shock and is temporarily speechless and finally says “don’t mention it.” He starts to walk away and J says in a low sexy voice “any time you want to stick that huge cock in me again, Don, just let me know. I know I can’t get in it my mouth very well, but I bet I can take it in my ass!! But the next time RC will be with us sticking his in me too.”

Don walked away shaking his head in disbelief as to all that just went down. But two days later he was back in the store right before closing time…



Don’s wife, Linda, does like to give head and eat cum and all things considered she is a pretty kinky lady (not compared to J of course, but compared to “normal” women). Don didn’t want to swing as a four-some, but I didn’t figure it was fair that he was doing all he was doing with J and I didn’t get to see how far his wife would go too. I found out where she lived and worked, managed to meet her, and things progressed from there. She said she was bored in her marriage, so I worked to “un-bore” her by boring my cock in to her pussy, mouth and ass every chance I got, which was fairly often since Don travelled a lot for work.

One day I had her over to the house on the understanding the J was out of town too. After some foreplay and oral sex on each other, I talked her in to letting me tie her up with silk scarves spread-eagled on her back on our four-poster bed and to also place a blind-fold over her eyes. I explained that all of this would enhance the sexual experience. I was eating her out when J stepped out of the bathroom naked and took my place. Linda did not realize at first that there was a switch (through the many years together J’s and my pussy eating techniques mirrored each other’s), but when I knelt on the bed next to her face and placed my dick by her lips she freaked and asked who all was in the room.

I took her blind-fold off and she freaked again when she saw J eating her pussy. J raised her head to smile at Linda and flicked her tongue rapidly across her clit at a speed pretty close to a hummingbird’s wings while finger-fucking Linda with 3 and then 4 fingers. Linda eventually laid back and relaxed and I tried placing my dick in her mouth again and this time she accepted it. After I came in her mouth I untied her constraints and we rested a bit while J went to get some drinks.

In time I lay on my back and had her lay on her back on my stomach. After I had my cock buried deep inside Linda’s pussy J, started licking my cock and balls and Linda’s pussy as I fucked Linda slowly. Every once it a while J would pull my cock out of Linda’s pussy and lick the considerable amount of pussy juice Linda was coating my dick with off and then stick my cock back in to get some more. While she did all of this J would make sounds like she was starved and finally getting to dine on her favorite dessert.

I eventually came in Linda and J pulled my dick out and licked it and my balls and nut sack clean and then went after the cum in Linda’s pussy. By then it seemed that Linda was completely over the three-some/bi-sexual problem she had briefly experienced as when J flipped on to her back and asked Linda to straddle her face so she could “get it all to the last drop”, Linda gladly obliged and motioned me closer so she could suck on my cock some more while J sucked the cum out of her pussy.

We saw Linda often and we eventually slipped up and Linda saw some pictures of Don with us. At first she was shocked and seemed to be confused about how she should feel given what she was up to. But eventually she realized she had been guessing for some time that Don was getting some pussy somewhere since he wasn’t getting much at home, and she guessed it was better that he be with someone she knows, and knows is “OK”, rather than some stranger. We agreed that Don could not handle knowing that Linda was our sex slave too, so we didn’t tell him and, thankfully, he never learned.

After Linda got comfortable with the idea of Don being in a three-some with us, she wanted all the details described to her whne we were with her next and for us to act out as much of it as we could; which we were glad to do. And then she moved to making requests about what she wanted us to do to/with Don the next time we got together; which we were glad to do as well. And then we moved to making requests of Linda when she with Don; which she was all to glad to do too! J

Don never quite understood why his home sex life had improved so much and he just chalked it up to all he had learned being with J and me. “Whatever floats his boat” we all figured.


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bikerjohnny    (2009-02-26 15:27:53)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Nice style, great twist and yep love to be any one in the story.

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