My wife is a total slut (part 5)   added 8 years ago    

  By: wickedheart

My wife Leslie and I were going out for a night of dancing when we ran into her friend Amy. I've mentioned Amy before and she really is a fun, beautiful woman who I am deeply attracted to (and for that matter so is my wife). Everytime we hang out I notice things like Amy putting her hand on Leslie's leg, grabbing her ass, just generally fondeling my wife any chance she gets. It's hot, but I try and keep things cool. Amy was wearing this hot flashy dress that showed off her ample cleavage and tightly hugged her waist and ass. When she saw us she gave me a big hug and Leslie the same, except she then stood with her arms wrapped around Leslie's neck. Amy hugged her from behind and grabbed both of Leslie's tits and said "She's all mine tonight" as she dragged her into the bar with myself in tow. She had already been drinking for quite a while when we got there, and she did nothing but encourage us to catch up to her.

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We spent the night dancing away and eventually I ran into some friends of mine. I headed over to a booth with them and left Leslie and Amy on the dance floor. I watched them both from afar. I saw them dancing closer to each other Amy's hands were all over my wife as they kept gyrating to the music. It was hot to watch them dance about. At one point I noticed Amy and Leslie getting closer and I couldn't be sure, but it looked like Amy kissed Leslie deep on the dance floor. It was then that Amy began leading her off the floor. When they got to the hallway to the bathrooms I swear I saw Amy pressed against the wall and Leslie kissing her, but with all the traffic and lighting it was really hard to be sure.

As they walked down the hallway Amy lead as Leslie hung off her kissing her neck and her earlobes. I imagine they were making quite a scene for anyone standing there in the darkness of the hallway. They walk into the woman's washroom slamming the door as Leslie kisses Amy through it. Amy finally crashes back onto a wall, Leslie is pushing her up against it. Their tongues dance in each other's mouth, their hands exploring past each other's clothing for flesh. Leslie's hand finds it's way up Amy's dress as she begins to part her moist lips. Leslie is fucking Amy against the wall with her hand. Amy's panting gets louder as women pass them by on their way in and out of the washroom. A small crowd is milling about the doorway watching the spectacle.

Leslie had pulled Amy's dress up and her panties were around her ankles as she rubbed her clit. The two women were still kissing passionately when Leslie started to drop to her knees. Amy smiled lifting her dress up for my wife as she began to play with her own breasts. My wife leaned in and began thrashing her tongue around Amy's pussy. Amy was steading herself by holding my wife's head with her hand as she raised a leg for her. The scene was getting hot and by now someone had left the door all the way open. Leslie licked and fingered at Amy as Amy rubbed herself on my wife's face all the way to orgasm. When she had finished Leslie stood up and they kissed as she dragged Amy into the bathroom.

Leslie bent over the sink counter as Amy followed in right behind and lifted Leslie's dress and pulled off her panties (both panties had been discarded as souvenirs). Amy gave my wife a slap on the ass, calling her a bad girl, Leslie no doubt enjoyed it. Amy licked her hand and slid it across my wife's gash. She began rubbing Leslie's clit and parting her pussy. She grabbed onto Leslie's hips from behind and bent down to whisper in her ear "I've always wanted to fuck you like a man" as she thrust her hips at my wife. Leslie responded with a kiss as Amy easily slid three fingers into my wife. Leslie began to hold onto anything she could grab as Amy began to finger fuck her. When my wife was beginning to reach orgasm Amy knelt down behind her and began licking around her snatch while still fucking her.

"Oh fuck! yes!" screamed my wife as she was orgasm bound. Her legs began trembling as she placed one up on the counter to give Amy better access. Amy quickly flipped her over on the counter. She was sitting on the edge, both legs on the counter as if presenting. Amy kept fingering her and went right back to licking her snatch in no time. My wife's orgasm was still going. Leslie was rubbing her boobs, her face was getting red, her breathing shortened, her eyes began to roll into the back of her head as she threw it back and thrust her pussy into Amy's face. She was cumming all over her.

By now a crowd of men and women had formed in the bathroom, and the bouncers were aware of what was going on. They soon broke in kicking everyone out of the bathroom and then telling my wife and Amy they had to leave the club immediately. I was still sitting with my friend's when I overheard two guys talking about the scene they just witnessed in the woman's washroom. I had my suspicions that it had to do with Leslie. I excused myself to go look for them. I finally saw them both on the street having a smoke.
"Did you come to join us for a smoke?" Amy asked.
"Nah, just needed some fresh air" I replied.
"Hey we were thinking of getting out of here, would you mind?" Leslie asked.
"Why not having any fun?" I enquired.
"We were just thinking it might be fun to go back to Amy's place and drink there, besides there's never a line for the washroom there" Leslie quipped. I agreed and we got in a cab...

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partywife my legs are quaking xxx
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