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I'm kind of glad I fell so soon. Sacha's apartment is close by, and I don't have to limp very far. We get inside and I immediately notice how clean and orderly it is in her place... very different from the pigsty I let myself live in. She instructs me to put her gloves, my shoes, jacket and purse in the front closet. As I walk to the closet, I hear her start to run a bath. When I come back to the bathroom she's perched on a step-stool next to the tub. She motions for me to come closer.

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She un-tucks my blouse and starts to unbutton it. I move to do it myself, but she stops my hands. With all the buttons undone, she gently tugs at the back so that it falls away from me. She then turns me around and pulls the zipper down the back of my skirt, and it slides down my legs to the floor, leaving me standing in my bra, underwear and thigh-highs. My tights have runs in them from having walked on the pavement and snagged them at the heels.

She moves her fingers up the runs, over my ass and up my back. She undoes my bra and slowly slides my bra-straps down my arms and caresses my breasts. She clutches me against her and turns me to face her again to suck on my belly button, smoothing one hand into the leg hole of my panties and caressing my ass.

I want to enjoy it, but it's rather difficult when I'm trying not to put weight on my bad ankle. Also, it's cold in her bathroom and I notice I'm completely covered in goose bumps. I let out a small cry and forget my discomforts as her fingers claw at my love-handles and she gnaws on my hip and her clean, cool fingers reach between my ass cheeks and stroke my labia from behind. She pulls my panties off by the crotch and I raise my leg to get my foot out. She takes my raised thigh and pins it under her arm. Looking at my foot she shakes her head.

“Tsk, tsk tsk...”

She pulls my other leg out from under me and I panic momentarily as my weight shifts. She pins it under her other arm and looks at me.

“I told you I used to work at a circus.”

She places me on the rim of the tub and turns off the water. She pulls my thigh highs off slowly, one leg at a time. She examines the tears in them and tosses them into the waste basket.

“I could carry three of you, Becca.”

She clasps my left thigh in her hand as she places my leg over her shoulder and, catching my right torso in her other hand, she lifts me up into the air.

“Oh my god...” I gasp and start to laugh.

As she tilts me more horizontal, I scream and clutch onto her shoulder and upper arm for dear life, and I can't stop laughing.

Her grin is broad. “I won't drop you.”

She lowers me, brushing her lips against my belly button and blowing cool air into it. It creates this tingling sensation that ripples through my whole body, quieting my nervous laughter. I drop my head and close my eyes as I enter a very submissive and aroused state.

Sacha cautiously lowers me into the tub, and plants a hard kiss on my mouth before leaning me back. As I lay in the tub, dizzy and with my bad ankle elevated on the rim, she leaves to turn off the light. The ejaculate oozing out of my pussy feels like silky spiderweb strands in the hot, fragrant water. I hear her return and take off her shirt to come join me, and I'm feeling very happy. A sprained ankle was a small price to pay.

I feel the water move as she comes into the bathtub, and sigh as I feel her pull herself to me, using my shoulder. I open my eyes just enough to see the silhouette of her head and shoulders against the blue moonlight coming in from the windows. The weight of her on my chest, with her breasts against mine and her hot wet hands caressing my face make me feel so fulfilled and happy that I want to cry. As we kiss she wets my hair. My eyes adjust to the dark and her face comes more into view.

“You know, I can probably help you with your ankle... but it'll hurt for a minute.”

I just nod my head.

As she takes my calf into her hands and rotates my foot, I whimper as the awful pain comes back. She bends it where it hurts the most and I gasp as I hear a terrible popping noise. Her touch becomes more gentle and she looks at me.

“Try moving it around.”

I gingerly rotate my foot first in a small circle, then a big one. I hear a last little crack, and it feels normal again.



She lowers my cold leg into the water.

“Good. Now one of us can walk right.” She grins broadly at me and chuckles at my feeble smile.

She moves back in, talking to me between kisses.

“I can now tell you, that I had no idea, what I was doing with your foot.”

I start to laugh loudly, shaking my head. “I don't believe you...”

“You don't doubt me anymore. I had to pull a stunt just so you wouldn't doubt me.” Sacha bites her lip as she gruffly jerks my ass with her hand. “I'm not only strong, Becca. I'm smart and I'm lucky.”

We wrap our arms around each other and kiss long.

“We're both a little tired from the drama. I think we'll have to get some sleep before I get you messy.”

Messy... oh, god. I let out a quiet groan as I feel my cunt wake up again. Why, why, why did she have to say that? I'd been oozing since she started undressing me, and now it was time to go to sleep?

“Let me hold onto your shoulders, and we'll get out together,”

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