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  By: wildwood625

Pulling in the driveway seeing my wife’s car, I knew I was in deep shit. I didn’t expect her home this early. I wouldn’t have time to make up a good story about losing my job. She had already told me that if I lost this job there would be some major changes around the house. I have a feeling those changes will not include me living here any longer.


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My wife Jill is the major buyer for a lingerie company. She makes major money compared to what I have been bringing home. She is leaving tomorrow for a buying trip in New York, and will be gone for several days. If I can just get buy tonight, maybe she will cool off before returning and not make me leave. When I walked through the door and saw those piercing eyes and that look on her face that spelled trouble, all I could do was hang my head and wait for the worse.

“What are you doing home this time of day, she asked? Don’t tell me, let me guess. You lost you job!” I couldn’t look her in the face, so I just nodded yes. Then she turned and told me to meet her in the living room and bring her a drink. I did as she said but when I handed it to her; she looked me straight in the face and told me to get down on my knees in front of her. “You are a worthless piece of shit! This is the third job this year you have lost.” Saying that, Jill slapped me hard on the face, bringing tears to my eyes. I swear I could hear bell ringing in my head. This was the first time she had ever hit me. “I don’t know why I ever married a loser like you,” slapping me again. “When I get through with you, you’ll be lucky to have a tooth left in your mouth.” Then she hit me again and again.

When she finally stopped hitting me, I was nothing more than a sniveling, crying child that had lost all will to fight back. Pulling me by my hair, she led me into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed she pointed to the floor and immediately I dropped to my knees. “I am going out of town for two nights and if you are still here when I get back, you will have new rules to live by. I don’t need a sniveling husband like you, but divorce at this stage of my career would not look good since I am moving up in the company. I have in mind a position for you that would allow you to remain my husband, but it will be under my terms.” When I started to speak, she slapped me again telling me to shut up. “Take off your clothes and get over here between my legs. All this excitement has got me dripping wet, and you are going to put that tongue of yours to use. We both know that thing between your legs you call a dick, is useless even when you can get it hard. From now on you will be my sissy cunt licker, so get use to it.”

After an hour of service to her cunt, she got her things together and left. I sat down on the side of the bed, crying my eyes out and cursing myself for being such a looser. Jill was right, I am no more than a sissy cunt licking slut. I also knew that I would be here when Jill came home. You probably wonder why I would stay here and take the abuse and humiliation I would receive.

Jill has to be the most beautiful woman I have ever met. Her long, silky dark hair on a perfect frame standing all most six feet tall in heels defiantly sets her apart from other women. Her thirty six inch, C cup breast, with pointy nipples are only one of her exquisite features. Her legs are the shape of a Goddess. She wears silk, designer stockings, with six inch heels, making her taller than the average woman. She wears designer cloths that few women could wear, because of her perfect figure. Heads turn and dicks get hard when she walks into a room. Even women are overcome by her beauty. Her money was not the only reason that I chose to stay.

Jill called from the airport and instructed me to be kneeling naked at the door when she got home, and I didn’t hesitate to do as she said. When she came through the door she went straight to the living room and sat down. I followed her on all fours and knelt before her for my instructions.” I take it your decision is to stay. Before I begin giving you the new rules around this house, fix me a drink, then remove my shoes and give my feet a message. I have had a long and tiring day and this will give me time to think about how you will serve me and the rules you will live by.”

I did as she said, removing her perfect size six shoes, and kissing her toes and instep before beginning her message. When she parted her legs and told me to remove her stockings, I couldn’t help but get a hard on. “Do you think that pathetic thing you call a dick will impress me? Lean back on your heels so I can get a good look at it.” When I did, she took the ball of her foot and ground it into my balls, causing me to scream and start crying. “You are nothing but a sissy, cunt licking slut who before long will be a sissy cunt licking, cock sucking, whore, that will serve me and my friends both male and female. Now get back to your duties and I don’t want to see that pathetic dick of yours hard again, unless I give you permission.” I shook my head and answered, “Yes Mistress”.

The next morning I was up before Jill so I could have her breakfast ready. I was tired, not getting much sleep. Jill said I would never sleep in her bed again, so I had better get use to the floor. She might buy me a matt later, but for now this was part of my training. I was going to have to prove myself worthy of serving her. After breakfast, I ran her bath water and knelt by the tub while she soaked in rose scented water. When got out of the tub, I dried her off and helped her get dressed. First I put her black silk panties on and then her garter belt. She never wore panty hose since they didn’t come in designer styles. Panty hose were defiantly not worn by a Goddess. When I rolled them up her shapely legs, I made sure the seam was directly in the back. Jill said I needed the practice because I would be dressing in women’s clothes very soon. I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but I was too afraid to ask.

When Jill went to work, she left me a list of chores on the kitchen table. At first it seemed to be regular cleaning duties but then at the end in large letters , she said if they weren’t completed to her satisfaction, there would be hell to pay with sever punishment underlined. This caused me to go about each duty with extra care.

That afternoon when she returned home, I had completed my chores and had a candlelight dinner waiting for her. I met her at the door naked and on my knees with a martini in my right hand. She smiled down at me, and then slapped my face, telling me to go in her room and get a pair of her oldest cotton panties and put them on. She didn’t want to have to look at my sorry excuse for a cock all afternoon.

After she had her dinner, which I was not allowed any, since I was nothing more than a lowly cock sucking slut. I followed her to the living room where she sat and I removed her shoes and massaged her feet. “Before I inspect how well you cleaned, I want you to remove my stockings and panties, and put that tongue to good use. You will be very careful removing them, one snag and you will regret it.” When she pulled my head between her shapely legs and I smelled her intoxicating pussy, I lost all thoughts of being her slave, for I knew I was now in heaven. I could have stayed there all night, but after four orgasms, she pushed my head away and told me to follow her to the bedroom.

“I want you to kneel in the corner while I inspect your cleaning. You will be punished for each mistake.” I couldn’t see what she was doing when she returned. All I could hear was her moving boxes around in the closet. “Come over hear, remove your panties and put your head to the floor. I have been saving these toys because I knew you would eventually lose all of your self respect and do anything I demanded in order to stay with me. By your obedience, I can see I was right.” By now I had a raging hard on that I couldn’t hide. “I will have to do something about that pathetic little dick of yours.” Saying that, she slammed her foot into my balls from behind, causing me to fall over with pain. “I don’t wish to be bothered with having to keep an eye on you, not to get hard and masturbating, so I have invited a friend of mine, Dr. Dean, over later to take care of your impure thoughts.”

I didn’t have time to think about what she said because I felt the sting of a cane hitting my rear. “You will count each strike and thank your Mistress for it. I will stop when I feel you have had enough. Now start counting!” When she reached fifty, it was time for her to rest, not to mention that my butt was a swollen mass of whelps. After resting, she put on a ten inch dildo telling me she wanted to help me feel like the sissy I was. “You will always remember who took your cherry.” Putting a small amount of KY jelly on the end, she rammed it home. The first five minutes I felt like I was being ripped apart but then it started feeling good. “That’s it, my little slut; get into rhythm with your new master.” After an hour of Jill having orgasms, and my ass being stretched to the limit, she pulled out.

Again resting a few minutes, Jill handed me a bottle of Nair, telling me to go to the shower and rub it all over my entire body from the neck down, and leave it on until she said I could rinse it off. Half an hour later, I was burning so bad I was beginning to shake. “Turn on the cold water and rinse yourself, and then return to the bedroom.” With no hair on my dick or balls, I looked just like a little boy. I entered the bedroom and she handed me a tube of scented cream, instructing me to rub over my entire body and repeat this every morning after showering. “This will make your body smooth and soft to go along with other changes I have in mind.”

The doorbell rang and Mistress told me to finish what I was doing. I heard laughing coming from the kitchen, so I dropped to my knees and went to investigate. “This is Dr.Dean,” Mistress said as I entered. Sitting at the table was another beautiful woman, with long blond hair and long shapely legs. Even though she was very pretty, she couldn’t hold a candle to Mistress Jill. “This is the doctor I was telling you about that will make the changes in your body that will allow you to continue to live here and serve your Mistress.”

“Don’t be afraid, I am very good at what I do, and when I am finished, you will look more the part of the sissy cock sucking slut that you are,” Dr. Dean said with a smile. Mistress placed a sheet on the table instructing me to lie down and spread my legs and arms. After securing me so that I couldn’t move, Dr. Dean brought out a medical bag she had under the table. “First I am going to give you an injection that will relax you to the point that you will not be able to move. Then I will deaden the area around your pathetic dick so I can remove those nasty things hanging between your legs.” The injection was already working, so even though I tried, I couldn’t sound a word. I am sure the look on my face and the tears coming out of my eyes, told them I was not happy.

“I thought about letting you come one last time before you lost your balls, but I see now I waited too long,” Mistress said with a laugh. “After the operation, Dr. Dean will inject you with hormones that will put you on the road to womanhood. You will start to grow breast and your hips are going to spread out. If your features don’t soften enough, we can always use plastic surgery. You will take large doses of estrogen each morning before you begin a strenuous workout that will tone and shape your body. Now Dr Dean, the time has come for you to remove those nasty balls.”

Thank goodness I felt no pain. When my balls were removed and they showed them to me, Mistress placed them in a jar to later be coated and made into a necklace for me to wear. This would always remind me of what I used to be.

A year has passed since I was castrated and started on the road to being a sissy whore for my Mistress. I have the appearance of the bimbo slut that I have become. I still have my dick, which is of no use to me, but my Mistress loves showing it off to add to my humiliation. Dr. Dean moved in, so now I have two Mistress’s to serve. I keep house and entertain guest. I have become an expert at sucking cock, and eating pussy. Even though I am there slave, I must say, I am a happy slave.




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