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It’s funny how these things start – the seed of thought that grows, expands and finally blooms into a previously unimaginable flower of intense ecstatic, reality. His car was in the garage, so he’d cycled to work. “I’ll put the kettle on and have a nice cuppa waiting for him when he gets home,” I thought.

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That was it. The seed.


That one innocent little thought of making a nice little caring gesture to please my man after a hard days work…and a cycle ride home…arriving with his shirt infused with his fresh sweat from that last uphill slog to our house. I imagined us embracing in a big hug of greeting when he arrived, and his fresh aroma drifting up to me as I pressed my face to his chest. “I do like my man’s smell” I thought to myself.


And the seed had germinated.


My thoughts, my desires, my dreams spiralled off from that point. I was gripped with the heady feeling of calm anticipation – the lust, the longing for something that you knew – really knew – would soon be a reality. That’s what is so great about my man. All the things that once used to be hidden fantasies, secret lusts, dirty secrets…Stuff that it seemed to me only happened in films, or to other people…now they were my reality.


When he arrived I met him at the door. He propped his bike up in the porch and sighed “fuck that” he said “if the car’s not done by tomorrow I’m taking a sickie”. We chuckled and embraced. I kissed him once on the lips and buried my head against his chest and breathed deeply. Then, with a chuckle, moved my face towards his armpit and inhaled again “I do like your smell,” I told him.


And the seed had now sprouted; Pushed out the first tiny leaves from the darkness below ground, from the darkness of fantasy, of dreams, into the warm bright sun of reality. Nature was taking its course.


He chuckled “and I like that you’re a dirty slut” and kissed me tenderly on the tip of my nose. We exchanged a few couple-ish pleasantries about our days as we walked into the living room. He sat down on the sofa and noticed the coffee table held not only a steaming cup of tea, but also an ice cold can of beer, a sandwich and a nice fat spliff resting in the ashtray. “Oh, honey, you spoil me” he said, and looking deep onto my eyes “Thank you.”


“Do you want to put that on?” I nodded towards his dressing gown draped over the arm of the sofa: He likes to get out of his work clothes as soon as possible after getting home.


“Oh cool” he says, with a twinkle in his eye that told me he’d twigged that he was in for a good time. He reached for the gown and I knelt at his feet and began undoing his shoelaces. I liked the way he didn’t mention this - just let me get on with it, accepting it as normal. By the time I’d removed both of his shoes he’d taken of his shirt. He stood up, pulling on the dressing gown as he did so. We grinned at each other as he undid his trousers and let them fall, me enjoying the sight of his naked body framed by the untied gown draped around him, him enjoying the knowledge that I love to see his body.


As he sat down again, I stood up, walked into the kitchen and came back with a bowl of warm, scented water which I placed by his feet. “oh honey”, he sighed again as he lowered his aching feet into the warm water. “Tonight’s, just for you baby,” I told him “I want to pamper you, fetch and carry for you, massage you feet, make you dinner... You can have all the sex you want it however you want it or you can just sit and watch TV while I wait on you hand and foot. Tonight, you’re pleasure is my pleasure.


As I said this I knelt before him, my hands on his thighs under his still undone dressing gown. I bent over and kissed him once on each knee. He leant forward and, taking me by the chin brought my face up to meet his we kissed, deeply, as he accepted ownership of me. Suddenly the kiss ended and he lay back, grinned, and gave an almost imperceptible glance down towards his crotch. I smiled back, took the spliff from the ash tray, placed it in my mouth, lit it – taking a deep drag as I did so - and placed it in his mouth. A shiver ran though me as I felt his lips brush against my finger. His feet still soaking in the bowl I lent forward between his open knees, and kissed his slightly engorged cock down its length. I took it in one hand and, rolling back his foreskin, kissed it’s tip. I looked up to see him sink further back in the sofa and take a large toke. “That’s it honey, you just relax and enjoy”.


And he did, and it was great. He lay back and let me pleasure him, indulging, revelling in the pure selfish pleasure he was receiving. He even stopped me a couple of times while he paused to take a drink of tea. I would wait, knelt between his legs while he slowly and calmly drank, then replaced the mug on the table and, wordlessly, lay back. Each time I took his cock in my mouth afresh I would revel in licking the pre-cum that had seeped out before once again going to work: kissing, licking, sucking, licking, sucking, kissing.

Revelling in the pleasure I was giving him – his pleasure reflected back to me. After about 10 minutes of this he stopped me again. This time he lifted his own legs up with his hands under his thighs, and revealed his arsehole. Without a pause I was there. Running my tongue around and around, up and down over his hole, pushing my tongue hard against it, the tip entering him as he moaned in ecstasy. When he dropped his legs I didn’t go straight back to his cock – I knew he was in no hurry - and moved up to his nipples, nibbling gently on one and then the other. Running my tongue around and around. Then down to his navel.

By now he was moaning uncontrollably with the sheer unadulterated physical pleasure. Both of us lost in this moment, nothing else existed. I moved back down to his cock. Knowing it wouldn’t be long now before I got to drink from my man. I alternated between spiralling my tongue around and around his engorged head and sucking deep and hard, rubbing the base of his cock with my hand. With one last animal cry he came, and came and came while I worked the head of his cock with my tongue – taking it all in. He finally relaxed back into the sofa. Giving him one last squeeze from base to tip I licked his cock clean of the last of his juice as he gave one final shiver of pleasure.


Slumped back, he relit the joint. I sat down on the floor my back up against the sofa and rested my head on his thigh. He passed me the joint, “Man, are we gonna have some fun tonight…” he said.


End of part one.

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lostinlust    (2008-09-25 15:02:57)    Flag as inappropiate
lostinlust I think I'm in love.
RashidSH    (2008-02-15 14:19:15)    Flag as inappropiate
RashidSH I love the thought of pleasing my man to the fullest extent possible--even spoiling him with pleasures and comforts. I love the scent of my man as well, it brings me warm comfort as well as hot quivers of ecstasy. I loved it!
Michael    (2008-02-09 16:05:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Michael Verrrrry hot. You can suck my cock anytime.
dukenully    (2008-02-05 11:29:12)    Flag as inappropiate

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