Ass To Mouth   added 8 years ago    

  By: dana

I felt his breath on my back. There I was: exposed, tied in a doggy style position and blindfolded. The thought of being unable to deny him anything made me shudder in anticipation. He knew how much I loved being helpless and treated like the sex toy that he made me over the years.


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The feeling of the cold air around me caused goose bumps on my skin. I felt his warm lips on my back, kissing their way down from my neck to my butt while he pinched my nipples. He always knew how to get me hot and wet. I squirmed, my body demanding more. When his lips left my buttocks, a sharp smack of his hands on my buttocks made me regain my senses, feeling the warm sensation of the spanking I had just received.

Cold lube on my butthole, soon mixed with the feeling of fingers massaging the outside, then slowly making their way in made me shudder more. My ass always used to be something he couldn't resist during our whole relationship and this time was no exception. Soon, too soon, he removed his fingers, leaving me alone. I felt my pussy juices dripping down from my erect clit and his stare on my exposed backside.

I don't know how long he just watched me, breathing heavily, but all of a sudden I felt his breath, then his tongue attacking my back hole, literally licking my ass. The thought of that forbidden pleasure made me moan in ecstasy and when his finger stroked my clit, I had an orgasm. This was the nasty pleasure I desired so much and he obviously was more than willing to give it to me. Who needs pussy when there's even more pleasure with anal play, right?

Before I really regained all my senses, his cock was shoved in my mouth. I had been trained well and knew exactly what to do, so I took him as deep as possible in one steady motion. Although he usually didn't make any noise to keep my information about when he was about to cum to a minimum, he sighed of the sudden pleasure I caused him. I was tied, but my head hung free, so I did the best I could to suck him off, using a lot of my tongue and bobbing my head on his pulsating dick.

He had other plans for me though and before I was able to taste his delicious juice, he pulled away, walking around the podium he had tied me to and paying some more attention to my ass with his fingers. Then he replaced his fingers with his cock and without adding more lube, he pushed his way inside me. When I felt the head of his cock slide past my anal muscle, he pinched my nipples a bit more, then grabbed me by the hips and made his cock disappear in my ass hole. The lack of lube first hurt, but the pain soon subsided and was replaced by pure pleasure. My ass was his and he was going to enjoy it.

I longed for his fingers on my clit, as the sensation of the ass fucking made me hot, but didn't get me off. I fought against the restraints he had put on, intending to free a hand that would give me the relief I wanted badly but all that my fight against the bondage brought me was a few slaps on my ass, telling me not to try further while he still fucked me hard. When he changed the angle a bit, his sack slapped against my clit and that was all I needed: I came hard, grunting in pleasure.

My whole body was shaking by then, the restraints began to hurt, but I didn't care. I was in orgasm heaven while he still pumped my ass hard. Then he pulled out and I heard him walk around the podium again. Slapping his cock in my face, he told me "Suck." - nothing more. Still horny as hell, I swallowed the length of his shaft before I even realized where it came from. I had him down in my throat by the time the thought of nastiness hit me. His cock tasted different than before and I gagged a little, trying to pull off, but he already had a firm hold of my hair and forced his cock down my throat again. "Good girl", he said, then he began face fucking me harder. After all, it wasn't that bad and I soon got used to the abuse and the feeling of a cock that came from my ass in my mouth. Trying to make the best of it, I tried not to think about it too much and eagerly tried to get him off. After all, I still wanted his cum in my mouth.

He had other plans once more. "Now that you've realized what you nasty little slut did, I'm gonna enjoy this one." And he left my mouth for another shafting of my ass. The inside of my ass must contain something that lubed his prick, because it didn't feel that bad. Maybe there was some of my spit on it as well. This time, his nuts instantly hit my clit and I was soon falling for another orgasm.

I was starting to wonder how long he was able to last when he pulled out again, leaving my butt hole gaping in emptiness. A few more spanks on my buttocks and a slight stroking of my cunt and clit, then he moved to my head again. I thought about my possibilities of denying but then thought what the heck, it had happened already, so why refuse a second time? Without any further demand from his side, I licked his shaft, made my tongue circle around its head, then took it in my mouth and sucked him hard. He grabbed my hair again, guiding my head towards him and force-fed his cock down my throat. I was used to a good throat fucking and breathing between his strokes, so I licked his scrotum while he fucked my head in a fury. He must have bent over me, because I could feel his hands, playing with my nipples, then reaching for my ass. Two of his fingers found their way inside easily and he instantly adjusted his angle to reach downwards, hitting my g-spot. A moan escaped my lungs but didn't make it past his cock in my throat.

It was right then when I felt his cock stiffen even more and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. When he pulled out, he stopped so only the head of his cock rested between my lips and I already felt him spurting hot cum in my mouth, rewarding me with the sweet juice I loved so much when I had yet another mind-blowing orgasm. The face fucking had caused the blindfold to slip away, so I was able to look at his exhausted face. I loved teasing him, so I opened my mouth and showed him the hot cum I had collected, then closed and swallowed, all the while looking in his beautiful eyes. His instant smile and the second load I received later that evening told me I had done everything right.

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pie106    (2012-09-20 22:46:18)    Flag as inappropiate
Very sexy, i felt like I was right there.
unknown    (2010-05-29 18:11:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Thats was hot, he had full control of you and he fucked you good as he wanted and he knew exactly what you needed!
slavesteve    (2009-05-26 09:42:16)    Flag as inappropiate
I want to be you, having to lick ass and being fucked and having to suck. when I am forced to lick ass, I try to tickle the asshole with my tongue and then press my lips around the asshole and suck hard.
easy_man    (2009-04-03 12:46:09)    Flag as inappropiate
nice story, i like doing some dirty, nasty things with my girls sometimes
Jon    (2009-03-08 13:26:47)    Flag as inappropiate
dana- great story and very well written. the thought of you being so helpless, is such a turn on!
Transporter    (2009-02-22 08:42:22)    Flag as inappropiate
Transporter Nice , seemd like i was there.
simple_boy    (2009-01-23 09:38:41)    Flag as inappropiate
i want my girlfriend doing it in this way; i'm unlucky
regaudio    (2009-01-18 19:25:48)    Flag as inappropiate
I'd so like to teach you, love you, have you be my lover par excellence. In the body and in the mind, I'd make you come so hard you'd e afraid of a heart attack...
noumero9    (2009-01-18 05:16:07)    Flag as inappropiate
the ass to mouth is very nice
noumero9    (2009-01-18 05:15:54)    Flag as inappropiate
the ass to mouth is very nice
anu    (2009-01-03 06:18:51)    Flag as inappropiate
not a good job
KnoxNoxious    (2008-12-20 01:27:25)    Flag as inappropiate
A very sexy read!
JiaGun    (2008-09-26 08:22:02)    Flag as inappropiate
JiaGun If you can picture with may be more exciting
JiaGun    (2008-09-26 08:21:57)    Flag as inappropiate
JiaGun If you can picture with may be more exciting
JiaGun    (2008-09-26 08:21:48)    Flag as inappropiate
JiaGun If you can picture with may be more exciting
byts    (2008-08-30 15:06:49)    Flag as inappropiate
Very nice story!! Keep up the great work!!
darkrain    (2008-06-25 15:51:53)    Flag as inappropiate
thanks for this beautiful story. I felt like I was right there enjoying the fuck ...
xquisiteyes    (2008-05-26 19:10:15)    Flag as inappropiate
thanks for the visual. gives me something to think about.
farker    (2008-04-21 02:37:52)    Flag as inappropiate
farker thanks... beautifuly written
storiesmaster    (2008-04-09 10:24:32)    Flag as inappropiate
good story, thanks to you
sex stories
scottish_lad    (2008-04-06 18:07:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Loved reading that very powerful stuff makes the brain wander...
xander1982    (2008-02-17 20:33:31)    Flag as inappropiate
xander1982 I realy like it. I need e cold shower :D
xander1982    (2008-02-17 20:32:10)    Flag as inappropiate
xander1982 I realy like it. I need e cold shower :D
keinelust    (2008-02-05 22:25:02)    Flag as inappropiate
that was an awesome story
Ron1x    (2008-01-23 12:03:08)    Flag as inappropiate
awesome as always :)
dana    (2008-01-18 14:08:58)    Flag as inappropiate
dana francisco: no what?

suckitgoodbabe, thanks for the feedback!
francisco    (2008-01-17 22:24:19)    Flag as inappropiate
suckitgoodbabe    (2008-01-15 23:48:42)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice one here. I really like a good descriptive story about some face fucking... excellent work.

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