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  By: zac08

Again, back from where we left off previously. Susie and Noelle are sleeping off their drinks and the last I saw, Tammy and Trisha were proceeding to a room for more (mebbe I'll join them again later)

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The Naughty Meter

Most of the ppl had paired up and dissapeared into the night, a few more were dancing or should I say swaying to the music which was from a CD player (some non-stop mambo disco mix)

Looking around, I spotted Cindy sipping some bourbon coke on the sofa. She was very prim and proper normally in school, now she looked like a vixen on the prowl for young virgin males. She had a blood red dress which showed her legs right up to her mid-thighs in front and covered the rear till the bottom. The neckline was also plunging down in a deep V which only stopped below her bosom. The sleeves were sleek and covered 3/4 down her toned arms. Her hair was done up with a ponytail down her right front and laid just above her C cup boobs.

"Cindy, why are you all alone here?"

"Well, the rest seems plastered already and I noticed you had also dissapeared for a few times already, you scored any?"

"Very perceptive of you Cindy, well... I dun like to boast about my conquests. So just take it tat you didn't hear anything from me."

"Very kind of you not to fuck and tell. I'm feeling a lil horny now as well. You still got it in you to perform?"

"Cindy, dun underestimate me. Let's go upstairs to find out."

Winking at her, she chuckled lightly and rose up to hold my arms for support. Looks like she's had a few to drink for the night too. Just wonder how many she had already.

I supported her slowly up the stairs and we checked for an empty room. I avoided the last 2 rooms as I knew who was inside. Reaching the 3rd last room, I was relieved to find it empty. Pulling her in, I closed and locked the door and hugged her tightly against me. She just reached my chin and I had to lift her face up by her chin to kiss her on the mouth. She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to me, I leaned into the kiss and delved into her oral orifice with my tongue and she started to use her tongue as well.

I moved the two of us slowly towards the bed and rubbed her back slowly. Holding her zip, I eased it down slowly and unzipped the dress right down to her hips. Sliding my hands down from her shoulder, I slipped her dress off and broke off the kiss. She wasn't wearing any bras as expected with such a dress, not even nipple tape. Bending over, I suckled on her brown nipples and got them erect in a short while. Tugging some more on the dress got it all down her legs and it piled up around her ankles. I moved my right hand down towards her black laced panties and rubbed her gingerly. She moaned and as I nuzzled her neck, she got more worked up and held me even tighter. (Looks like she's sensitive there) Diving into the panties, I encountered bare skin right down till I felt wetness from her slit. Rubbing up and down, her love juices flowed smoothly preparing her vagina for a sexual encounter.

Disengaging myself, I quickly removed my clothing and laid her down onto the bed. I went right behind her and my erect dick was already right between her legs. Moving up and down, I used my cock to rub her against her panties which was getting wetter and wetter. Pulling her panties to a side, I continued to rub my cock against her, now against her bare skin of her labia. Sliding between her labia, I allowed my dick to slip into her wet canal every now and then. I also allowed my cock to bump against her clitoris which was getting very aroused and pushing out of the clitoral hood.

Changing the angle slightly, I allowed myself to slip in totally and started to fuck Cindy with slow strokes. As I bumped her cervix, she would gasp and I would repeat the action slowly bringing her to a rising orgasm. I made her get on her hands and knees for a doggy-style fuck which allowed me a better aim at her G spot. Then reading her quickening breath and her frequency of her vaginal spasms, I realised she was gonna get off soon, thus I increased my pace as well and fucked her faster. Slamming hard into her butt, she gasped loudly and collapsed onto the bed. Her pussy was still gripping me tightly and I laid on her for a while to allow her to catch her breath from that orgasm.

Still fucking her slowly, she launched into a few more orgasms and soon fell to her side exhausted. I just looked at her and smiled (another satisfied customer).

I covered her up with a blanket and walked out of the room just wearing my boxers and holding the rest of my clothes. Where are Tammy and Trisha?

I found them in another room and they were almost asleep in the dark. I closed and locked the door and left my clothes on a chair and snuck into bed with them. Both of them were naked and sleeping on either side of the bed. I managed to get into the middle of them and I reached out with both my hands on either side to grab hold of their boobs. It seems bigger on the left side, should be Tammy there. The smaller one of the two should be Trisha, and I think I prefer Trisha for now. Facing to the right, I moved closer and started to suckle on her breasts. Her soft boobs was so lovely but it seems so much smaller than before in the toilet. I swear it seems like a A cup instead.

Well, I won't bother with this at the moment. I got right over her and rubbed her pussy with my dick, and as the lubricant started to work, I managed to push my hard cock into her wet and tight canal. Didn't recall it being so tight even when I broke her virginity earlier. My dickhead got in another 1 inch or so and I was stopped. A second virginity barrier even after I broke it??

No time to think too much when I'm horny as hell and I needed to get off. I pulled up slightly and forced my way in. She winced and twisted a little but she continued to sleep. Fucking her tight pussy, I got excited real quick and in a few minutes I came inside her, squirting a whole load of thick cum.

After cumming, I started to get curious. As I pulled out from her, I noticed dark stains on my cock in the pale moonlight. Shit, who was that girl? Better not stay to find out...

Cleaning up in a rush, I got dressed and quickly made my exit. Lucky both of them seems to be still deep in sleep.

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