Sensual Surrender   added 8 years ago    

  By: DarkerPassions

I enter the room without a word and stare intensely into your eyes as I approach.

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I continue to hold your gaze as the distance closes. You reach for me, but I grab your wrists and push them back down to your side firmly, but not rough. As your hands are put in position, mine find their way back up your arms and eventually to your shoulders and neck.
After a few moments that seem like an eternity my hands hold your head firmly and tilt it up. You close your eyes as my lips engage yours for a long, hard, passionate kiss.

My hands alternate. One is always holding your head while the other is exploring some part of your body. Your neck. Your back. Your chest. Your stomach. Your ass. Every once in a while you reach for me and I quickly place your hands back at your side. By now my mouth is finding your neck and the top of your chest where your shirt allows just a hint of your chest to show.

Sometimes my arms wrap around you and I pull you tight to my body. And I am doing so when I suddenly stop.

My voice is barely audible, but clearly firm as I whisper, "Remove your shirt." I step back and allow you to follow my command. My tone already told you it was not a request. My look confirms this. Once complete I step closer again. My hands move to your shoulders and gently, but firmly turn you to face away from me. In that same whisper you hear, "Now your bra please." This time the word please, yet you are again sure it is not a request and quickly comply.

"Now lace your fingers behind your neck." You comply. My hands begin to give your unprotected chest more attention. At first your nipples ache for my touch, but I never quite seem to make contact with them. Then a slight brush over. Then again. Eventually they are receiving the majority of my hand's attention.

At times I move you around so I can use my mouth on one of them. I alternate between light flicks with my tongue, sucking, and light nibbles. Then I start combining those the teeth and the light flicking.

As I sense your excitement grow my tactics change. You hear my voice in your ear again. "Keep your hands behind your neck until I tell you to move them, no matter what happens. Do you understand?"

"Yes" is all you can muster and all I want to hear. My hands become more brazen now. I am still behind you, but I am feeling around your legs, loosening the clothes that have protected you below your waist until now. "Move your feet apart." You comply. "MORE!" No louder, but much firmer. You comply again. Immediately my hand makes contact with the most sacred part of your body.

My fingers part your outer lips and simply hold them open. You feel so vulnerable. Your legs wide apart. Your hands behind your neck. Nearly naked. And the hands of a virtual stranger are exposing you in a deeply personal way.

You start to ask a question. "Silence!" This was louder and very sharp.

I pause for several moments, still holding your lower lips apart by my 2nd and 4th fingers. The sharpness of my command lingers and I allow it to sink in.

Without warning my middle finger begins to explore as the other two continue to expose you. At first I seem to touch you everywhere except your clit. You are already quite wet and I enjoy spreading that around.

As with your nipples, my finger makes slight brushes and small bits of contact with your clit. Your excitement builds and your breathing quickens, but you recall I said I am about taking things slow and so you are a bit surprised to be at this point so quickly.

As my hand continues to hold you open and my finger begins to really focus attention on your clit I begin with the whispers again.

"I am in control. Do you understand?"

Again, you barely get out the word "yes".

"From this point forward you will only speak when I ask you a question and will only answer with 'yes sir', or 'no sir'. Do you understand?"


"OUCH!" You scream as I pinch your clit. It's not a cruel pinch. Mostly it just took you by total surprise.

"Try that again."

"yes sir" you quickly remember this time.

"That's better." My fingers resume their teasing of your clit. You know you'll never have an orgasm like this, but you are still really floating and just want to enjoy the sensation.

More commands.

"You will do exactly as I tell you."

"You will please me exactly how I tell you to please me."

"And you will not cum unless I say you can cum."

Something about this last command in concert with the way I changed how I was teasing you nearly sends you and you struggle to comply.

I am aware of this and continue my increased stimulation even as my other hand gives your chest more attention. You also feel my hot breath on your neck as my breathing increases. I allow you to struggle a bit longer and suddenly stop and step away.

"Remove the rest of your clothes, then come over here and remove mine."

Before long you are on your knees in front of me, sucking on me, making me hard. My hands have a hold of your head. Eventually I tell you to put your hands behind your back, but continue. I have a firm hold of your hair now and am in full control of your head. Sometimes I reach down and play with your tits.

When I can control myself no longer I direct you to stop and move you to the bed where I have restraints waiting for you. Before long you are spread-eagle on the bed and my mouth is working between your legs. As I sense your orgasm build again I remind you that you are not to cum without my permission.

Over and over I bring you to the edge of orgasm and enjoy your struggle as you try to comply with my command and not give in to the orgasm you so desperately want.

Sometimes I stop and allow you to cool down. Other times I simply redirect my attention to other parts of your body. Your enlarged chest, your sensitive nipples, your sexy legs.

When I tire of those other areas I return to teasing you again. I eventually begin to use a vibrator on you. By now you are writhing with need and nearly ready to explode, but I insist you hold on as I alternate between buzzing your clit and fucking you with the vibrator.

Eventually I insert first one, then two fingers into your pussy in a slow fucking motion. Then a third. They seem to explore every millimeter inside you, and at times they seem to graze an especially pleasant area. Somewhat without warning I curl two fingers slightly, insert them as far as they can go and press upward as if I am trying to push them out through your public bone, only not that hard. You go through the roof with a pleasure sensation that is almost overwhelming. I begin to rub the tips of those fingers in that area, the area known as your G-spot.

Just as you think you can't take anymore I return the vibrator to your clit and softly say, "you may cum now." Without a moment's hesitation you explode in an earth-shattering orgasm like you've never experienced before.

The orgasm seems to go on for ever, and you loose count of how many you are having. Wave after wave as my fingers continue to work your G-spot and the vibrator continues to work your clit.

Eventually you overload. The sensation is too much. It's like being on a roller coaster with an endless drop. You beg me to stop, but I continue. You think you will go insane. Just as you are about to rip your body out of your bonds you are wracked with yet another, more powerful orgasm that literally has you in spasms.

This orgasm seems to last several minutes, but is only about 20 seconds. As you come down from this one you are both relieved and disappointed to find me removing my fingers and the vibrator. You quickly find out why as I plunge myself into your depths and begin fucking you so hard you think I'm going to drive you through the mattress.

You have barely recovered from the last orgasm and don't even think you have another one in you, but you are surprised to find that feeling building yet again. Your mind begins to drift with the sensations and almost without warning you explode with another orgasm that finally sends me as well. We pump together with energy we shouldn't even have, and as I finish and the sensation fades I go limp on top of you.

When I finally recover my energy enough I release your bonds and we hold each other for a while. As I begin to drift off to sleep I am aware that you have manged to turn the tables and I find myself bound.

You know that I'm good for at least two, so you decide to take control and help yourself to seconds.

I guess you'll have to decide what happens next.

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