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Well since J started this off, I will tell the next story, from a bit earlier in our partnership...

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After several years of being married, which was after several years of dating, we had come to a very good understanding and agreement. We could fuck anyone we liked as long as we were up front with each other; preferably before it happened, but if that was not practical, as soon after as possible. So don’t pass up a good opportunity just ‘cus we didn’t have the opportunity to let the other one know first! And since I contend it is always easiest for the woman to find someone new to screw, we sort of added the codicil that it was her duty to find as many new guys to suck or fuck as she could and I used the “reward the behavior you want to see” approach to ensure she did not leave any stone un-turned – If she managed to find new cocks to suck, I would take her out to dinner, or buy her a present, etc. I always said it was the perfect situation for a woman – she could do anything she wanted with anyone with no fear of “getting caught” or any reprisals as long as she “shared” all that she had done as soon as she was able to.

J meets this vet who is recently divorced. She can tell he is interested in more than her dog’s health and would like to meet her pussy too. She has left her phone number for a “follow up call” and he calls one Saturday and she answers (I never answer the phone to this day unless I am the only one home and I know it is for me). So he asks about our dog and then asks her if she would like to come over to his pace for a drink. I’m listening in and nod “yes”, so she accepts. She showers and I help her shave her pussy completely – today that is no big deal, but back then it was pretty unusual and the guys went crazy when they saw that she did that – sort of saying I want you to see every bit of it clearly and know I prepared it for you to see!

She would always wear a one piece short dress that either slipped off over her head or untied in front, so there was no choice but to “take it all off.” Of course no bra and panties. But she would get so wet from excitement that she would actually hike the dress up over her hips and sit on a towel on the driver’s seat of her car to keep from having a wet spot on the back of her dress.

Before she put her dress on and drove over (he lived in the same general neighborhood) I would tell her what I wanted her to do to him and then I would fuck her in all holes to “help lube her up” and cum in her mouth so she was not too messy and could gargle and use a breath mint, etc. to hide that she just had sex (not that he could really complain that her husband did her first).

Then she drove to his place and went to the front door. He let her in and offered her a drink. While he was making it she asked to use his bathroom and when she came out she was totally naked (my instruction). And I had previously taught her that it made no sense to go braless in a sheer blouse and to then act self-conscious and fold your arms over your tits. You are dressed that way to be sure they are seen, so show them proudly. The same went for her pussy – don’t sit there with your legs together, open them if you are sitting or move your feet apart if you are standing. Playing with your clit and finger-fucking yourself earns you extra points!

She heads over to the sofa smiling at him while his jaw drops and he almost also drops the drink. She sits down and puts one foot up on the cushion with her knee out at an angle so her pussy is wide open (being that it was recently fucked and she is over the top excited, it is gaping open and glistening wet (I know ‘cus I told her to “obviously” look at it and tell me). He walks over to her as she starts to play with her pussy dragging her finger up and down between the lips.

He reaches her and says something like “I expected there would be more steps” and hands her the drink. She takes it with her other hand and puts it on the coaster on the side table, then takes her finger from her pussy and licks the tip, then raises it up to him and he sucks it like she wanted. Then she says, “I want to drink something else first” and unzips his fly, pulls out his cock and starts blowing him. He doesn’t last a minute before he blows a huge load down her throat – so much cum she has trouble swallowing fast enough.

Then they talk and recover a bit. J is always making sure her pussy is clearly in view and her legs open. After a while she asks him if it tasted OK when she put her finger in his mouth and he answered “indeed!” So she scoots down on the sofa puts her legs behind her arms (she is double-jointed and this is also a direction from me) and asks him if he would like a “full serving?” What’s a guy to do, so he goes down on her and eats her until she cums (she is generally a hair trigger in these situations) and then he climbs on and fucks her with her legs still pinned back (again my request if he leaves her in that position) and cums in her pussy.

After laying there a bit panting as he cools down he pulls out of her and she says “let me lick your cock and balls. He agrees and brings them to her mouth as she leans over the sofa edge. After she licks him clean she says “I’m going to need a towel to not make a wet spot on the sofa and he goes to get her one.

When he comes back she is dipping her fingers in to her pussy and licking the cum off of them and doesn’t stop even after he put the towel under her butt.

He sits down and watches her and she puts her hand deep in to her pussy and then brings it out and licks it clean. Finally, after several repeats of this, she puts her legs down and sits upright with her hand under her crotch and lets the rest of the flowing cum drain in to her hand, then she holds her head back and lets it run off her fingers in to her mouth and licks her fingers one more time for effect.

He says “you are a freak and I mean that as a compliment!” So they drink and talk for a while and she knows I will be getting impatience for her to come home so I can hear everything that happened and we can make love ourselves (our pact included that we needed to make love to each other as soon as we could, given opportunity and how sore or tired we were!).

After a while she gets up and starts walking around looking at pictures on the wall, etc. She bends at the waist to look at something on a low shelf which has the intended result of giving him a straight look at her pussy and ass from behind. She turns back to face him and sees his dick is rising again and she goes over and drops between his knees and starts licking and sucking his balls while stroking his cock. But we both know that the 3rd time can take a long time without special motivation, so she stands up after he is good and hard, takes a few steps away and then bends over, reaches around behind and spreads her ass cheeks open and says “will you fuck me in the ass, I love the way that feels and my husband won’t do it!” Of course that is not true, but is all part of the plan and it works.

He quickly has here bent over a stuff chair with his cock buried deep inside her ass slapping his balls against her pussy with each thrust. And this is where she gets the most vocal – “fuck me harder, deeper, I love it is my ass, oh god that feels great!” When he cums he thrusts so hard and deep inside of her he literally lifts her off her feet with his cock. He lays on top of her for a bit just extolling how great she is and how glad he is to have met her and how he has to see her again and soon. Of course she is thinking that will be up to me, but guesses I will say yes.

He hands her the towel again and she goes to the bathroom and gets cleaned up a bit, gathers her dress and shoes and puts them on – the dress ties in the front and she ties it so that he can still she her tits and pussy when she walks out and she thanks him for the drink and bends over and kisses his dick and balls and says “thank you too!” J drives home to me, sitting on her towel to not ruin her car seats from a different kind of wet than on the way to his place.

When she comes in the laundry room door from the garage she tosses her dress on to the clothes washer, slips off her sandals and walks in to see me naked.

She stands there with her legs open, one hand playing with her clit and the other rolling one of her nipples between her fingers. I ask her how it was and she answers “perfect, everything happened pretty much just like we talked about – you men are so predictable!!” so I ask her “if I wanted to cum in every hole he came in, how many would I need to cum in?” And she answered “3!” and smiled. “And, you would need to cum a lot and deeply!”, she said, “But you already came in one of them, so you only have two to go if you want to stay even, but you probably want to out do him!” And I answered “of course!”

Then I asked her “where would you like me to cum first?” And she turned around and spread open her ass so I cud see the cum running down her cheeks and she said “my ass, you know how much I like that and I can’t get my husband to fuck me there!!” And we both laughed and she bent over and laid her upper body down on the breakfast table. As I stuck my dick up her ass she moaned and said “I like it best when it is well lubed” and I responded “well, you must be loving this now!” and she replied “more than words can describe!”

Right before I came I said “turn” and she turned around and dropped to her knees and opened her mouth and I came, and came and came all over her face and mouth and hair and tits and she used her fingers to rake it in to her mouth and said “I love cum, but I love yours the most! And I answered “I hope that is always the case.” Then she said “there is cum running down your balls” and she pulled my cock up and started licking my balls clean and I said “I don’t know if that is mine or his” and she answered, “it doesn’t matter, I told you I love cum!” and smiled up at me.


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bethany31 Very nice
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INCREDIBLE...shhhhhhhh I'm so dam HARD now I'll have to jack off it's only a PITY I can't give You this LOAD hmmmm oh the thought! :-)

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