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  By: 3p

I pull the car up into a spot near the darkest end of the dock parking lot, roll down the windows, and shut it off.

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The Naughty Meter

Now we just wait. My fiancee's hands tremble a little as she adjusts her shirt and pulls down on her skirt a little (to no avail -- it's far too short). She's wearing a schoolgirl outfit: hoop earrings, a white blouse tied just under her chest with her erect pierced nipples pushing through the thin fabric, a red-plaid skirt so short her thick sexy thighs are exposed all the way up, knee-high white stockings, and black heels. She picked it out. Damn!

I take a breath and grab the digital camcorder. I don't turn it on, because it doesn't look like anyone's around yet. See, a couple nights ago, we posted an ad on the web:

Thursday night, 1am, west end dock parking lot, black Civic. Watch me, touch me, lick me, fuck me... I'm your whore for 5 minutes... (condoms please)

She'd been fantasizing about doing it for years, but it took a lot of reassuring to get her out here tonight. She'd chickened out once before.


And here's our chance to find out: someone's walking over here... a dude, looks maybe 30-something. When she sees him, she looks a little panicked. When he gets to her window, though, I flip on the interior lights so he can get a good view, and to my surprise she gives a naughty smile and says, "Hey, baby" in the sexiest voice I've ever heard her put on. The guy just looks. I start rolling the camera on her, making it clear I'm not getting his face. She asks if he'd like to see more, and he nods, so she undoes her shirt and puts her hands up in her hair, closing her eyes and pushing her huge tits out. The guy reaches in slowly, nervously, and puts his hand on her tit. She doesn't even flinch. He starts to rub her, plays with her nipples.

I notice the second guy, a bit younger and lankier, standing in front of the car. The first guy follows my eyes, and abruptly stops what he's doing. He nods at us and walks briskly away. So much for that.

But then the second guy comes around her side and leans on the edge of the window. He smiles broadly, then without hesitation, reaches down and starts rubbing my fiancee's thighs. I record it eagerly. She's obviously horny, because her legs just seem to split apart on their own. She gasps when he runs his hand up the inside of her thigh to her shaved pussy. She isn't wearing anything under the skirt.


He rubs her clit, finger fucks her, she's enjoying the hell out of it, and I am really horny. When she has her first orgasm, I can't take it, and I start jacking off. Seeing this, she brings her hand down forcefully on mine and says, "Wait."

A minute later, we're outside of the car, her tits hanging out. She asks the guy if he's got a condom: affirmative, with a big smile. She looks back at me and tells me to pull down my pants and sit on the hood, camera rolling on night vision. So I do. Then she puts her hands down on the hood, leans over, and starts sucking me off. She's sticking her ass way up in the air, legs spread out. The guy jumps on the cue and a minute later he's railing her. I can feel her whole body jolting as she sucks my cock and whimpers. No sooner than it starts, I come in her mouth, and she swallows it up.

For what seems like a long time afterward, my fiancee is leaning over me, getting fucked hard by some random guy in a parking lot. Soon her hand shoots between her legs to rub herself, and without support her face is buried in my lap and she's screaming with no concern. It takes me no time to get a full hardon again. Eventually, the guy finishes, and basically just walks away.


She's breathing heavy and starts to head toward the car. I grab her by the wrist, pull hard, and throw her onto the hood where I'd been sitting. "No you don't. You're my fucking whore!" She gives me an animal growl as I start pounding her loosened pussy, her legs way up in the air. She moans and screams, even louder now, as she hits another orgasm. I come into her again, then collapse.

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