Sweet Bikini Girl   added 8 years ago    

  By: Blarf

Barely contained by the flimsy fabric, I was watching two perfect hemispheres working in concert on the upbeat and downbeat...

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This happened in another time, another life.

For vacation, my family would rent a cottage at the beach in late August. One summer, when I was 16 or 17, the annual trip included an experience that I sometimes reflect on with enjoyment and appreciation. It was an experience of youth. One not so much of lust, although very lusty on the surface, but of a perfect moment that was, that passed, and that then stayed like a favorite movie that gets taken down from the shelf every so often. It puts a smile on my face to think of it.

Nearly every day at around 10 am, a girl about my age would walk by our cottage on her way to the beach. What a walk it was! Our cottage, being right on the road, enabled luscious views of this brunette beauty for about a minute or so. Her bikini-clad form first appeared about 200 feet away, and as she moved closer I could see her long hair sway in rhythm as she barefooted down the pavement. From inside the cottage, first from a bedroom window and then from the porch, my vantage points allowed perfect runway-like visions of this angel. On the approach, smallish, pert breasts quivered beneath the thin material of her swimsuit.

When she reached the front of the cottage, a side view started the most wonderful part of the experience. Time slowed. Not more than 25 feet from me at this point, her amazing round ass came into profile, and then turned into three-quarter and full views. She was beautifully tanned, and her gorgeous cheeks bouncing freely would work the material of her bikini bottom up a bit to reveal contrasting white skin. To see her walk away was heaven itself! Her pretty face always looked straight ahead to her destination; I never caught her eye; I was invisible and free to enjoy this sensuous show.

Sometimes I was only able to sneak glances while family was there in the cottage. Other times (and I would always be sure to be there at show time) I was alone.

One day, everyone else had gone out. My excitement left my throat dry. The stage was set as the girl in the red bikini began her approach. Seeing her from the bedroom window, I stripped off my own swimsuit and began stroking my stiff cock. This was no desperate urge. It was pure fun. Entering a magical state of pleasure is the best way I can describe it, but even this falls short of the mark. As she began to get closer I ran to the porch and lay down on the edge of a cot there and rubbed my cock and balls on the soft sheets in full anticipation of the next scene. From the outside, only my head must have been visible.

She walked right in front of the porch, and my whole body sang. My eyes went to her ass. Barely contained by the flimsy fabric, I was watching two perfect hemispheres working in concert on the upbeat and downbeat. Her slender arms and legs moved so gracefully, and her long hair gave the effect of a cape that accentuated her movement. It was teenage ecstasy. I could have let out a yell like holy thunder, but I kept my silence. Instead, all the force within me shot out from the shaft of my cock. The spurts of cum must have traveled six feet across the room and kept coming as the beauty walked on and finally passed out of sight. My body hummed with electricity...

I lingered only a while, cleaned up and went down to the beach myself, glowing in the warmth of the sun. An hour later, I spotted her on the beach, standing around with a group of friends. I walked right past her and our eyes met for a second, quick smiles passing both our lips... "Hey, Lisa." She turned back to her friends, and I kept on walking, with hot sand scolding my feet reminding me that I was still on Earth.

The next summer she was gone. Maybe she and her family vacationed another week. If I had the power to somehow see her today, I wouldn't. Why would I risk ruining an exquisite scene that I can play in my mind anytime I want? Thank you very much, sweet bikini girl.

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