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  By: Kentguy71

There I was sitting there in the chair watching the TV relaxing after a day of the normal tourist adventures walking around a city taking in the sites with my lovely Maria. She is a site herself that I could never get tired of looking at blond hair which went down halfway along her back, her sweet round face giving her an air of innocence in her look, he soft full lips and not to mention her wonderful curvaceous body, her soft round firm breasts and her full soft round pert ass. All of a sudden there was a knock on the hotel rooms door and a voice calling out “Room Service” about time I thought I was famished and looking forward to having a nice relaxing drink before our evening meal. I leaned forwards and picked up my cigarettes and took one out of the packet lighting it. Looking over at Maria naked kneeling on the floor, hands rested upon her thighs her head bowed her eyes fixed upon the floor.

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“Well what are you waiting for then my sweet lil slut don’t keep him waiting out there answer the door” I said to her my eyes fixed upon her face. “Yes sir” she replied and lent her body forwards placing her palms flat upon the floor crawling away from the side of my chair towards the door. My eyes fixed upon her body watching as her large breasts swung from side to side her head bowed, watching the wiggle in her ass as she crawled to do the job expected of her. She reached the door and lifted her body up to open the door then she sat by the side of the open door back upon her knees, as the man from room service came in a sort gasp escaping from his mouth as he took in the sight of Maria naked by the door his eyes fixed upon her breasts. “I..I…I have err your order here Sir” he stammered out completely taken aback by Maria. “Just place it upon the table” I replied watching him seeing how flustered he was seeing him trying to fight the urge to look back at Maria as he done what was expected of him. “Maria” close the door I said as I turned my back to her hearing the firm click of the door closing as I did.



“Well that food looks really good” I said to the waiter with a smile across my face, “Tell me I asked him do the staff in this hotel still rely upon tips to top up there wages?”. “Well Sir a monetary tip is down to the guest, though only if the service is worth it Sir” he replied looking back at me. As I look at his face watching his eyes still taking in the naked form of Maria kneeling by the door. “Well I unfortunately or perhaps happily for you do not believe in monetary tips I replied to him. Watching him as he looked at me bewildered. “Pardon Sir” he questioned me. “Tell me?” I asked “what do you think of my little slut by the door, I can see that you keep looking at her your eyes roaming over her naked body”. A slight low chuckle escaping from my throat. The waiter coughed looked at me in surprise “well Sir she is stunning and I can see that she has a gorgeous body”. This brought a low laugh from me “yes I could not agree more, here let me give you your tip as I said I apologise it is not monetary but I am sure that you would prefer this anyway come stand here next to me” I said.



“SLUT” I shouted as I turned to face the door” here, now and no dawdling get your ass over here quickly”. Maria flinched with my raised voice but quickly crawled back over to kneel in front of myself and the waiter. I turned to face the waiter she how obedient she is I told him for she knows that if she is not then she will be punished for her actions a paddle across her ass or perhaps a belt it all depends upon my mood” looking at him seeing the way he just stood there staring at Maria “you know there is nothing she will not do to please me, my every whim, my every desire” I said to him as I lent over my hand resting upon Marias breast my fingers running softly over the soft skin my nails slightly digging into her flesh as I spoke, hearing a soft little sigh coming from Maria as I did. Quickly and sharply I flicked my wrist my palm flicking hard upon her breast smacking it firmly Maria gasping loudly with the shock a soft moan escaping from her lips as I did. “Thank you Sir” Maria replied



I turned to face the waiter his eyes open wide his mouth slightly open. “Perhaps you would like to see how she feels I asked him feel how soft yet firm her breasts are, Feel how hard her nipples can get” I asked him, watching him as he swallowed hard “you mean I can touch her” he asked “yes” I replied “ “you can touch her anywhere you wish, There will be no objection from me at all and there will most certainly be NONE from my lil slut” I replied looking down at Maria seeing the look of shock upon her face as I offered her and her body to this complete stranger. Tentatively the waiter reached his hand out placing it upon her breasts squeezing his hand upon her soft flesh before he reached out with his other hand to grasp and hold her other breasts massaging them both with his hands.

Maria letting her head drop backwards as she pushed her body forwards pushing her breasts in harder upon the waiters hands small moans escaping from her throat as the waiter worked upon her breasts her nipples hardening under his touch. I moved back to the chair and turned it to face them watching them both as I tucked into the food the waiter had brought up, seeing a bulge begin to appear in the front of his pants as he run his hands and fingers over Marias breasts. “Are you enjoying that then” I asked the waiter “yes” he replied “ She haves lovely breasts” “Well my lil slut likes a bit of pain you know she likes having her nipples pinched and tweaked, why not give that a go and she her reaction to that” I offered to him as I chuckled to myself.

With that the waiter placed his fingers and thumbs around Marias stiff hard nipples and pinched them both hard at the same time. Maria let out a loud moan as she pushed her chest out further towards the waiter her head falling backwards. “Do it again” I told the waiter, he looked over at me and smiled at me as harder this time he pinched her nipples again A louder moan together with a little whimper came from Maria this time. Looking at the waiter I could the bulge growing larger in his pants. “Why not smack one of her breasts, especially as you pinch the other nipple” I told him. The lil slut would really enjoy that. With that the waiter brought one hand back and brought the palm down hard upon Marias breast as he squeezed and twisted the other nipple. “Oh godddddd” let out Maria a loud moan and sigh “Please Sir can he do it again, Please” she asked “well boy what you waiting for I told him do as the little slut wants”.



This time he smacked the other breast squeezing and twisting the other nipple “yes, yes” panted Maria her eyes open wide a large smile upon her lips. Chuckling I looked at the waiter “You know where her real talent lies” I said to him “ She loves to suck upon a hard cock, she does it so well as well her tongue action is just superb” this I said as I walked over to them both unzipping my pants pulling out my semi hard cock, grabbing hold of Marias hair yanking her head backwards “open your mouth slut” I said in a stern voice watching as her lips parted and I placed my shaft down upon them and began to slide it upon them. The waiter just stared at us open mouthed his hands just resting upon Marias breasts as he did. “what I love though is her ability to deep throat a cock though” I said to him as I pushed my cock hard into Marais mouth filling her throat hearing her choke a little as I pushed it all the way down my balls resting upon her chin”. Keeping my cock pushed in there for a moment before puling it out of her mouth hearing her gasps as I did my shaft covered with her spittle before I repeated it again.



With a chuckle I pulled my hard shaft out of her mouth and slapped my cock against her cheeks a few times as I did. Looking up at the waiter “Perhaps you would like to have a go I said, you want to fuck her mouth, fill it with that bulge you have in your pants” I said. His face reddened a bit but after another look down at Maria and her body he smiled up at me “Would I he said and virtually ripped his pants off releasing his cock. With Marias hair still locked in my hand tightly I pushed her waiting open mouth towards this new cock “tease it my slut” I said to her as the tip of it reached her lips. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth the tip of it running over the soft fleshy head of his cock, running it down the back of the head, flicking her tongue upon the thick purple head fast then slow then fast again. Pushing her head in closer she began to nibble upon the soft purple head running her teeth up and down it her tongue running over it. The waiter standing there moaning looking down his hands once more massaging her breasts as she sucked his cock.



“Well what you waiting for then son you want to fuck that sluts mouth then fuck it”, with that I placed my fingers onto her chin pulling her mouth open wide keeping it stretched. With that he moved and slid his cock into her mouth and begun thrusting it deep into her throat. Keeping Marias hair firmly in my hand I let go of her mouth watching as she clamped onto the cock in her mouth hard with her lips. “That’s is my slut, now SUCK that cock suck it hard, suck the cum out of him my slut” I said looking up at the waiter seeing his eyes closed hearing the moans coming out from his throat as Maria worked upon his cock sucking at it greedily. “Oh my god” said the waiter after a short time “I think I am about to cum” he said with a worried look on his face, “don’t worry “ I said “she is a SLUT after all she wont care if you come in her mouth, on her face, she will take it wherever you want to put it” I replied “I want to cum on her tits” he said “Then go for it”, I replied.

With that he took his cock out of her mouth, lowered his body downwards and placed his cock between Marias breasts, squeezing them together started to fuck them and sure enough within a couple of strokes he pulled his cock up and squirted his hot warm cum over Marias breasts letting out a loud moan together with Maria moaning loudly as she felt the hot warm juice splash upon her body. “Wow” he said you were right that tip was so much better then any monetary one I could have got he said then gave a little laugh. I know I replied but it is thanks to having such an obedient lil slut like I have.



Needless to say that after that we never had a problem with getting anything from room service night or day!!!!!

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