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  By: suckitgoodbabe

A can't stop thinking about my frields wife. We've been friends for 7 or so years now. For the first 1 or 2 years I never really took a notice of his wife (then girlfrield). Then I noticed that she's actually really hot. She keeps herself quite fit, dresses nice and has a kind of classy way about her. Longish blonde hair, and a pretty face, she doesn't have big breasts but the thing I notice is she has great legs and a fantastic ass. I can't even emphisize how great here butt and legs are. And she always wears perfect jeans. Even other types of pants like dockers, dress pants, etc she looks so fantastic in.


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Every once in a while I see her in the sexiest pose. Once she was wearing some sexy jeans and I saw her standing and stretching with her hands up in the air. Her back was arched and her bum was stuck out a bit. Perfect curves. Another time (jeans again, which is one of my favourite outfits to see a girl in) she was squating down to fiddle with a bag of something she had. I love it when she does that because her sexy legs have this curve that just drives me wild. But the best one was when she was kneeling on the floor zipping up a suit case. She looks so sexy kneeling on the floor in jeans. Her legs are so nice and she has this little smile where her lips are so perfect. Or when she's sitting on a chair or on the couch, cross legged, I can't look away. Like one time we went to a concert together and she was sitting a few chairs down, cross legged in jeans, I pretty much was checking her out the whole time. I barely watch the concert.

I know she has a husband now, and I have a girlfriend but I really want to get closer to her. I don't love her or anything (although I could - anyone could), but I definitely want to kiss those beautiful lips, and make out with her. I want to caress her body, cupping her hot ass, run my hands down the small of her back and legs. I'm not sure if I'd have sex with her as if all I could do was kiss and touch her, I'd be more than happy, but I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't let her wrap those sexy lips around my cock. Although if I was able to touch her body like that I'd get so turned on I'd probably want to have sex with her for sure. In fact, just thinking about her does make me want to fuck her in every way imagineable.

When I think about her I get so horny, I just need to cum. If I could start like a thing with her where we met regularly at a hotel, or at either house when one of our spouses were out I would, although I wouldn't pass up a one timer either of course. With someone like that you take what she gives you and count your blessings. I'd be really gentle, and make it the best experience for her, because she is such a nice person. She definitely deserves the sexyness she has because she is so nice. But if she wanted something more rough like more passionate fucking, knocking things over, up against the wall, a little harder from behind, I would accomodate all her desires. I really want her so badly, I would do anything to please. What kinds of things can I do to make her want me?

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warlock69    (2009-02-11 05:46:58)    Flag as inappropiate
I am keen to know too.

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